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Errol Flynn Pictured With Beverley Aadland at The Lido Nightclub on Swallow Street, just off Piccadilly, 5th May 1959. The Couple Starred In The Film Cuban Rebel Girls And Had A Highly Publicised Relationship For The Last Two Years Of Flynn?s Life. Photo: Rex Features

In like Flynn Warts and All!!

?All around the world I was equated with sex?

-Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn once said: ?I like my whisky old, and my women young? and the above photo, while not saying anything about his choice of whisky, certainly says something about his taste in women, or should it be girls. He was one of Hollywood?s all-time great ladies? men ? a spirited womaniser who inspired the expression ?in like Flynn.?

The picture above of Flynn, from May 1959, was taken a month or so before his fiftieth birthday and he?s accompanied by his girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, who was still a few months from her 17th birthday that September. According to Beverly?s mother, a former showgirl called Florence and who wrote about Flynn and Aadland?s romance in a book called The Big Love, by the summer of 1959 they had already been together for a year.

His tastes in young women caught up with him in 1943, when he was tried for statutory rape. Two underage girls (?jailbait? and ?San Quentin quail?) claimed he had bedded them. Flynn was acquitted.

Flynn spent his breaks during the trial hitting on the teenager who ran the courthouse?s cigarette stand. Flynn invited her home ? and she later became his second wife.

Errol Flynn was that guy ? that one guy, we all know them ? who was too handsome for his own good. Early on, he figured out what his looks could do for him, and he rode that wave to various destinations. He was a textbook womaniser, an astoundingly successful player ? a lech, a cad, a rake, and any number of other British-sounding adjectives that describe the combination of sexual appetite and the charisma required to feed it.

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Photo Of The Day

Dorothy Stratten.

Dorothy Stratten.

Death of a Playmate

?Dorothy Stratten was the focus of the dreams and ambitions of three men. One killed her.

In 1977, Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten, 17, was a 5-foot-9 girl in a little red uniform, her blond hair in pigtails, her delicate features and creamy skin as pure as a scoop of French vanilla. Paul Snider spotted her in a Vancouver, Dairy Queen and thought she had something special. Two years later, the waitress, was known to the world as Dorothy Stratten, was the queen of that American kingdom that rested on the border between fantasy, pop culture and pornography.

She was a Playboy centerfold.

A year after that, she was dead.

It is shortly past four in the afternoon and Hugh Hefner glides wordlessly into the library of his Playboy Mansion West. He is wearing pajamas and looking somber in green silk. The incongruous spectacle of a sybarite in mourning. To date, his public profession of grief has been contained in a press release: ?The death of Dorothy Stratten comes as a shock to us all. ? As Playboy?s Playmate of the Year with a film and a television career of increasing importance, her professional future was a bright one. But equally sad to us is the fact that her loss takes from us all a very special member of the Playboy family.?

That?s all. A dispassionate eulogy from which one might conclude that Miss Stratten died in her sleep of pneumonia. One, certainly, which masked the turmoil her death created within the Organization. During the morning hours after Stratten was found nude in a West Los Angeles apartment, her face blasted away by 12-gauge buckshot, editors scrambled to pull her photos from the upcoming October issue. It could not be done.

The issues were already run. So they pulled her ethereal blond image from the cover of the 1981 Playmate Calendar and promptly scrapped a Christmas promotion featuring her posed in the buff with Hefner. Other playmates, of course, have expired violently. Wilhelmina Rietveld took a massive overdose of barbiturates in 1973. Claudia Jennings known as ?Queen of the B-Movies,? was crushed to death last fall in her Volkswagen convertible. Both caused grief and chagrin to the self-serious ?family? of playmates whose aura does not admit the possibility of shaving nicks and bladder infections, let alone death.

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Crybaby of the week

LIZ WALKER: Blames a Playboy magazine for her mental health issues, alcoholism, promiscuity and drug addiction

LIZ WALKER: Blames a Playboy magazine for her mental health issues, alcoholism, promiscuity and drug addiction

Our Crybaby of the Week blames looking at a Playboy magazine when she was 6 years old as the cause of her promiscuity, drug and alcohol addictions and her poor mental health.

Liz Walker was only six years old when an older girl from up the street squashed in next to her on the school bus and excitedly whispered “Hey do you want to see something?”

It was a?Playboy?mag?she found under her brother’s bed and full of graphic pornography.

What a load of shite.

Graphic pornography?

In a Playboy?

30 years ago? Yeah right. We don’t know her age, but she has three children and looks from her photo to be late 30s or early 40s. Check out the covers from Playboy back in 1987. It hardly matches her claims about “graphic pornography. ? Read more »

This may suit Kim Dotcom

A few years back Kim Dotcom was looking for a mansion in Los Angeles. He had his fixers out looking, but in the end decided on New Zealand.

Now it appears that a perfect house for him has come on the market, and with his newly freed-up Hong Kong cash he could probably buy it and move over there to clear his name.

Got a spare $US200 million lying around? You could be the proud new owner of the Playboy Mansion.

There’s only one catch, its elderly, smoking jacket-wearing, men’s magazine magnate will stay on until his death.

Hugh Hefner’s six-acre Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles will be put on the market next month,?TMZ reported.

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Paperless porn? No, it’s just for the articles


Paper is so passe‘. ?So much so that even the mighty Hugh Hefner is looking to turn his printing company into a licensing company. ?(APN prints and?Fairfax licences?)

Playboy Enterprises is getting more time to transform itself into a licensing company from an aging publisher at risk of breaching its loan agreements as readers desert print.

The company founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953 refinanced $147 million of first-lien debt with a single lender after its financial performance deteriorated, increasing the risk it wouldn’t be able to comply with its financial obligations.

Standard & Poor’s last month said the publisher was “vulnerable” because of “sporadic operating shortfalls,” competition in brand licensing and a worsening outlook for print media.

Shareholders in the likes of APN and Fairfax are showing unusual confidence in their investments, although to be honest, most of that comes from their interest that lie outside the production of printed daily newspapers. ? Read more »