Poll tax

Auckland Mayor Len Brown pushes Poll tax as distraction mechanism

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB

3 News report

“Local government rates are generally speaking pretty complex, and I defy anyone to try and explain them,” [Mayor Len] Brown said on Firstline this morning.

“The first thing you need in a good taxation system is simplicity. Secondly, you really need fairness and you need a reasonable link to your ability to pay.”

Len Brown calling for fairness and simplicity.

Mr Brown says the council over the next six to 12 months will take a look at the alternatives, and hopes to spark a debate on the issue.

“I think there’s a general view on local government in New Zealand? that we have a real genuine assessment of the options and the alternatives out there, whether or not it’s some link to GST, or some link to some type of income tax arrangement.”

Last year rates went up an average of 2.9 percent, about three times higher than inflation.

Hopes to spark debate.

We had the Spark debate when Telecom announced its new name.

We are still having a debate about Len Brown’s integrity, infidelity and trustworthiness

The distractions aren’t going to work Len.

Step down Len Brown.



Len Brown is going to pick the pockets of ALL of Auckland

Len Brown has survived, through the gutlessness of his councillors and the lack of interest of his citizens.

As reward for you all he is now proposing to pick ALL of your pockets through a poll tax.

Making all Aucklanders pay a council income tax may help elderly people in affluent areas who can’t afford their rates, mayor Len Brown says.

The current system is “inherently unfair” on people living on fixed incomes and paying high rates because of the value of their properties in areas like Devonport-Takapuna, Brown says.

Introducing an income-related tax for local council services that everyone pays is an option, he says.

Only property owners pay rates but the council is spending money on infrastructure and services for everyone, Brown says.

He believes the only way to mitigate the rates burden as property prices rise is to rethink how local government is funded.? Read more »

Len Brown wants a Poll Tax

Unbelievably?Len Brown has had a rush of shit to the brains and advocated for the implementation of a Poll Tax. He said it this morning in the National Radio Mayoral debate echoing what he said back in 2007 he said this:

?It is time central government moved away from rates to fund local government.??It is time to seriously consider replacing rates with a city tax.??We would all contribute through our income, and pay according to our income, not the value of our land.?

I bet his Labour minders weren’t thinking that Len Brown was a closet Thatcherite. Just three weeks ago he was still advocating a poll tax, this time in Takapuna;

?Stand alone city tax based on income and not property”

This morning on National Radio he doesn’t back away from his comments when challenged, in fact he defends them.

Len Brown thinks that John Banks’ vision for a fairer, equitable rates system is divisive and yet he supports a poll tax. So fairer rating system is?divisive?and a system that adds a tax on to all Aucklanders isn’t. The renting poor currently don’t pay rates, under Len Brown they can look forward to a poll tax on them. Listen to the whole segment, Len Brown almost slaps his face again, his whiny comments show clearly how Len Brown is a snarky, creepy little man. you can hear too the cosy little arrangement between Andrew Williams and Len Brown. They back slap each other constantly.

With just 4 days to go until the voting papers are posted out Len Brown has given us yet another reason NOT to vote for him. A vote for Len Brown is a vote for a Poll Tax. A vote for Len Brown is a vote for Andrew Williams as deputy mayor.