Pinko lobby group needs remedial spelling lessons

A bunch of pinkos have a lobby group, one that produces all sorts of ‘think’ pieces telling us how they think that we should live our lives.

They are currently advertising on Facebook.

But these spinners can’t even spell…and they presume to tell us how to live? if they are committed to bringing positive change perhaps they’d like to start with some remedial spelling lessons.

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Gareth Morgan is a sanctimonious prick

Gareth Morgan and Conor English slugged it out on Country99TV about pollution:

OK, so it is Gareth?s world view but since he has just purchased a slice of the ?Canes and as international aviation spirits are excluded from both taxation and the ETS, which Mr Morgan is a massive fan of, will he dig into his deep pockets and voluntarily pay the emissions his teams use travelling to games (Phoenix and now the Hurricanes)?

How about voluntarily paying?the tax given he has a social conscience about?

Presumably, as he believes in social equality, he will also pay the real cost of stadiums rather than letting rate and taxpayers subsidise him to be one of the boys.? Yeah Right!

I see the Green Taliban are sticking?their?jowls up Mr Morgan’s cheeks on Twitter – judging by traffic at the Federated Farmers site from some right royal?pinko slime.

Tell me then, what do they reckon about the carbon pumped out by eco-crusading, sport team owning twat?

I envy people like Morgan for doing well, I really do,?but I spew when they turn around and suck on the tit of ratepayers with their sport teams, then get holier than thou about others trying? to earn a crust.

Hanoi Farrar – he looks so happy

I always knew Farrar was a commie. This photo is begging for a caption contest:

Nikki Kaye shows her true colours

I have no idea what possessed Nikki Kaye to post this to Facebook, but it does at least flush her out as a sickly pinko interloper.

She would?have?been better visiting same-sex marriage campaigners so she could do something meaningful for the gay community instead of promoting a big fat gay waste of money in the form of a mardi gras.


Don Cherry is awesome

Don Cherry is an out-spoken Canadian ice?hockey?commentator:

He seems to revel in controversy both inside and outside the world of sports: he once denounced the ?pinkos out there who ride bicycles? and ?left-wing pinko newspapers? at the inauguration of a conservative mayor in Toronto while wearing a brilliant pink jacket. The CBC presumably keeps him on because he draws viewers.


Yes David, you actually are

David Farrar reveals something many of already know:

Occasionally the other panelist has been someone who makes me look like a bleeding heart pinko liberal. This frightens me and amuses me in around equal proportions


Quote of the Day – Danyl Mclauchlan

Danyl Mclauchlan can be a pain in tha arse but he is perhaps the only genuinely funny pinko in the country. I literally snorted?Mountain?Dew out my nose when I read this comment on Red Alert about Captain Panic Pants.

Danyl Mclauchlan explains what Captain Panic Pants' job is

Danyl Mclauchlan explains what Captain Panic Pants' job is

A beautiful quote, slapping both Pete the Meat and Kevin Taylor in one short sentence.