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Dirty Politics by committee



We all know that Nicky Hager has told us that skillfully and effectively influencing the media to push a certain political agenda has only been achieved by the National Party. The National Party he said, were only able to achieve what they did with the help of influential and popular right-wing Bloggers who would hand interesting stories on a platter to journalists who were happy to take the credit and reduce their workloads. The Labour?Party?clearly read the book cover to cover because as we wrote about earlier this year they were canvassing their supporters by e-mail for sob stories on certain topics like housing which would then a few weeks later mysteriously appear in the media.

The Labour Party are not the only political group to think that if the right can influence voters then they can too. A group called ActionStation have decided to have a go at influencing the media themselves. Unlike the original Dirty Politics masters, however, they have eschewed dark smoke-filled rooms for their strategy sessions and have instead ?decided to plot by committee.

What could possibly go wrong?

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A response to the Herald editorial on Election broadcasts

Yesterday the NZ Herald editorial supported TVNZ’s contention that election broadcasts should cease.

NickK at No Minister wrote to them about their editorial and makes valid suggestions:

In your editorial of Friday 15 May you said that democracy would be better served if election broadcasting restrictions went. I congratulate you for taking this stance and implore you to keep it going.

The Broadcasting Act 1989 contains archaic and restrictive provisions that prohibit political parties from spending their own money on TV advertising either during an election period, or outside of it.

Instead, parties must go cap-in-hand at election time to a body that uses a convoluted formula to decide how much money each party can spend on their TV advertising. Many parties have complained on this unfairness over many years. It severely punishes smaller parties, and Act has been particularly critical of it. ? Read more »

Does Robbo Know what he is on about?

The delusional wing of the Labour Party told us that they were going to win the election by having massive amounts of voter contact.

They had 5 times more voter contact than in 2011 and other kinds of interesting metrics that basically meant nothing. The net result of all the extra voter contact was a fall in the polls of 2.5%.

Leadership aspirant Grant Robertson is rabbiting on about more voter contact and better grassroots campaigning.

Volunteers like these are the very lifeblood of Labour?s campaigns. They make the calls, knock on doors, organise volunteers and events, and enable us to run engaged grassroots community campaigns. The 2014 General Election campaign didn?t end in the result we were hoping for, but in campaigning terms it was a huge step up from anything we?ve previously attempted. In my electorate alone, we sent 48,000 pieces of mail, knocked on over 12,000 doors, and held over 50 street meetings. I also witnessed that effort matched in many electorates throughout the country.? Read more »

Negative campaigning that makes voters feel guilty never works

There is a Facebook campaign running at the moment, run by the left wing, where people post pictures of themselves explaining why they vote National…they are all nasty.

Here is an example.


They are even using their children to push their nasty message.


And just so we get the gist of what they are about here is another one: ?? Read more »