Pimping the Poor

Pimping the Poor: Ever heard of condoms?

The media are backing pimping the poor again.

Again, they’ve chosen quite possibly the worst family to use to demand more cash.

Every winter Sarah* and Mike make the choice between groceries, or clothes for their children.

Born 14 weeks early, Destiny has a weakened immune system and gets sick easily. Last winter, she missed a whole term of school due to sickness.

Poverty has been labelled?the key driver for respiratory illnesses that are weighing on New Zealand’s economy to the tune of $6 billion each year,?according?to figures from the Asthma and?Respiratory?Foundation.

But with a family of eight, the $500-odd they get from?Work and Income and Mark’s part-time job as a teacher aide?only goes so far,?Sarah said. ? Read more »

More on John Campbell’s pimping the poor story

John Campbell is paid a large six figure salary. He has an army of ?researchers, yet he didn’t discover that his poster child for homelessness is a ratbag, a drinker, a dope smoker, has plenty of money for Sky and pay per view fights along with tattoos, is connected with gangs and it turns out now an inveterate?liar.

Ministry of Social Development spokesperson Kay Read said in a statement the family was not eligible for a state home until 2017.

She said it had given Ms Murray significant help since May, much of which she did not need to pay back.

When it came to emergency housing, the cheapest accommodation option was not always best, Ms Read said – due to transport, schooling, medical, housing availability and other factors.

She said Ms Murray had been repeatedly evicted due to her behaviour and, while she had a high-priority rating, there were a limited number of landlords willing to take a chance on her or properties that met her needs.

“We keep on working to find a permanent home for the family, and to ensure they’re getting all the support they require to stabilise their situation, despite these challenges, because her son needs a stable home.”

Ms Murray said she had never been evicted.

She lied.? Read more »

Media party pimping homeless people who aren’t really homeless

The Wireless, which is a Red Radio subsidiary, is currently pimping the supposed story of a “homeless” 17-year-old.

The Standard is also pimping the story and somehow the fate of this “homeless” person is all John Key’s fault.

They must all be reading a different story from me because these are the salient facts that I pulled from the article.

My foster dad would abuse me sometimes, I used to go to school with black eyes and stuff. He didn’t like me because they were white and I was the only brown kid in the family.?I just lost it ? I tried to kill him with a shotgun. So my foster family sent me back to my biological mum. They?d just had enough of me and sent me off: ?See you later.?

So, he is violent.

I hadn?t had contact with my mum for like, nine years. I found her on Facebook when I was 14. I added her and we talked for a little bit, then she sent me her number.

Homeless but with access to Facebook? He clearly has?money for technology. ? Read more »

Second and third generation homeless? Stop taking the p***

The poverty pimpers are now starting to take the piss with their ever-increasing tales of woe.

Emergency housing provider DePaul House says it has saved a baby from being born “third-generation homeless” after its mother came to it for help.

The service, on Auckland’s North Shore, said the number of people asking for accommodation had nearly doubled from last year.

Manager Jan Rutledge said one young woman, who was seven months pregnant, had been squatting in a derelict house with no electricity.

The baby would have been born in the house if its mother had not been referred to DePaul House by another emergency housing provider, she said.

“It would have been, if they hadn’t presented to us and had some great wraparound support offered, not just from us but from another provider who referred them through to us.

“We have every expectation that we will be able to house this young family but it is concerning that she’s come through to seven months pregnant without any kind of antenatal care.”

DePaul House received a lot of referrals from hospital social workers trying to find homes for pregnant mothers or young vulnerable parents, Ms Rutledge said. ? Read more »

Guest Post – Elderly Housing Issues

Following up on the article ?pimping the poor elderly with housing issues?, I would like to add to the discussion, as a person of the generation being written about.

In one way I agree that it is the individual?s problem if they don?t have a house after tens of years having it so easy.? But not all of us had a life in the basket of plenty.? Things go wrong and we cannot guarantee that all our risk management plans work!? But there are also some ways to improve the situation that do not require Government intervention.

Some examples:? I had cancer for more than twenty years and was unable to work.? The benefit was not enough to be able to save on, and I had lost my husband very early in my illness.? However when a friend was having trouble selling her house she offered it to me, and suggested that one of my pictures could be used as a deposit.? I had a huge amount of trouble getting a mortgage as I ?didn?t have a man behind me? (1989), but eventually one banker was prepared to be innovative, and gave me the loan.

This demonstrates that all was not well for my generation of women ? we could not get mortgages, even if we had good jobs as I did in 1989.

I was then able to ride the property wave, and do now own my own house.? But it took the generosity of a friend to get started. ? Read more »

Nobody is forced to live in a car; they have clearly chosen to do it

The Media party, and Newshub in particular, are still pimping the housing crisis.

On Saturday morning The Nation (yes them)?pimped a couple living in their car.

They are called the hidden homeless.

They’re a growing number of working families being forced to live in vehicles due to being unable to afford Auckland’s soaring rent prices.

According to figures collated by the Salvation Army, rent for three-bedroom homes increased in Auckland by 25 percent from 2010 to 2015.

For Marie and her two young children, her car has been her home for two months.

“It’s like they’re shut away from society, really like I’ve hidden them away for society. They have nothing we’re just here 24/7.”

Her partner’s not here — he’s busy at his fulltime job. However his take home pay of $600 a week can’t match south Auckland rentals demanding $500 and more. ? Read more »

Labour – it’s not Dirty Politics if you cut out the middleman

Nicky Hager defined Dirty Politics as politicians getting stories into the media for political purposes to attack their opponents by using bloggers.

But if policial parties get stories into the media to attack their opponents without using bloggers, that’s ok.

This is probably why Labour feel there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.


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Simon Collins hits a double: Pimp the Poor and the Return of the Killer State House

Simon Collins goes for the poverty quinella…poor people moaning about evil uncaring government and their state houses.

An Auckland grandmother has told MPs that she and her family are sick because of their mouldy state house with no insulation.

Emma Pritchard, 54, a Samoan cleaner at Auckland Airport, said Housing NZ had done nothing to insulate the Otahuhu house since the family moved into it in 1998.

“It’s affected my health and I’m a sick lady,” she told Parliament’s social services select committee at Auckland’s Rydges Hotel, where MPs heard a final day of submissions on a bill requiring insulation in all social housing by July this year and in all private rentals by July 2019.

“There is mould on the walls. I climb up with the table and chairs and try to wipe it off. I don’t want to look at it,” she said.

“I feel sorry for myself, I feel sorry for my grandchildren.”

Mrs Pritchard moved into the house with her late husband, who died in 2008, and two children who later married and moved out. Her son moved back in last year with his wife and two children aged 6 and 4. ? Read more »

Farrar comes good again

The chill air of Antarctica has obviously done a world of good for arts, lifestyle and travel blogger David Farrar.

He calls out the Media Party for their pimping the poor article on the Blenheim Bludger.

Remember Fairfax stated:

She received $580 a week when she was on benefits looking after her three dependent children aged 10, 15 and 17.

Her new job, which she also juggled with studying for a bachelor in?early childhood education, paid $614 a week after her student fees were taken out.

She missed qualifying for a working for family support benefit by one working hour.

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Another ?killer? state house. Haven?t they heard of cleaning and ventilating the place?

Can't be that cold...he's in shorts and a wife-beater.

Can’t be that cold…he’s in shorts and a wife-beater.

It’s always the house’s fault…or the government’s.

No one appears to have considered that it might actually be a case of Silly First Name Syndrome.

Baby Ioane is only seven months old, but he wheezes like a sick old man.

He has been in and out of hospital seven times in his short life, and his family have been told that what they call their “damp, cold, mouldy, smelly” state house in Porirua East is contributing to the host of respiratory conditions he suffers from.

Doctors have told Ioane’s parents, Jaymie Tihore, 20, and William Aue, 19, to move their family ??twins Ioane-Ephraim and Connor-Rei Aue and asthmatic 3-year-old Ngakau-Lei Tihore ??out of the house until it’s fixed. ? ?? Read more »