Maybe Auckland Council could do this

A local authority has come up with a great idea for moving on drunk and drugged youths:

An English city council has used pig dung to eject teenagers from a woodland where they were drinking and taking drugs. Elderly residents of Middlesbrough, northeast England, complained, so officials thinned out the trees to make the area more visible from paths and then spread a thick layer of pig manure on the ground.

A Middlesbrough Council spokesman said: “Feedback from the residents indicated that, although there was a slight whiff, they would much rather smell a pong than a bong.”

Perhaps Auckland Council could look at this for Aotea Square.

Unfortunate Headlines

Unfortunate headlinesPig study may help police

Hmmmm….perhaps they didn’t think that one through thoroughly enough.

The study itself seems interesting where researchers have studied the decomposition of 14 dead pigs and compared them with decompositionr ates of 6 dead bodies in the FBI “Body Farm”.

Personally I prefer my pork spare ribs generous coated with hoison sauce then BBQ’d, not left to rot in the ground. Not sure I what sauce works best on humans though.

This post is dedicated to the Police monitoring my site 24/7, hope you are enjoying it.


Time for a Corruption Commission

With the decision by a judge today to commit el Jefe Phillip Field to trial in the High Court on 40 corruption charges it has come for the time to match almost every juridiction in the civilised world and for New Zealand to have a Independent Corruption and Crime Commission.

Australia has one, the US has one, Canada has one, the UK has one all of the countries that Labour cited as reasons why we should have our draconian Electoral Finance Act.

Philip Field already has besmirched the once honourable standing of MP’s and if convicted will have sullied other MP’s even more. Labour with their constant and flagrant breaches of Electoral Law, misappropriation of funds should also be the target of such a Commission.

The Commission would need to be tough, have teeth and the power to compel witnesses to speak, gather evidence, prosecute and levy massive fines against those found to be corrupt.

It should also cover all MP’s, All government departments, All SOE’s, All registered political parties and their office holders.

Back to the Philip Field saga, there can be no wriggle room for Clark or Williams or indeed anyone in abour, when in evidence heard before the court on Wednesday, builder Keith Williams told of writing a letter to several Government ministers, including
then Immigration Minister Paul Swain and Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Got that, despite Calrks assertion before the election in 2005 that she knew nothing about it, despite saying in 2006 that he was “guilty of nothing more than being helpful”, despite setting up an inquiry that found no wrongdoing, we now find out that she indeed did know about the mess that is Phillip Field, she not only knew, but knew enough to set the terms and conditions of the toothless inquiry in such a way as to apparently vindicate him, then she claimed vindications and so did Michael Cullen. Remember during all of this time Phillip Field was a sitting LABOUR MP.

All along though they knew all about it, they aided and abetted Phillip Field, arguable they obstrcuted justice and now as we know Phillip Field is off to the Hign Court to face 40 charges of corruption. LABOUR MUST COME CLEAN. I look forward to hearing the full evidence in this trial including the defence evidence.


Thai worker says 'Big Dad' Field told him to lie

Thai worker says 'Big Dad' Field told him to lieA Thai overstayer who tiled MP Taito Phillip Field’s house in Samoa says Field gave him 1000 tala ($553) after asking him to lie to police about the work he had done for him.

Sunan Siriwan, who referred to Field twice as “Big Dad”,… [NZ Politics]

The Labour MP that both Clark and Cullen described as being “guilty of nothing more than being helpful” is sitting in court each day listening to mounting evidence of his callous exploitation of workers.

I call him el Jefe, but the worker who he exploited had another name, “Big Dad”.

Which reminds me of a joke that may well apply to “Big Dad”.

A new prison arrives at Paremoremo and is put in a cell with the biggest gang member he has ever seen. He moves about setting himself up and trying to be as innocuous as possible. Finally he plops down on his bunk thinking he has got through the worse of it when the Gang member who had been glowering at him through all of this finally speaks.

“Hey you!, Do you want to be Mummy or Daddy?”

The new convict is scared witless, and uhms and ahhs for a bit before saying “I’ll be Daddy”.

“Good” the gang member replies, “then come over here and suck Mummy’s cock”

For some irony have a look at this Google search.(fourth image on the top row)


Field cops $31,000 in fines from Manukau City

Scoop: Large fines for illegal building work

Ouch, el Jefe will have to squeeze the peons just a little harder this year.

[quote]Fines and costs of more than $31,000 for illegal building work on a Papatoetoe house are a serious reminder that owners and builders must get council consent, says Manukau City Council.

The fines follow T P Field Developments Limited, Taito Phillip Field and Afano Tosoni pleading guilty yesterday at Manukau District Court to offences under the Building Act. There were two charges against each party for carrying out building work without consent.

The building work involved converting a garage into a family room and converting a carport into a double garage at Alexander Avenue in Papatoetoe. The property is owned by TP Field Developments of which Mr Field is a director. Afano Tosoni carried out the building work.

The fines are as follows: TP Field Developments Limited ($10,000 fine, $1017 legal costs, $130 court costs), Taito Phillip Field ($10,000 fine, $1017 legal costs, $130 court costs), Afano Tosoni ($8500 fine, $1017 legal costs, $130 court costs).

In sentencing Judge Harvey said the penalties should send a message to homeowners that they must comply with the law. The building work was permanent and substantial, he said. “It can’t be escaped it was a rental property used by Mr Field.”[/quote]

Next stop…High Court…that’ll be where the fun starts.

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el Jefe faces 40 Charges

MP Field to face 40 charges – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

el Jefe Taito Philip Field is facing 40 charges of bribery and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

These if proven will end his career as an MP.

He has asked that the trial be held before the General Election, boy i can’t wait for his evidence, it promises to be a bombshell, I mean why else would he want the case to be heard before the election unless there was some decent land-mines in his evidence.

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El Jefe granted temporary reprieve

MP Field granted temporary reprieve – 17 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

A High Court Judge has granted an interim stay of proceedings against Taito Phillip Field while an appeal is heard against the decision that allows the police to lay bribery and corruption charges.

This means the coppers can’t lay charges until the appeal is heard.

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el Jefe appeals, this could go on for some time

MP lodges appeal to prevent charges being laid – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

el Jefe has ensured that the ongoing damage to Labour from the affair continues on. Remember Labour only washed their hands of him when he made the unforgivable error of saying he may stand against them. Up until that point he was simply guilty of nothing more than being an enthusiastic MP working hard on behalf of his constituents……Yeah right, like we all believed that.

el Jefe will ensure that helen gets her come uppance if he goes down, there is plenty more to this story.

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El Jefe to be prosecuted

Police given leave to prosecute Field – 05 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Oh I can’t wait for this to come to court. I just hope it is before the election. El Jefe will drip feed all of his evidence about vote rigging in South Auckland, scrutiny will be on Damien O’Connor, perhaps one of the more inept ministers in recent times and of course Clark and Cullen will have to revist history and their wonderful words of support for El Jefe when allegations first surfaced.

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el Jefe admits he fibbed to Ingram

MP regrets responses – Stuff.co.nz

el Jefe has admitted to Investigate magazine that he was economical with the truth but more revealing is the pressure from Labour that he was coming under because he was supposedly “homophobic” and “Christian”.

Quite right el Jefe told a cabinet minister to stick it up his arse when these accusations were broached. Actually I feel for el Jefe, he single handedly delivered a bought election to Labour through his organisation skills and his South Auckland workers delivering the votes in the south of Auckland. you would have thought Labour would have been a little bit more grateful.

The fun will begin in election year when el Jefe gets to spill the beans about the shenanigins behind the last election as pay back for Clark and her manipulations.

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