Politics of Canada

Green Conservatives? [VIDEO]

Canadian politician Preston Manning has made?comments on green conservatism?and what conservatives should do to embrace green-ism:

A major theme of Manning Centre?conference discussions was the perceived and measurable weakness of conservatives with Canadian voters on environmental issues ? which according to the Manning Centre?s polling and that of other groups is a top-of-mind issue for many Canadians.

Conservative opinion surveys ? like the polling done by the rest of us ? shows that Canadians trust the Harper government to manage the economy, but deeply distrust it on protecting the environment.

Preston Manning, godfather of the Reform/Conservative Party and titular head of the generously corporate funded Manning Centre, gave two key speeches that emphasized the need of conservatives (and Conservatives) to appear green to voters.

No doubt Mr. Manning would dismiss this description as an excessively cynical interpretation of his beliefs. He hailed the ranchers of Alberta?s Eastern Slopes as true conservationists, the better to graze more cattle, and no doubt thinks of himself as being truly green in a market fundamentalist, property-rights-obsessed sort of way.? Read more »