Plastic bag

Nanny Phil now wants to tax your supermarket bags

One of the most pressing issues of this campaign appears to be the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets.

It must be very serious because Phil Goff, the front-runner, now wants to tax or ban plastic shopping bags.

Auckland should follow the United Kingdom and charge about 10 cents for plastic supermarket bags, says Mayoral candidate and Labour MP Phil Goff.

In May this year, Countdown on Waiheke Island stopped using plastic checkout bags and Goff wants to reduce plastic bag use citywide.

“Last year the United Kingdom introduced an equivalent 10 cents charge on all plastic bags used in supermarkets (with exceptions for some goods such as meat, fish and vegetables). The result was an 85 per cent reduction in plastic bag use. This is replicated in cities around the world which have taken this action. We need to do the same,” he said. ? Read more »

National implement green policy, Green Party claims credit

It’s getting pathetic.

Under the Green Taliban’s world view, the Argentinians won Friday’s test.

The Green Party is welcoming a new system for recycling plastic bags as a useful first step but one that is not by itself enough to solve the problem of plastic bag pollution.

“While the new recycling system announced by the Government is a positive step in the right direction, it won?t fix the problem of plastic bags ending up in our waterways and on our beaches because it won?t actually lead to any fewer plastic bags being used,” Green Party waste spokesperson Denise Roche said.

“The Government?s small step comes as a result of pressure from the Green Party and other groups, including 13,000 New Zealanders who signed an online petition and 10,000 who sent postcards to the Government calling for action on plastic bag pollution.

“We still need a levy on plastic bags and to move towards an outright ban on their use – like in Australia where most states either have a ban or a levy on flimsy single-use plastic bags – because of the harm they do to animals and the environment. ? Read more »

Gareth Hughes really has no idea


At a recent Local Government and Environment Select Committee, Green Taliban Gareth Hughes thought it would be a great idea if the Government stepped in and regulated plastic bag use.

It all started with the loopy petition of Kate Hoyle and 20 others, who wanted Parliament to ?inquire about the feasibility of a NZ-wide ban on single use plastic bags and the sale of drinking water in single-service PET bottles of less than one litre?.

Kate Hoyle then managed to convince?Jacinda Ardern that presenting this petition to Parliament?was a good idea. Anything for a vote aye Jacinda.

The petition then traipses onto the agenda of the Local Government and Environment Select Committee chaired by Nicky Wagner, who should have known better than to allow this to take up the committee?s time. Nicky Wagner didn?t write back to Kate Hoyle and say thanks for the letter, fuck off and do something useful; kind note follows. ?? Read more »

More bad news for tree huggers and Wendyl Nissen

Oh no, all those cocks out there that insist on re-usable shopping bags are going to be more than a little upset about the news that they aren’t so good for the environment after all. I fully expect to see Wendyl Nissen decrying the use of these bags with all their chemicals and poisons that they contain. She won’t of course because the green goddess is like all green prophets, an appalling hypocrite.

They dangle from the arms of many New Yorkers, a nearly ubiquitous emblem of empathy with the environment: synthetic, reusable grocery bags, another must-have accessory for the socially conscious.

But the bags, hot items at upscale markets, may be on the verge of a glacier-size public relations problem: similar bags outside the city have been found to contain lead.

?They say plastic bags are bad; now they say these are bad. What?s worse?? asked Jen Bluestein, who was walking out of Trader Joe?s on the Upper West Side with a reusable bag under her arm on Sunday.

?Green is a trend and people go with trends,? Ms. Bluestein said. ?People get them as fashion statements and they have, like, 50 of them. I don?t think people know the real facts.?

There is no evidence that these bags pose an immediate threat to the public, and none of the bags sold by New York City?s best-known grocery stores have been implicated. But reports from around the country have trickled in recently about reusable bags, mostly made in China, that contained potentially unsafe levels of lead. The offending bags were identified at several stores, including some CVS pharmacies; the Rochester-based Wegman?s grocery chain recalled thousands of its bags, made of recycled plastic, in September.

Concerns have proliferated so much that Senator Charles E. Schumer, a New York Democrat, sent a letter on Sunday to the Food and Drug Administration, urging the agency to investigate the issue.

I just bet Wendyl Nissen has heaps of these bags in the back of her “very green” toxic vehicle, the Toyota Prius. The irony is that people like her lobbied to remove lead from paint and petrol on the premise that it was poisoning us and now they insist we used re-usuable bags filled with the stuff.

Wendyl Nissen, the green goddess, is just such and appalling hypocrite.

Watts up with That posted a very good video that described people like Wendyl Nissen to a tee.