Philip Morgan

David Garrett case highlights stupidity of Name Suppression

David Garrett was a dick. Hew was a dick for getting into a punch up over a woman in Tonga, the only saving grace of that was that it wasn’t at parliament, then he was a dick by obtaining a false passport. He again was a dick when he lied to police, and a judge and because he was a lawyer with a “blameless” record he obtained name suppression and then went on to become an MP.

With all those lies he doesn’t deserve to be an MP, but the point is this, would he ever have become an MP if we had been allowed to know that he was a lawyer who obtained a flase passport. We weren’t allowed to know that little secret. A judge decided that it was unnecessary for the public to know that one of the establishment was a dick. And so it remained a secret.

A secret at least until Simon Ewing-Jarvie shopped his story to the media and if my sources are correct, to Captain Panic-Pants, who may well have been the one to give all the details to Guyon Espiner. Certainly the constabulary should go knock on all their doors at 1130pm like they did to me. It seems only fair.

Nevertheless David Garrett has now become the poster boy as to why Name Suppression is just so wrong. People are able to hide and no consideration is actually given to victims. In the Garrett case the name suppression was asked for by Garrett and no one else.

What is ironic is that in this very week I was found guilty of breaching name suppression on nine charges and the news media just ignored all the messages that Judge Harvey signalled in his judgment and breached name suppression willy-nilly in the David Garrett case. If the Solicitor-General isn’t having kittens and order mass prosecutions then it just poroves my point that he is a c*nt and just wants headlines by prosecuting bloggers.

I’m wondering too where the comment is from Philip Morgan QC on all this. The rank hypocrisy of the legal fraternity and the news media in all of this is over-powering.

My campaign will continue, it just may take a different approach.

Meanwhile David Garrett should just resign already, he is a scum lawyer who used his position to hide his crimes. His only saving grace is his three strikes law, but that is done and so is he.

Typical Lawyer Response

Oh just typical, a lawyer…who didn’t declare his conflict of interest, yes he was a lawyer acting for one of the those who shall not be named, says tougher penalties will work on stopping people breaking name suppression orders.

Philip Morgan QC from the Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee says the fines currently applicable aren’t big enough – and the Crown should have charged him with more serious offences.

The answer is more open-ness in our court system not tougher penalties. What a dick. Stick letters after their name, they think they are all important.

Philip Morgan QC supports tougher penalties for those seeking the naming and shaming of pedophiles and the continued hiding of pedophiles. Philip Morgan QC is now a Pedobear Approved lawyer. He will be a good mate of Simon “FIGJAM” Power’s for sure.