Philip Matthews

Wrongly Wrongson reports…wrong again

Oh the Horror!

Oh the Horror!

I mean really?

Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly known as Martyn Martin Bradbury has reported on developments in media, specifically the pending launch of Freed.

Phillip Matthews has written an article for the Dominion Post on the future of left wing blogging.

Unsurprisingly, Matthews? insinuates?that it was the Left wing blogs who were to blame for the left wing loss. It wasn?t 6 years of mainstream media bias towards Key and their tainted involvement to empower Slater, oh no, it was all us left wing bloggers who are to blame.

It seems?convenient for a member of the very industry that has given the right?the power to weave their Dirty Politics to suggest?that it?s the Left wing blogs fault for the Left?s loss at the ballot box.

With Slater about to launch next year a new weaponised news media ? complete with a drone operator, he will bend and push the boundaries of attack blogs?into a whole new realm of horror. How will the left blogosphere compete with a $600 000 right wing attack blog is yet to be seen.

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Finally someone addresses the elephant in the room for the left wing

Philip Matthews is a Twitter troll, and a journalist. He is a lot like John Drinnan, just with a smaller newspaper to bleat on it.

His?constant harping and screeching about Dirty Politics led me to block him, he like many journalists think Twitter is the real world. He still misses the point of Dirty Politics. It was an attempt to silence, in my case permanently, opposing political voices.

Nonetheless he has written an article in the DomPost addressing the elephant in the room…the left wings very own dirty politics brigade (but without the influence or relevance).

The left?wing mistook Twitter and blogging for the real world, and failed in their attempts to get me.

But are they part of the problem rather than the solution….after all Martyn Martin Bradbury established The Daily Blog with union funding to be “a Whaleoil killer”…and failed. He never even got close to his stated goal of a million pagewiews a month before the election.

In a parallel universe, David Cunliffe is the prime minister of New Zealand presiding over a Labour-NZ First minority government in a happy arrangement with the Green Party. Internet Mana, backed by German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, has a few MPs in Parliament, including veteran activist Hone Harawira.

ACT is already history and former Prime Minister John Key has taken a long holiday in Hawaii.

Wake up. The Left was soundly defeated in the 2014 election.

“I think it’s fair to say we haven’t had dreams in colour since September 20,” says Left-wing activist and blogger Martyn Bradbury.

He freely admits he got it horribly wrong. That was his election prediction above. He “didn’t consider for one moment” that voters would rally to National and that high levels of early voting meant that New Zealanders were backing Key.

Instead, Labour had its worst result since 1922, the Greens slipped below their 2011 peak and Harawira is out of Parliament. “Despondent” is a good word to describe how those on the Left feel.

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Tweet of the Day

I might be causing myself some grief with this one…but I couldn’t resist.

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