Politician of the Week

Politician of the Week

Paula Bennett has had a blinder this week. She stood in the house and handed Jacinda Ardern and Meteria Turei their arses when they accused her of “leaking”:

Truth then published an article that was clearly ghost written by David Shearer’s dumped bitch, filled with invective and hyperbole against Paula Bennett and attacking her for bashing beneficiaries. Apparently she is New Zealand’s most hated politician…according to pinkos. Even more hated by the left than John Banks?

What an outstanding achievement.

The only thing you can fault Paula Bennett for in bashing beneficiaries is she is using the kid gloves instead of the iron gauntlet.

She is politician of the Week.

Politician of the Week

Finally someone from Labour has manned up and taken it to a minister. Not in the kind of lame arse, handicapped way our porridge stirring mate does, but in the calm, commanding manner that Lockie managed to see off three ministers of immigration.

Chris Hipkins is politician of the week for his solid performance in the house punching a hole in the air bag that is Queen Hekia’s ego.

Check out the 1.40 mark, he has someone who was supposed to be a future Prime Minister looking shifty, dodgy and uncomfortable, as well as totally inept.

For a socialist Chippie is apparently not a bad bloke but he needs to lay off the pink cocktails and batshit crazy women.

Politician of the Week – Bill English

? NZ Herald

Bill English gets Politician of Week for telling Sue Moroney to shove her silly paid parental leave bribe back from where she pulled it. Good luck calling Bill English anti-family when he has a full sevens team in his family.

Finance Minister Bill English confirmed this afternoon that National will veto a bill to extend paid parental leave from 14 weeks to six months.

He said the Government would have to borrow more money to fund it just at a time when it was trying to reduce its deficit.

“We have maintained paid parental leave and we currently spend about $150 million [a year] on it,” he told reporters at Parliament.

“But we are still two or three years from getting out of the woods on the deficit so we think it is a bit soon to be trying to expand entitlements when our big challenge has been to maintain them as they are.”

Mr English said Labour specialised in trying to get political benefit without showing the real cost by saying it would take 10 years to implement.

“That’s just misleading the public. The fact is doubling it will cost another $150 million a year. You’d have to borrow half a billion over the next three or four years. We’re simply not willing to do that.”

Expanding entitlements at this stage would be ”getting a bit ahead of ourselves when we are still $10 billion away from clearing our overdraft.”

“We’ve got to get on with that and be fair to everybody in achieving surplus and people can have those choices once we get there.”

Politician of the Week

Good on ya Tau. Bashing pooftahs is so 1970s.

But what about marriage discrimination in New Zealand?

Fag hag Nikki Kaye wants a big gay mardi gras at the tax payers expense but won’t do anything meaningful to promote the cause of marriage equality, which would cost us all nothing.

Politician of the Week

Chester Borrows is the Politician of the Week:


Courts Minister and former detective Chester Borrows has been brushing off his old skills, performing a “citizen’s arrest” and turning in a hitch-hiker who allegedly stole his cellphone.

Mr Borrows said he had given a lift to the young man on Monday.

“You do someone a good turn … It was no real big deal. I picked up this hitch-hiker? it was pouring with rain, so I thought, pick him up, give him a lift,” said Mr Borrows, a former detective sergeant.

“And then when he jumped out of the car I noticed my cellphone had gone for a walk. As you can imagine it’s full of highly confidential addresses and stuff. So I hooked him back to give him a bit of a speaking to.

“He denied having it and he did a bit of a bag search and didn’t find it. Then he mysteriously needed to go around the back of the building to relieve himself. I then went around there and found that he had dropped the thing under some iron behind the building so I grabbed the cellphone and grabbed him and marched him around the corner to the cop shop.”

By coincidence it was the police station in Patea where Mr Borrows had served a stint.

Politician of the Week – Nick Smith

Someone has finally put councils on notice they can’t continue to increase rates to fund all their own silly projects.

The Government is set to introduce sweeping reforms to curb local council powers and get soaring debt levels down.

Troubled by escalating rates and in line with National’s public sector reforms, Local Government Minister Nick Smith wants to make elected representatives take more responsibility for wage bills and the generous packages offered to chief executives.

And he will pare back the scope of local government functions so they will only have control of essential local services such as waste, water, roads, libraries and consents.

Debt levels have increased for no real gain.

Dr Smith is concerned that local government debt has burgeoned from $1.5 billion to well over $8b in the past decade.

Common sense on the role of councils too.

He believes the blowout stems from 2002 legislation which introduced the “power of general competence”, widening the scope of council responsibilities. Dr Smith said he was “fundamentally re-evaluating that structure”.

“[Councils] can do anything they like. In the Auckland plan, they have set targets for NCEA pass rates by 2020 … nothing to do with the council.

“Councils have got targets around improvements in child abuse ? a really important issue ? but the proper agency is one that we all pay for as taxpayers through Child, Youth and Family.

“So the package of reform that I’m looking at is one that narrows the scope of local government back to its core function.”

Good work Nick, stick at it and maybe you can put an end to the bullshit around Maori consultative committees having power of veto while you are at it.

Face of the Day

Murray McCully is Face of the Day and Politician of the Week:

Politician of the Week not Mojo but Boris

Unfortunately the comments that caused me to award Mojo Mathers politician of the week have now been attributed to Todd McClay?who has clarified:

My question was in relation to possible charges for online content not their normal broadcasters. Ie they have some great series, programmes etc that whilst they should remain free to NZers, as with BBC, could be on a fee paying basis for foreigners. Just as you can buy BBC dvds, or programmes from overseas radio and news services. They have huge amounts of content which is not even digitized yet.

So it looks like Todd McClay should have the Politician of the Week for?suggesting?that Radio New Zealand starts charging for some content.

Politician of the week – Lianne Dalziel

Lianne Dalziel takes a principled stand and says she will not be a scum list MP.

“I came to the conclusion that if I wasn’t re-elected by the people of Christchurch East I wouldn’t want to be a member of Parliament. I wouldn’t want to be anything other than the MP for this area, especially now with the challenge we’ve got.” She said she had not enjoyed being a list MP because the connection with her constituents was not as close.

Lianne highlights one the major weaknesses of the political system in New Zealand. MPs can get kicked out by their electorate and keep troughing by being reelected by party hacks in some shabby backroom and regurgitated on the voters who have rejected them.

If “Patsy” can?recognise?that list MPs are scum we might finally be getting somewhere.

Politician of the Week – Nick Smith

Much and all that it grates, it needs to be done, through gritted teeth. Nick Smith is?Politician?of the Week

“Cantabrians have been through enough trauma without?charlatans preying on people’s natural fears.”

Lets start calling people by their proper names. Ken Ring is?a Charlatan. Nick Smith tells Ken Ring what he really is.

a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or?skill than he or she possesses; quack.