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The good, the bad and the ugly from Chris Trotter

Chris Trotter can be an excellent commentator when he doesn’t let his propensity for some histrionics get in the way.

Yesterday he wrote a post at Martyn Martin Bradbury’s hate speech blog about the Campbell Live issue that has the left wing luvvies all exercised.

The thing about a good puppet show is that you either can?t see, or are artfully distracted from seeing, the strings. It?s when the strings themselves become more interesting than the puppets they?re attached to, that it?s time to get worried.

And that time has come ? which is why as I sat there in Ika (formerly the Neapolitan eatery Sarracino, formerly the chapel of Tongue?s the undertakers!) watching present and former MPs, trade unionists, left- and right-wing journalists, all shaking hands and exchanging gossip, the setting slowly morphed into the Kit-Kat Club from Bob Fosse?s classic movie, Cabaret.

And up there on the stage, playing the role made famous by Joel Grey was our emcee, Wallace Chapman. And the floor-show, Ika?s Cabaret Band, if you will, were (from right to left) Fran O?Sullivan, Bill Ralston, Simon Wilson and Phoebe Fletcher.

Together, they discussed and dissected the decision to hang the sword of Damocles above the marvellous Mr Campbell?s current-affairs half-hour. All good stuff, and the punters lapped it up (along with their whole gurnards and snappers, expertly seasoned, and kept warm with the most fashionable vegetables).

Oh how nice, lefties and Dirty Media practitioners all enjoying a convivial atmosphere. ?? Read more »

Random Impertinent Questions for Fran O’Sullivan, Bill Ralston, Phoebe Fletcher & Simon Wilson

Tonight Wallace Chapman is chairing?a group grope under the excuse of the “Coalition for Better Broadcasting” with?Fran O’Sullivan, Bill Ralston, Phoebe Fletcher and Simon Wilson at Laila Harre’s restaurant.

The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is calling on TV3 to be a responsible broadcaster and retain nightly current affairs in primetime.
Equally we?re calling on the Minister of Broadcasting to stop demanding profits from TVNZ and instead demand serious nightly current affairs

Oh please…..

A?journalist (trained and skilled)?would be asking these questions about this rag tag bunch…

– When will Fran O’Sullivan stop attending Food &?Grocery Council conferences and taking cash for paid speaking slots completely undeclared in her writing?

– Will she?talk more tonight about?the?last very recent time?she attended a FGC conference desperate to speak about Dirty Politics to the point of boring other attendees? After lambasting David Farrar this past weekend in the business section of all places for “playing from the Dirty Politics playbook” it would be interesting to see her complete business?disclosure statement?to see how she likes to roll in mud when it suits her back pocket.

– Has Bill Ralston forgotten when the sort of?left-wing luvvies organising this merry media reach-around?described him as ruining news and current affairs and the second coming of the devil?when he tried to slash?the TVNZ newsroom talent budget and even still accuse him regularly of presiding over collapses in viewership due to the changes he made?

– Ralston?blamed Helen Clark for politically interfering in TVNZ salary negotiations with that talent. So ergh….what sort of attempted?politically based?interference have we had here?with Campbell Live from the left?

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Whaleoil Awards – Worst Political Blog

So many to choose from…here are a few ideas

The Standard Lynn Prentice’s Hate Speech Blog: Quite possibly the worst, mainly for their sanctimonious accusations of any other blog being a sewer without for a moment having a look at their own comments and commenters.

Tumeke: Martyn Bradbuy‘s frothing hate speech rant, with occaisonal delusions from Tim Selwyn. The only decent blogger there, Phoebe Fletcher, stays away, probably out of shame.

Pundit: Tim Watkins “blog”…where it is mostly the musings of unemployed old journalists and assorted pinkos.

Red Alert: Pretty dire and a boring these days… Trevor’s great social media experiment rots like a soviet naval base.

Then there are the also ran…while not bad per se they simply don;t get any traffic to warrant speaking about….but hey..if there is a bad one out there you think needs adding to the list then by all means comment away.

Then there are the bunny boilers and p freaks who blog, with their sanctimonious enablers.

Plenty to choose from.

Why I won't be on Citizen A anymore

I have decided not to appear on Citizen A anymore.

The decision hasn’t been taken lightly and I consulted widely with people who’s opinions I respect.

Firstly I have to say that the people and staff of Triangle/Stratos are first rate. The producer Debz is great to work with and I have enjoyed my time working with her. She has taught me a great deal.

Over time however I have come to despise turning up for an hour of left wing cant being shoved down my throat all the while I have to sit and suck it up. I?have?learned the patience of Job as insult after insult was hurled my way, while deference was paid to the other guests in an almost fawning,?obsequious manner.

I have?enormous?respect for Chris Trotter, for Selwyn Manning and for Phoebe Fletcher. I?have?enjoyed working with them and enjoyed the debates we managed despite the mad raving and shrill editorialising of Martyn Bradbury coming between us. There, I would like to think, is mutual respect, and that could well be indicated by the offline information sharing and discussions we have via email or over the?occasional?beer or coffee.

However I can not and will not tolerate complete disrespect and abuse any longer. I will no longer be the token righty copping a flogging each week like a punch drunk boxer hoping for that one last win in the ring. It is demeaning and unbecoming and rude, more to the point that I am about as far form a broken down old boxer as you can get, and I’m not losing.

Martyn has lined up as many left wing commentators as he could to try and “get” me. He even said this to me several times….as in “right this week I’ve got X up?against?you, he will tear you apart”. They almost always end up by issuing forth the immortal lines “You know what? I agree with Cam on this”. Martyn even tried to train Phoebe to not say she agreed with me.

One of the final things that brought this to a head was when Martyn instructed the producers to change the subtitles to hurl even more abuse at me. It was embarrassing and shameful and it was not my doing. Then two shows ago he tried to link me, my hobbies and my?Christian?beliefs with the mass murdering coward who killed so many, so shamefully in Norway. It was a scurrlious, low blow. My anger at that attack in the middle of the show was such that I found it ?difficult to contain.

The final straw was Martyn’s blog post on Friday where he has simply followed the party line and?insists?that despite the law of the land the SIS should not have released to me that which was applied for under the OIA, not because they were secret, but because I am a right wing blogger.

Martyn Bradbury likes to think he a crusader holding the powerful to account, he should have embraced what I did to the SIS, in opening them up just a little but, instead he went for the?political?and?personal?attack that is so common amongst the left.

I have canvassed my decision with 10 people and the opinions of those I respect were 100%, with not even a slight equivocation, ditch the show.

And so I will. Last week was my last appearance on Citizen A. I will not be returning.

Citizen A – June 30

Citizen A – 7.30pm tonight Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89

Citizen A – 7.30pm tonight Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89

Citizen A

Is Whaleoil Citizen A?

Tune in to join Whaleoil and a couple of Pinko bloggers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the political media issues of the current week from a very Auckland perspective.

THIS WEEK: Bloggers Phoebe Fletcher and Cameron Slater

Issue one: Mana won the by-election well beyond the 1% parroted from the mainstream media, Cam now owes me $200, what are the ramifications and how dull is the anti-MMP campaign?

Issue two: Is Alasdair Thompson the Grand Cyclops of Chauvinist pigs? How alive and well is sexism in NZ and we’ll get thoughts on the slutwalk

Issue three tonight: Bomber jumps the shark on Cathy Odgers.

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Citizen A – 16 June – online now

Citizen A this week with blogger Phoebe Fletcher and that awful Bomber Bradbury

Issue one: Another tragedy at Kings and the focus has conveniently gone on youth drinking. When will NZ grow up over its alcoholism?

Issue two: John Key greenlights Casino masquerading as a conference center in what amounts to a Hate Crime against Auckland Architectural Heritage

Issue three: Should Right Wing black ops thug, Cameron Slater be allowed to breach Labour Party supporters privacy and will this election see the rise in online dirty tricks from the Slater sewer? [Bomber writes this stuff]

Citizen A – Online Now

Citizen A this week with bloggers Phoebe Fletcher and that awful pinko Bomber Bradbury

Issue one: US shoots unarmed elderly man in front of his daughter! USA! USA! USA!

Issue two: Cameron Slater amongst others said Hone’s new party would never launch. Last weekend Mana was launched in Auckland. What are the ramifications of Cam being wrong?

Issue three tonight: Rodney stepping down in November, or maybe not. John Banks to run in Epsom. Or maybe not. How do you swallow candidates that Cameron described as ‘electoral rat poison’ like John Banks and Don Brash and not vomit it up politically?

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Citizen A – 21 April

Citizen A from 21 April 2011 with blogger Phoebe Fletcher and that awful Bomber Bradbury

Issue one: Hang on, help is on its way – John Key sings a different tune over helping Rodney in Epsom

Issue two: Steven Joyce finds ways to make life tough for students, but should we be making life more difficult and since when did education get downgraded to ‘nice to have’.

Issue three tonight: When the NZ Herald attacks the Government, you know something must be terribly wrong – why all the misuse of urgency under National??

Citizen A – Online now

Citizen A this week with bloggers Phoebe Fletcher and that awful Bomber Bradbury

Issue one: ?Auckland Unleashed sounds like a political fart, but did the day long talk fest listen to Len Brown’s spatial plan or are the Auckland hating Government just wanting to promote motorways for trucks?

Issue two: ?Is John Key using the Christchurch Earthquake as an excuse to slash and burn the public sector?

Issue three tonight: At $569 000 per tomahawk missile, isn’t Gaddafi glad Obama decided to attack him during a recession

Citizen A now plays 7.30pm Freeview 21 & Sky 89 Fridays