Political donations

Liu and Labour lawyers’ letters

Labour going on the front foot demanding apologies from Liu may not have been the best strategy. ?Never ask a question to which you don’t already know the answer is the Golden Rule, and now it seems that Labour are going to find out everything they really don’t want to know.

Millionaire businessman Donghua Liu has hired a high-profile Queen’s Counsel to deal with any legal action from the Labour Party.

Aucklander Paul Davison, QC, is heading a team of advisers for Liu reviewing the property developer’s records following the comments of David Cunliffe this week.

The?Weekend Herald?understands this includes more than 30 photographs taken over 18 months linking Liu to Labour, including a fundraiser at an Auckland restaurant and a trip to China, where he hosted a Cabinet minister in 2007.

Oh my… photos? ?Photos of Labour people? ?Photos of Labour people accepting money?

Remind me again: ?they could find NO RECORDS of Liu having donated to the Labour party. ?Am I rite?

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Fran’O on cash for favours

Fran O’Sullivan dives the murky depths of large and undisclosed political donations

Business people have been directly hit up over the years to support campaigns by key politicians for election to public office. Not just Banks within Auckland. But also current mayor Len Brown, who managed to impress enough donors – primarily from business – to kick in $581,900.95 in donations to back him against Banks for the 2010 mayoral contest.

Business people will have been treated to the absurd platitude that it’s all about “supporting democracy” from various bagmen; or have used similar words themselves when justifying why their company or organisation has donated to a particular politician’s campaign.

Others will simply be out to buy influence. And quite open about it too by being very direct indeed that they support a particular politician because their policies will be good for business – particularly theirs.

Many simply believe a particular candidate is the best bet for Auckland’s progress.

Of course you want your candidate to win. ? But that doesn’t always equate to buying a specific policy or having someone look the other way. ?Not always. ? Read more »

Dotcom’s not short of cash



Hone? ?Can you count to 10?

I know you can count to 500,000.