Philip Field

Little risks skeletons in Labour’s closet

Andrew Little is playing the sanctimonious card rather too hard.

Labour leader Andrew Little says Prime Minister John Key allowed former MP Mike Sabin to chair the Law and Order Select Committee at least once after Mr Key found out he was being investigated, showing a “cavalier attitude” to Parliament.

Mr Key has said the first he knew Mr Sabin was facing personal issues that resulted in his resignation was on December 1. Mr Little said Mr Sabin had chaired the meeting of the Law and Order Select Committee on December 3, two days after Mr Key was told.

“That was a severe conflict of interest. It shows a cavalier attitude by the Government towards Parliamentary oversight of the Police. We need to know that the institutions of Parliament, select committees and the way they operate are done in a way that maintains public confidence in them. You can’t have a committee of Parliament that provides oversight for the Police being chaired by someone under Police investigation.”

Mr Little said he believed Mr Key knew more than he was admitting to. Police Minister Michael Woodhouse has repeatedly refused to say whether he or his predecessor, Anne Tolley, were briefed under the ‘no surprises’ policy. On Waitangi Day, Police Commissioner Mike Bush also refused to confirm whether he had advised ministers, but said police “have not dropped the ball.”

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The last time Labour spun an A-G report it didn’t go so well for them

Neither?the?reports into David Benson-Pope nor Philip Field went the way of the spin and eventually both men were axed from Labour.

Philip Field was of course axed for daring to suggest he stand as an?independent?rather than for his corruption. To this day Labour has never said anything officially about Philip Field other than they respect the judgement of the court.

Meanwhile Labour are spinning and leaking the draft A-G report into Jones and Cunliffe like a top…not a good sign that he is cleared.

In fact the media have been back-pedalling quickly ever since the first reports were shopped to them: ? Read more »

Roll up, Roll up

? the tipline

Jones stood down, Auditor-General called in

Labour has finally caved to the mounting pressure on Shane Jones after serious inconsistencies?developed?in his stories.

On Monday David Shearer ruled out standing down Jones over his involvement in the Bill Liu cash for citizenship case?with Larry Williams on Monday night.

He explicitly said says it’s meaningless anyway.

What new information has he received that made him change his mind?

Perhaps it was the information that the herald brought to light on top of the sterling work done by Wishart on the Bill Liu case back in 08/09.

This Herald article?from 2009 also makes an interesting observation:

Liu was considered a high-risk gambler by the DIA’s casino monitoring division because of his volatility, high-stakes gambling and history of self-barring, the Herald was told.

A DIA spokesman confirmed that Liu was of interest. “Mr Liu is one of a number of gamblers of significance whom the department has discussed in its interaction with SkyCity”.

Liu’s gambling also attracted the attention of the police. That interest was at times intense and included surveillance, a source told the Herald. “The focus was to see whether evidence of money laundering could be detected.” No charges have been laid.

… so Liu was being watched by the DIA and police for potentially laundering money – as well as his immigration issues – but Jones still approved citizenship.

Has Labour only just googled this stuff?

It is also interesting that apart from claiming that he would be executed he also claimed membership of Falun Gong. There is a little problem with given his propensity for gambling.?Falun Gong prohibits gambling?so his claim to be a member (which Jones appears to have accepted) seems a bit convenient:

As part of its emphasis on ethical behavior, Falun Gong’s teachings prescribe a strict personal morality for practitioners, which includes abstention from smoking, drugs, gambling, premarital or extramarital sex, and homosexuality.

David Shearer has kicked this to the Auditor-General but their request is for the Auditor-General to look at the process….not the decision. This is farcical.

?I?ve asked for the Auditor-General to look into all the departmental as well as ministerial processes involved in this case.

?Shane has encouraged me to take this action because he has been left in the impossible position of not being able to clear his name. An inquiry will enable him to do so.

?While the inquiry is underway, Shane Jones will stand down from his portfolio responsibilities and from Labour?s Front Bench.

Based on what Labour has asked of the Auditor-General they are simply trying on what Helen Clark did with Philip Field. There really should be a full indepedent inquiry now.

Independent Commission Against Corruption

? Sydney Morning Herald

In Australia the news has all been about dodgy politicians, corrupt union leaders, rorts, frauds and other corrupt behaviour. In each State they have an?Independent?Commission Against Corruption, and they are very effective and since being established have been run off their feet dealing with corruption. So much so that there are now valid calls for a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption.

In New Zealand we have a similar?stench?pervading our halls of power now. Winston Peters donations, constant Electoral law breaches by Labour mostly, The Bill Liu case, Philip Field, Kim Dotcom…then there are the dodgy activities and strange financial arrangements of many of our unions.

The only overriding concern I have heard from politicians is how such an organisation could be funded under out tight fiscal constraints…personally I don’t think that we can afford not to have one.:

The debate over allegations of misbehaviour by our federal politicians has an important subtext. Does Australia have the right laws and institutions in place to deal with accusations of corruption, including misuse of travel entitlements and electoral fraud?

Unfortunately, we do not. The lack of a national anti-corruption body means that dishonesty and breaches of public trust by parliamentarians and Commonwealth agencies may never be detected, let alone addressed.

Improving the accountability of our politicians has focused on the idea of a new code of conduct. Such codes usually amount to grand statements about how politicians ought to behave. They are generally unenforceable, except through the actions of other politicians.

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Although there is no harm in having a code of conduct for the federal Parliament, it is likely to be ineffective.

The federal opposition has understandably been critical of a new code of conduct. What has been surprising is that they have not taken the lead in arguing for stronger mechanisms to oversee the work of parliamentarians and public servants. The running on this has instead been left to the Greens, who late last week reinvigorated their 2010 bill in the federal Parliament to establish Australia’s first national anti-corruption body.

The Greens’ bill would create a national integrity commissioner responsible for preventing and fighting corruption by parliamentarians and in federal agencies. At present, such anti-corruption powers are held nationally by the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, which can examine only bodies such as the Australian Federal Police.

Dancing on the head of a pin


David Shearer is in full damage control mode and dancing on the head of a pin in trying to explain the actions of Shane Jones in the Bill Liu affair. Unfortunately if you are explaining you are losing:

Labour leader David Shearer says he has received assurances from Shane Jones that he followed due process in granting citizenship to Bill Liu, also known as Yong Min Yan, when he was associate immigration minister.

Yan is currently on trial on four counts of fraudulently using documents to gain access to New Zealand and one count of making a false statement.

Last week the court was told that Yan boasted to immigration officials that he had MP friends who would ensure he got citizenship.

Shearer today said he would not stand Jones down from his responsibilities.

After hearing the allegations, which he took seriously, he had spoken to Jones and sought the assurances.

Over the weekend he had talked to other MPs who were aware of the issues involved and he had also reviewed the information Jones had at the time.

“Having looked at the material we have available, it appears that the process which Yong Min Yan (Bill Liu) was granted citizenship was considered and proper.”

He said Labour did not have access to departmental files, but was relying on information retained by Jones about the case.

Jones had denied any pecuniary association with Liu.

“He has received no money, gift or travel.”

“Shane is not a friend of Mr Liu. He believes he has met him on one or two occasions.”

David Farrar busts that lame excuse wide open:

So $8,000 was donated to Dover, from someone living at the address registered to a staff member in Shane Jones? office.

It is obvious Shane Jones approved the citizenship because his very good mate Dover Samuels asked him to do so. Just as Damien O?Connor used to grant residency to almost anyone Taito Philip Field asked him to. Dover was a beneficiary of donations from Liu, as were other MPs. Was Jones aware of this? Was Jones aware that Liu?s restaurant had hosted fundraisers which can bring in tens of thousands of dollars, none of which gets disclosed as they count as coming from each individual who attended.

Desperate is as Desperate does

Yesterday I sat through an excruciating hour and half listening to Phil Goff parrot his strap lines like a poorly trained monkey.

When I made those 50 odd videos for the countdown, I got Goff’s mannerisms and speech patterns down pat. He hasn’t changed. Boredom was the reason I miseed this gem:

Labour’s not ruling out cutting a post election deal with?Winston Peters?and?New Zealand First.

Phil Goff’s made the admission to Mike Hosking during Newstalk ZB’s leader’s breakfast broadcast this morning.

“Look, we’ll have a look at what the election throws up and who we need to talk to,” he says.

Asked if he did need to talk to Mr Peters, would he, Mr Goff replied “I haven’t ruled that out.”

So as we have known all along Labour are quite prepared to do a deal with the most corrupt politician in New Zealand history after Philip Field.

A vote for Labour is a vote for Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of St Mary’s Bay.

Phil Goff needs Hone Harawira, Winston Peters, the Greens and Peter Dunne to get across the line…maybe…depends on the numbers, right now they aren’t even close.

There is a word for this

There is a word for the actions of someone who asks for money for access to or action from a minister:

A key aide to a Government minister asked for money in an email that also discussed putting “political pressure” on an issue.

Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples’ electorate manager Martin Cooper wrote to a local property owner that he wanted money, then spoke of contacting a Government minister.

It led to a call for police to become involved after details were passed to Local Government Minister Rodney Hide.

Cooper named Hide as one of the people he planned to write to as part of a campaign of “political pressure”.

“I’ve never seen a more serious situation with anyone employed by Parliamentary Service,” Hide said.

Cooper could not be reached for comment but last night had full support from Sharples.

The MP was approached with the emails but refused to read them. “I support Martin 100 per cent. He’s a leader among his people,” he said.

Emails obtained by the?Herald on Sunday?showed Cooper was hired to help with the sale of the former headquarters of the Auckland chapter of the Black Power gang.

That word is corruption. It is especially approriate considering it involved one of New Zealand’s largest gangs.

Pita Sharples should be distancing himself from this not supporting him. Philip Field went to jail for accepting tiling and other “gifts”.

This is why I keep calling for an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Will Judith Tizard be back in parliament soon?

Looks like serious trouble brewing in Labour today.

From Stuff:?Labour in crisis talks over allegations against MP – sources

From NZ Herald:?Labour stays silent on MP allegations

From what I understand about this story there is likely to be a resignation unless Labour goes all Philip Field again. My good Labour sources tell me that?Annette?King is advising to tough it out. I hope Labour and the MP concerned does that, it will mean weeks of headlines.

If a Labour Mp was going to get snapped for indiscriminate rooting I would have picked The Mangrove, but since the victim here is apparently a bloke it can’t be him. Unless he has turned.

Meanwhile iPredict stocks for Judith Tizard to return to?parliament?have sky-rocketed, suggesting it is a Labour list MP in trouble.

Labour better hope their secret deal with Judith Tizard NOT to return holds tight, but then again the next 5 on the list are a bunch of useless twats too.

For now I better go looking through Youtube for some old Tina Turner songs.


So what was all the fuss about?

Good grief. If we had all believed Phil Goff and his muck-raking troll Pete Hodgson we should now be seeing a by-election in Botany. Unfortunately for Labour and its schemers they were a long, long way short on this one.

In fact if you compare the $500 odd that Pansy Wong has to pay back with say…Clayton Cosgrove and his magical missing suits at $1000 a pop, three in a year, or Chris Carter and his astounding and prolific travel arrangement you have to really wonder if it shouldn’t be Labour politicians falling on their swords.

The reports reviews the total subsided international air travel since 2003. For Pansy Wong it is $27,000 against the average for an MP of $60,000. And Sammy Wong?s travel is also below the average for a spouse ? $26,000 against the average of $49,000.

What I want to know now is which MPs and their spouses are above the average…we should be looking very very closely at their expenses. If Pansy Wong is found to have breached and she and her husband are less than average spenders then pure?mathematics?suggests that?the?ones that are above average are probably breaching a whole lot more.

Phil Goff, desperate to salvage some dignity, has of course labelled the report a whitewash. Perhaps we should remind him of what a whitewash really looks like, it was called the Ingram report and was used by Labour, Helen Clark and Philip Field to claim it exonerated the now incarcerated , convicted corrupt Labour politician.