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Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton

Like a clock, that stopped during an earthquake



Charlie Gates:

A cafe on Cashel St where this copy of The Press has not been disturbed since the Feb quake. Look at the date

Lost in translation

via Imgur

via Imgur


I suspect this may be a car of a Single Issue Commenter



Rugby: Blues comeback to win opener – 16 Feb 2008 – nzherald: Sports news – New Zealand and International Sport news and results

and a bonus point too!!!

Fitness matters fellas


Please Helen don't go to the Sevens, for the sake of the children

Please, please, please don't go to the Sevens. Have brunch with Judith, lunch with Mike at Te Atatu, but please do noteven be anywhere near the Caketin, Wellington or even a Rugby game anywhere.


Aussies select Kiwi to teach them how to play Rugby

Deans to coach Wallabies and Crusaders – 14 Dec 2007 – nzherald: Sports news – New Zealand and International Sport news and results

Good riddance, fecking South Islanders.

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This is why you lost

All Blacks getting grief counselling – 21 Oct 2007 – RWC: Rugby World Cup news, photos and commentary – new zealand herald

This is exactly why they lost, they are emasculated, soft cocks. Harden up or forever stay losers.

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Who beat Auckland this year?

No-One, Auuuuuuucklaaaaaand.

Why do Canterbury drink out of saucers?

Because Auckland has all the cups, Bwahahahahahaha.?


The traditional chokers saving their best choke till last

Lions edge out Canterbury, 26-21 – New Zealand’s source for sport, rugby, cricket & league news on

Wellington has beaten Canterbury to make the Final, probably against the Mighty Aucks. Canterbury have thus wasted their season after lifting the shield and promptly losing it two weeks later to Auckland and now going down to the traditional chokers of New Zealand Rugby.

Which reminds me;

A mans body was found floating in Wellington Harbour wearing only a frilly pink thong, suspenders, and an All Black jersey and he had a dildo lodged in his rectum. Police removed the All black jersey in order to save his family from embarrassment.

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