Polar bears

Polar bears under threat (of high velocity projectile)

Remember the poor polar bear photoshopped all alone on a small iceberg, the poster-child animal for global warming?

It seems that they are not endangered by global warming or climate change at all, and there are now so many of them that they are becoming a nuisance and a threat to humans.? CTVNews, Canada reports: Quote.

There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut and climate change hasn’t yet affected any of them, says a draft management plan from the territorial government that contradicts much of conventional scientific thinking.

The proposed plan — which is to go to public hearings in Iqaluit on Tuesday — says that growing bear numbers are increasingly jeopardizing public safety and it’s time Inuit knowledge drove management policy.

“Inuit believe there are now so many bears that public safety has become a major concern,” says the document, the result of four years of study and public consultation.

“Public safety concerns, combined with the effects of polar bears on other species, suggest that in many Nunavut communities, the polar bear may have exceeded the co-existence threshold.”
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And bricks were shat

Polar Bears are the only animal on Earth that is said to see humans as a food source.

So?Gordon Buchanan decides to put himself in a glass “box” to see what happens when he’s the local polar bear takeaway store.

This, care of BBC 2


Here is Gordon being interviewed about the experience:


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Genetic Modification we can all believe in

Grolar or Pizzlie Bears would be awesome. The world needs more Grolars.

?As caribou migration routes have moved North, grizzlies have followed and started mating with polar bears. Not only have they produced hybrid young, but those young are fertile. Polar bears and grizzlies only diverged about 150,000 years ago and haven?t developed many genetic differences, despite quite dramatic visual dissimilarities. Second-generation hybrids have now been confirmed in the wild. There have been a dozen sightings in only a handful of years, mostly by hunters, and most of those bears were identified after they were shot. It?s also a legal problem, in that you can?t shoot a grizzly with a polar bear license. Grolar bears, or pizzlies ? I know, shudder ? bring out the excitement of cryptozoology (Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster), but they?re very real.

The Polar Bears are doomed…oh wait

??The Globe and Mail

Climate Change propagandists like to tell us that all sorts of creatures are doomed as a result of “climate change”. Using their argument it was probablt climate change that saw off teh dinosaurs.

Anyway it seems that once again the apologists were wrong…this time about Polar Bears. A real apology for all their chicken little behaviour would be nice:

The debate about climate change and its impact on polar bears has intensified with the release of a survey that shows the bear population in a key part of northern Canada is far larger than many scientists thought, and might be growing.

The number of bears along the western shore of Hudson Bay, believed to be among the most threatened bear subpopulations, stands at 1,013 and could be even higher, according to the results of an aerial survey released Wednesday by the Government of Nunavut. That?s 66 per cent higher than estimates by other researchers who forecasted the numbers would fall to as low as 610 because of warming temperatures that melt ice faster and ruin bears? ability to hunt. The Hudson Bay region, which straddles Nunavut and Manitoba, is critical because it?s considered a bellwether for how polar bears are doing elsewhere in the Arctic.

The study shows that ?the bear population is not in crisis as people believed,? said Drikus Gissing, Nunavut?s director of wildlife management. ?There is no doom and gloom.?