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Political Charity loses government funding



Britain has a charity not dissimilar to New Zealand’s Kia Ora Gaza that is called the War on Want. This month it had state funding pulled because of its backing of anti Israel rallies. Charities should be about helping people with food, education, clothing and shelter. Both the War on Want and Kia ora Gaza are more about political activism than charity so they should not be in possession of state funds or recognised as a charity. Greenpeace is another example of a charity that is really a political organisation.

This comes after a previous application to register Greenpeace as a charity was dismissed because it was found to be too political and its protests could land the organisation on the wrong side of the law.

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Activism of Civil Servants

On Thursday we saw the news that a spy has decided that leaking to a political party in order to cover his butt is a viable proposition. The fact that labour also thought this was a good idea beggars belief, but then again they are the ones who politicised the civil service in the first place.

Ele at Home Paddock has a photo of a lesser crime, but one that shows that there are elements int he civil service that think they can bring their politics to work:

If it was put up or condoned by a DoC staff member then I?m reminded of what?former State Services? Commission Mark Prebble said in an interview with Kathryn Ryan:

?Public servants have to implement the policies of the government of the day

Many people come to government to try to support a good cause. They don?t realise the one who has to determine which good cause is to be supported is the democratically minister of the day. And quite a lot of departments, not slinging off at their professionalism but say DOC, you get a lot of people who join DOC because they know they want to save a kakapo and if not a kakapo it will be the lesser spotted whatever. And if the lesser spotted whatever is not on the minister?s list of priorities they?ll find it hard to do.

A key part of the role of senior public servants is to explain to them well it is the minister who has to take the heat in public about that and the public servant really isn?t just employed to follow their own interests and if they want to follow their interests they can go and work in the private sector like anyone else. . .

. . . No public servant should be zealous about the particular cause they?re interested in. They should be zealous about democracy and respecting the law. . .?