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The stupidty of Greg O’Connor and the Police Association

The Police Association want the Police to be the only people with guns.

They have made their submission to the inquiry into gun control and have several rather bizarre claims and suggestions.

The biggest outrage is to request a ban on what they call “.50 calibre firearms”.

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Police Association pushing for more protection for cops, but what about us?

Greg O’Connor of the Police Association is highlighting that criminals appear to have increased access to guns.

Firearms have become “ridiculously easy” for offenders to get their hands on and police are being confronted almost daily by gun-wielding criminals, the Police Association says.

The union is calling for an official police inquiry into where the guns are coming from and says the issue has been badly neglected by the top brass.

The call comes days after police were shot at as they pursued a pair of alleged offenders in West Auckland, and follows a spate of incidents where other police were fired on.

There have also been numerous instances in which firearms were aimed at the public, including a Hamilton diary owner who wrestled a gun from a would-be-robber during a dramatic encounter in August, and an armed holdup of a Mangere service station in September in which the offender fired a shot.

“It has become ridiculously easy for… criminals to get firearms. The evidence is apparent as police are stumbling across firearms and becoming involved in armed incidents on a daily basis,” said association president Greg O’Connor.

“Contrary to police assurances that armed incidents are ‘rare’, hardly a week goes by that police are not coming into contact with illegal firearms in the hands of offenders.

“A steady stream of information is coming in from cops on the street. They say there is no doubt that the number of weapons out there is on the increase and gun-toting crimes are becoming the rule rather than the exception… The big question is – where and how are they getting them?”

In the latest edition of association magazine, Police News, Mr O’Connor said firearms in the wrong hands was “an additional risk that police don’t need”.

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Face of the day

Police Association President Greg O’Connor

Police Association President Greg O’Connor

The public and indeed the NZ Police have resisted them being armed for a long time now.Times have changed however and it is clear that we need to change too. You don’t send a man armed with a knife to a gun fight yet we are currently expecting our Police to go unarmed to a gun fight. At least things have improved a little and they can now access weapons from locked compartments inside their vehicles. However, separate them from their vehicle and you have disarmed them and they stand unprotected against an armed terrorist or common criminal carrying a shotgun or other weapon.

The Government’s refusal to arm police means police officers are ill-equipped to defend themselves or others, whether from terrorists or other armed criminals, Police Association President Greg O’Connor said today.

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Lame horse and dinosaur slapped down by Police

Both Jacinda Ardern and Greg O’Connor of the Police Association have been given the equivalent of a proper tasering by the cops.

Both have been whining about the John Banks case, saying the police didn’t ask for Crown Law advice due to a lack of cash.

All complete and utter garbage and a desperate attempt by both to insert themselves in the story.

And the cops were happy to point that out to them.

“…suggestions that resourcing issues meant police did not seek a Crown Law opinion are absolute nonsense.”  Read more »

Herald on Sunday. First with the news…from three weeks ago

Oh dear.

The Herald on Sunday makes a big deal of the cops needing extra staff to answer calls.

Police bosses have been forced to call in staff from a private IT firm to help answer soaring numbers of emergency calls.

They had cut the numbers of 111 and *555 communication centre staff by “natural attrition” – but up to 18 are now being hired back on casual contracts to deal with an extra 35,000 calls already logged this year, and a further upsurge expected to swamp police over summer.

The Police Association warns officers on the beat are paying the price for bureaucratic cost-cutting, and mistakes will be made as a result.

Obviously the Police Association and Labour’s lame Police horse have been telling the reporter this is an exclusive.  Read more »

Collins says no as media ramps up campaign

Judith Collins has poured rather icy cold water on the aspirations of the media led campaign to free a twice convicted scumbag.

The Justice Minister is refusing to hold an inquiry into the Teina Pora case, despite new revelations made by 3rd Degree calling into question his conviction for the 1992 murder of Susan Burdett.

Judith Collins says it’s up to the courts to rule on the matter.

Pora’s lawyer expects to lodge papers with the Privy Council by next week.

Ms Burdett was brutally raped and murdered back in 1992, and Pora went down for it. The Police Association has joined opposition parties in calling for an inquiry.

But Ms Collins today said no, it’s a matter for the courts.  Read more »

Police union kicks cops

The Police Association has decided to abandon all pretence of being apolitical.

In the last few months it has struggled to hide its left-wing affiliations, and its close work with Labour.

But the announcement that it wants an inquiry into the Teina Pora case, just a couple of days after Andrew Little did the same, speaks volumes.

In an unprecedented move, the Police Association is calling for an independent inquiry into the conviction of Teina Pora, who is now into his 21st year in prison for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett.

President Greg O’Connor told theWeekend Herald that the request was the first in the 16 years he has led the association, which represents rank-and-file police officers, but he believes it is justified on this occasion.

It should not be run by the police but could be a ministerial inquiry conducted by a Queen’s Counsel. “It’s a justice-sector issue. It’s not a police issue. The police can’t walk up to the prison and say, ‘Let him out’.”

Basically, Greg O’Connor is siding with Labour against his own members.  Read more »

Cops should be armed, the crims are

I see the crim hugging liberal sooks are moaning about the proposal to arm police:

Claims policing is becoming more dangerous are a bid to create unjustified public fear a lobby group says.

The rate of assault per sworn police officer had barely changed over the past decade, Rethinking Crime and Punishment director Kim Workman said today.

The Police Association has called again for police to be armed after four attacks on officers over Christmas.

Police Association vice-president Luke Shadbolt said the incidents had emphasised the increasing danger faced by staff.

“Increasingly, members are calling for general arming. And we know, amongst the staff … more and more are leaning toward general arming as well,” Shadbolt said.

I can’t see any reason why our police can’t be armed…the criminals are.

For that matter I can’t see any reason why suitably trained and licensed citizens can’t be armed either…the criminals are.

There was a time in NZ history when people were able to easily carry firearms, you will note too that in those times there was less crime.

Horizon Research Busted by Cops, Ctd

Not only has Horizon Research and the Dompost’s shameless manufactured story about public confidence in the Police been busted by the Police Association but not the Police themselves have come out with a strongly worded press statement.

The findings of a recent survey claiming falling public trust in Police were deliberately engineered to mislead the public and bolster a complainant’s case against Police, says Acting Commissioner Viv Rickard.

Mr Rickard said the online survey of 756 adults by Horizon Research conducted over a 40 hour period at the weekend lacked any validity, as the company involved was not independent and had deliberately designed the survey to elicit a biased response.

“The integrity of the survey and the motivation of those behind it must be seriously questioned when the company involved is owned by a representative for individuals involved in a current complaint investigation by Police. There is also evidence their supporters have been actively encouraged through social media to take part in the survey and win cash and prizes.”

Mr Rickard said Police took the matter seriously and had commissioned an independent research organisation to review the Horizon survey. The feedback confirms concerns that the methodology was flawed and the sample would produce a biased result. The results varied considerably from other robust surveys.

They go on to release a proper survey that states:

Mr Rickard said as an organisation committed to continuous improvement, Police welcomed public scrutiny and constructive criticism based on reliable, objective and informed commentary.

“This is why over the last four years, Police have commissioned reputable market research company Gravitas Research and Strategy Ltd, to conduct the Citizens’ Satisfaction Research programme.

“The latest results of the Gravitas survey of 9,706 people released last month shows 77 per cent of New Zealanders continue to have high levels of trust and confidence in Police – up from 72 percent in 2008/2009.”

Mr Rickard said the Gravitas survey conducted detailed interviews with people about their views of Police, their feelings of safety and what their service experience was like if they recently had contact with Police. The interviews were conducted over a period from July 2011 to June 2012.

“When you look at the size, scope and thoroughness of the survey carried out by Gravitas, the findings by Horizon simply don’t stack up to scrutiny. The timing is also highly questionable given that the Dominion Post published the survey findings to coincide with news articles and editorials quoting the complainants who are critical of Police.

“I think most reasonable New Zealanders will therefore see this rather cynical approach for what it is and make up their own mind.

“The quality of the Horizon survey and the strength of the related media coverage by the Dominion Post looks even flimsier when you consider that public satisfaction with Police is at its highest levels and New Zealand crime rates are the lowest on record.

The Dompost and Horizon have ben caught front and centre manufacturing the news.

Horizon Research Busted by Cops

Horizon polls are well-known for being dodgy. But all kinds of questions need to be asked about their latest crap.

The Police Association has uncovered some very questionable issues around this.

The timeline looks like this:

On Saturday the Dom Post prints a biased story slagging the cops by a left-wing SST reject.

Front and centre of the story and leading the charge against the police is “Wellington public relations consultant Iain Morrison”

The outraged Mr Morrison is a colleague of Graeme Colman.

Colman also runs Horizon Research.

By a complete coincidence, on the afternoon of the Dom Post story, Horizon conducts an “independent” poll, with the subject matter bearing a very striking resemblance to the issues raised in the Dom Post.

Later the same afternoon the Facebook page set up by Morrison’s people to attack the police invites all comers to sign up to take part in the Horizon “research”.

“Sign up and do the poll and our mates at Horizon Research will put you in the draw to win an Ipad 3g and $1000 cash!”

So, independent research? A reliable poll? Manipulation? Pre-planned nastiness? A campaign to hoodwink the media and the public?

This isn’t just dodgy.

This stinks.