Dog attack headlines from around the world.

Police: Baby dies after Poodle attack on Detroit’s west side

Boy, 7, attacked by Spaniel in town with Spaniel ban

Minneapolis?Papillion mix kills dog at park

Toddler Dies At Local Hospital After Australian Terrier Attack

Mom of Mauled Boy Says People More Concerned About the Dog

Labradors’ bad rap: how much is the media to blame?

UPDATE: No Charges Expected in Fatal Wis. Beagle Attack

911 Calls Recorded Vicious Chihuahua Attack


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Face of the day

One of New Zealand's finest is today's face of the day.

One of New Zealand’s finest is today’s face of the day.

I am a big fan of the New Zealand Police and today’s face of the day is a courageous constable who deserves our thanks and respect. Too often people are quick to criticise our cops when they put their bodies on the line every day to protect and serve. Thank you Constable Ben.

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Nanaia Mahuta needs to apologise

Yet another dog attack that Nanaia Mahuta said wouldn’t happen after dogs were chipped:

“The changes are aimed at better dog control, such as addressing dog attacks on people and, as often happens in rural areas, dog attacks on other people?s stock. Any dog can potentially bite ? even family pets.”

That is what she said in 2006 when sponsoring the dog-chipping law. Like Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking?law it hasn’t worked as it was intended. It was spurious then and it is spurious now to suggest that chipped dogs are safer and child abuse will stop because of silly misguided laws.

A 15-month-old boy was savaged by a pitbull as he wandered into the dog’s yard to play with a Christmas present he had received hours earlier.

The vicious Christmas Day mauling of Ozyris Beeching – whose family say he is lucky to be alive – came after the local council had been warned several times about the dog’s temperament, his distraught mother told the?Herald?yesterday.

Tracy Beeching said her family were getting ready to drive a few blocks across Edgecumbe in the Bay of Plenty for a Christmas breakfast with her brother’s family when little Ozyris wandered next door with his new toy lawnmower.

He entered the front yard shortly before 10.30am and came within reach of the tethered pitbull, which attacked the infant, biting him on his face and stomach.

Nanaia Mahuta needs to get in her car and drive down tot he Bay of Plenty and go and apologise that her law hasn’t stopped another child being mauled by a dog. She would have been far better sponsoring a law to stop people?having?silly first names…it may have saved this child.