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Cry Baby of the Week

Cry Baby of the Week - Jack Foot

Cry Baby of the Week – Jack Foot

Jack Foot is a teenage driver with a restricted licence. He is fighting the audacity of getting a $130 ticket for having an unauthorised passenger in his car on January 22.

A Wellington teenager issued with a motoring ticket from the future has had to fight for five months to avoid paying it in the here and now.

Jack Foot, 19, admits he was in breach of his restricted licence when he was pinged with a $100 fine in Taranaki St for having an unauthorised passenger in his car on January 22.

But the police officer who issued the ticket dated it for October 22, 2015 ??which Foot argued should make it invalid.

He wrote to police pointing out the error, but says he was ignored. Instead, a letter arrived in May for a court fine of $130.

Jack then appealed to the fines department of Wellington District Court. But it was knocked back on the basis that his evidence “did not prove anything went wrong in the process”.

Shortly afterwards, another police officer took his licence off him, because the disputed ticket took him over 100 demerit points.

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Driving merit points: the latest PC “everyone’s a winner” nonsense

I see a newspaper editorial is all in favour of the latest “everyone is ?winner” PC nonsense currently doing the rounds advocating for merit points for good drivers.

Nothing annoys generally well-behaved drivers quite so much as having the traffic rulebook thrown at them for a minor transgression. It offends their notion of fairness and, in the process, erodes their support for the police. The police, for their part, have little option but to issue tickets. Successive governments’ emphasis on lowering the road toll has dictated a low-tolerance approach. It is welcome, therefore, that a way around this unsatisfactory state of affairs may soon surface in the shape of merit points.

The concept will be studied in research about to be initiated by the Transport Agency. It will be part of an analysis of the impact of demerit points since their introduction 22 years ago. The research will ask if they have achieved better driver compliance, whether a merit-based system would be more effective, or whether the two should operate in tandem. Merit points would be gained for the time a motorist has been driving without receiving a ticket. Or they may operate as in Victoria, where tickets can be waived if a driver’s good record is deemed to warrant just a warning. ? Read more »