Phillip Reweti Bear

NZ’s Dodgiest Local Government Politician candidate – Phillip Reweti Bear

The Meat Workers Union may not be naming their candidates for local government on their website because they are going to have to admit to supporting at least one candidate who is in with a very, very good chance of beating Bruce Smith for NZ?s Dodgiest Local Government Politician.

This man is Phillip Reweti Bear, a known ratbag.

Over at NZ?s foremost Arts, Lifestyle and Travel blog, David Farrar added a couple of social media posts about Reweti Bear.

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The Nation asks if Talleys is a good corporate citizen but uses a man who threatens violence and rape as their front man

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The Nation on TV3 did a hit job on Talleys?yesterday and replayed it again this morning.

They presented a worker called Phillip Reweti Bear, He is also standing for the Wanganui Council.

We have covered this ratbag before and his behaviour. Where he threatened Paula Bennett with rape and violence.

So yesterday morning we had The Nation asking AFFCO and Talleys are good corporate citizens?

Well what about the guy they were promoting, is he a good citizen? He’s still at the threats of violence, here is a recent outburst:

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Chris Hipkins disowns union scumbag who threatened Paula Bennett…sort of

Chris Hipkins commented on Kiwiblog’s post about a scumbag union thug, trying to disown him.

His comments are disgusting and wrong. Rape is a horrible thing and should never be used as a political weapon. That goes whether you?re an anti-government activist or the Prime Minister. This photo was taken at Ratana. He approached us to talk about the meat workers fight against AFFCO and asked for a photo. I don?t do background checks on everyone who asks for a selfie or a photo, and suggestions anyone appearing in such photos endorse any comments made by people they otherwise don?t know is simply juvenile. If that?s the new standard I?m sure there are plenty of people frantically deleting their selfies with John Key.

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The misogyny of the left

Paula Bennett has been attacked on social media and the other day she highlighted one instance when the media jumped all over her.

Fair enough, but this case is so much worse than what John Lehmann ever said.

Meet Phillip Reweti Bear. He’s a protestor, meat worker and thinks that “scabs” should die.

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He also has a message for Paula Bennett.

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