Phillip Smith

Perhaps he could be double-bunked with Phillip Smith

This guy is not?just a scribble-face but he is also a sick, perverted nutter.

A repeat sexual offender who violated his teenage cellmate in prison may be kept behind bars indefinitely.

Stephen Mark Gotty forced the 19-year-old to engage in oral sex while they were bunking together, telling the young man he was “his b….?now”.

Gotty was due to be sentenced at the Auckland District Court on Tuesday, but his case has now been transferred to the High Court, which will consider Crown prosecutor Nick Williams’ application for preventive detention.

A pre-sentence report assessed Gotty as having a significant likelihood of reoffending, with a “very high” risk of harm to others. ? Read more »

Phil “baldy” Smith’s Brazil trip finally has produced some good

via Radiolive

via Radiolive

Offenders will soon be identified by fingerprints and facial recognition rather than name-based records, under a bill introduced in response to Phillip Smith’s escape to Brazil.

The bill – which was introduced into Parliament today – is part of the government’s response to an inquiry into how Smith escaped prison and managed to fly to Brazil in November 2014. Read more »

Corrections axes prisoner magazine

CORRECTIONS HAS put the kibosh on a new prison magazine produced by inmates because its latest edition included a hand-drawn image of a skull.

The magazine, The New Anglers, was designed to showcase the written and artistic talents of inmates at maximum-security Paremoremo Prison but it has been canned after just one issue following orders from prison manager Tom Sherlock.

A prison source described the move as ?arbitrary? and said it followed objections by Sherlock to the publication of a hand-drawn image of a skull.

?In September some of the young guys here started producing a magazine for inmates. Issues have circulated outside the prison and I’ve had complimentary letters about it. It was good to see the guys with something positive to do, instead of fighting,? the source said.

?In the last issue, Tom Sherlock objected to a drawing of a skull. The boys wrote to ask him what he didn’t like about it so they knew for next time. After two weeks Tom’s gruff response by email is an order that the magazine cease – no explanation.?

The source said inmates were angry and upset at the move. ?? Read more »

Balding convicted child sex offender turns on the man who helped him escape

via Radiolive

via Radiolive

Corruption charges have been laid against the prison guard who Phillip John Smith claimed helped him escape to Brazil.

The murderer and child sex offender fled New Zealand in November while on temporary release from Spring Hill Prison but was caught in Rio de Janeiro after being recognised by a fellow backpacker in a hostel.

Smith was deported and pleaded not guilty to charges of escaping lawful custody and making a false statement to renew a passport. Read more »

Toup?e, or not toup?e


Convicted child sex offender Phillip Smith is trying to get his wig back

by Stephen Cook

Prison authorities have confiscated Phillip Smith?s hairpiece after comments on social media yesterday ? and apparently the convicted killer and kiddy sex offender is none too pleased.

This isn?t the first time Smith?s hair-raising vanity has got the better of him.

When Smith was recaptured in November last year after fleeing to Brazil while on temporary release from Spring Hill Prison he went on a hunger strike, upset police refused to return his beloved toupee. At the time, his lawyer claimed police were trying to punish his client for his brazen escape out of the country.

Eventually the wig was returned to Smith, but this week it was confiscated again after word leaked out on Facebook yesterday. ?? Read more »


Minor Losers, Ctd – Clayton Cosgrove


Clayton Cosgrove?s career is all but over, even if he hasn?t realised it yet.

Despite a lifetime of trying to emulate Mike Moore he has succeeded only as matching his girth.

He got out muscled for the nomination in Christchurch East, then Christchurch Central, then he managed to lose in Waimakariri. ?? Read more »

Can filthy pedo scumbags ever be rehabilitated

Kim Workman and Garth McVicar are still going at it over whether or not filthy pedo scumbags can ever be rehabilitated.

Garth says no, Kim wants to give them hugs and cuddles but to date hasn’t offered to re-home them at his place or near his own grand kids.

Garth’s latest newsletter extends the argument.

Kim Workman recently criticised me when I said that there is no known cure for paedophilia, and that paedophiles cannot be either cured or rehabilitated.

So I asked Ian Tyler, the man responsible for locking up more paedophiles than any other for his opinion. Ian had this to say.?

?What is Mr Workman?s motive for ignoring evidence that sex offending against children has 90% under reporting rate? It is naive, at best, to produce figures as fact that are based purely on reconviction rates because they are obviously at least 90% below reality. It is also naive to assert treatment programs are completely effective. Phillip Smith was deemed manipulative and devious and not suitable for parole. Suddenly just over a year ago his behaviour changed and he started playing the system. Another manipulation?

?It is also naive to base figures on the uncorroborated word of an offender, unless you use polygraph techniques, as currently being used in the USA and UK, when managing sex offenders. Otherwise you are basing figures on the word of convicted offenders such as SMITH?.

?I would suggest Mr Workman look at what the World Health Organisation and The Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders (World Bible) have to say on this issue. They all state there is no known cure. That is because the world does not have a cure for mental disorders yet. Stop using the phrase rehabilitation and think along the lines of control measures. Then we might believe that you Mr Workman, have ANY real concerns for victims.

Ian Tyler?, Retired UK detective, Victim advocate and author of Hope Arises

So if the World Health Organisation and the Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders (World Bible) acknowledge there is no known cure it surely follows that these offenders will continue to pose a risk to public safety ? children in particular.

The CEO of Corrections, Ray Smith states the New Zealand public quite rightly expect Corrections to keep them safe so why is it that he and other public servants and legislators continue to operate under the mistaken dogma that convicted murderers and paedophiles can be rehabilitated and must be released?

Until public safety is enshrined into legislation these debacles will continue to happen.

The only know cure for filthy pedo scumbags is a copper coated lead injection.


– Sensible Sentencing Trust

How to win friends and influence people: Phillip Smith Style


If Phillip Smith isn’t careful, he’ll take the “most hated person in New Zealand” title off me.

Murderer and child sex offender Phillip John Smith’s claims that he was aided in his escape to Brazil by a prison guard have angered inmates at the country’s toughest prison, where he is being kept in isolation.

Smith is in segregation within the maximum-security unit at Auckland Prison at Paremoremo and a source said he was “very disliked” by the other inmates after he claimed this week that a prison officer helped him plan his escape.

Smith fled the country last month while on temporary release from Springhill Prison near Te Kauwhata. He was recaptured a week later in Rio de Janiero and returned to New Zealand. A police investigation is under way into his escape and who helped him.

On Wednesday, his lawyer, Dr Tony Ellis, released a statement handwritten by Smith that alleged a prison officer helped him to obtain a passport and gave him a smartphone and movies.

Smith further alleged he received “numerous benefits” from the officer from the time of their first meeting to some time between October and November 2012.

And how is that working out for him? ? Read more »

Phillip Smith is like the Kim Dotcom of the Corrections Department

Turns out he’s quite angry that his plan didn’t work out, and now he “vil destroy anee boh dee”…

Convicted murderer and paedophile Phillip John Smith claims he paid $7000 to a “corrupt” prison officer at Auckland’s Paremoremo Prison to help him get a passport for his escape and other benefits.

Smith, 40, fled Auckland on a flight to Chile on November 6 just hours after getting out of Waikato’s Spring Hill Prison on temporary release. He left the country using a passport issued in his birth-name, Phillip Traynor.

He is currently being held in Auckland Prison at Paremoremo.

via Stuff

via Stuff

The Department of Corrections said tonight it is taking Smith’s claim about a prison guard seriously.

Smith,?appeared in Auckland District Court yesterday via videolink, on charges of escaping custody and of gaining a passport by supplying a misleading particular.

It is alleged that he claimed to be living at a lower North Island address when he was actually in prison.

Tonight, he provided a media release via his lawyer, Tony Ellis, elaborating on how he allegedly got the passport.

He claims he met a prison officer in 2011 “who?indicated that he was corrupt by offering me movies on a USB stick to watch on my TV.”

In the statement Smith claims he was aided by a “corrupt” prison officer.

Oh bugger… no… Read more »

Phillip “master criminal” Smith brought down by vanity


So this is how we all know him.

And this is how he appeared over a video link in court today: ? Read more »