Outrage in Australia over welfare payments for Muslims in polygamous marriages

Despite the fact that polygamy is illegal in Australia, their welfare organisation is paying out benefits for?Muslims in polygamous marriages.

Conservative MP Cory Bernardi says the payment of Centrelink spousal benefits to the wives of polygamous Muslim men is political correctness gone mad.

The Daily Telegraph reports today that Centrelink has opted to ignore Islamic polygamy, paying spousal benefits to Muslim families with multiple wives in an effort to save taxpayers? money.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott reportedly called for action after learning about the issue, only to be told that it would cost more to pay the wives the single parent benefit.

Centrelink said it did not hold data based on polygamous relationships or religion. The Islamic marriages are religious unions that are not registered.

?We are always told the data is not kept. I think that is a convenient excuse,? Senator Bernardi said. ? Read more »


Another case of twisting Western beliefs to justify Sharia law

Born-This-WayCultural Jihad is often in waged using our own western ideals laws and values against us. In?France, for example, the Burkini is justified by appealing to the French’s ?belief in freedom of religion and freedom of choice. ?Now in Britain, the moral and cultural boundaries about marriage are being challenged. ?Using the West’s acceptance of people being born gay ?this Muslim man is trying to justify Sharia law by claiming that one aspect of it has nothing to do with Islam but is something that you are born with. ?Believe it or not, he is claiming that Polygamy? or the desire for more than one wife is something that he was born with. ?It is nothing to do with Islam, he was just born that way. I call Taqiyya on that spin. Piers Morgan is right. Azad Chaiwala is trying to introduce Sharia law through a back door.

An Muslim who runs polygamy matchmaking websites today claimed men who want a second wife are born that way – just as homosexuals are born gay.

Azad Chaiwala caused outrage as he said he was ‘coming out’ on Good Morning Britain, as he defended his websites Polygamy.com and Secondwife.com, which now have more than 100,000 members.

He told Piers Morgan: ?There?s an institute in this country called marriage and we must admit it breaks down because of infidelity and there are a lot of men, decent men, who it?s hard for them because of the advertising and the media, and they don?t want to have affairs but they have an urge.

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What is the harm in polygamy?




Polygamy existed in traditional M?ori society to a limited extent, mostly practiced by rangatira (tribal chiefs).When New Zealand was annexed into the British Empire in 1840, British law took effect that prohibited polygamous marriage. Colonial law permitted M?ori to marry under their own marriage customs, which continued until 1888 (although polygamy was practiced in M?ori society ? legally or otherwise ? well into the 20th century).But in general, polygamy has remained prohibited in New Zealand law.

Polygamy New Zealand law:

Polygamous marriages may not be performed in New Zealand. A married person who enters into another marriage in New Zealand is guilty of the crime of bigamy. Similar rules apply for civil unions, which have been legal in New Zealand since 2005. However, polygamous marriages legally performed in another country have limited recognition in New Zealand law, provided that no person involved was living in New Zealand at the time of the union.

Advocacy for full legalisation of polygamy in New Zealand has come from some libertarian individuals and from individual members of non-Christian religious groups. However, polygamy has little public support among New Zealanders, and no major political party has endorsed its legalisation.




Larry Pickering, an Australian political cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator of books and calendars at?blogspot.co.nz has an answer to ex-JAFA’s question and it has nothing to do with morals and everything to do with money. He uses as an example what is happening in Australia. His post was written in 2014 but is still relevant two years later. His example shows us what happens when a Muslim man who has multiple wives and children arrives in Australia and applies for welfare support.

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Social Liberalism has Polygamy in its sights

Whenever we make a substantial change in our laws people talk about a slippery slope. When abortion was first legalised they said it was a slippery slope and that not only would we end up with abortion on demand but that we would end up having late term abortions. They were right. Now a Social Liberal has pointed out that by winning for Gays the right to be married we have dismantled all the arguments that previously could be used against Polygamy. Fredrik deBoer says that we are now on a slippery slope and society is heading straight for Polygamous marriage.



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Anyone who wants more than one mother-in-law deserves them

The slippery slope arguments have started in the US, where there are claims that there will be attempts to legalise polygamy because now same-sex marriage is legal, that is the next step.

Welcome to the exciting new world of the slippery slope. With the Supreme Court?s landmark ruling this Friday legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, social liberalism has achieved one of its central goals. A right seemingly unthinkable two decades ago has now been broadly applied to a whole new class of citizens. Following on the rejection of interracial marriage bans in the 20th Century, the Supreme Court decision clearly shows that marriage should be a broadly applicable right?one that forces the government to recognize, as Friday?s decision said, a private couple?s ?love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family.?

The question presents itself: Where does the next advance come? The answer is going to make nearly everyone uncomfortable: Now that we?ve defined that love and devotion and family isn?t driven by gender alone, why should it be limited to just two individuals? The most natural advance next for marriage lies in legalized polygamy?yet many of the same people who pressed for marriage equality for gay couples oppose it.

This is not an abstract issue. In Chief Justice John Roberts? dissenting opinion, he remarks, ?It is striking how much of the majority?s reasoning would apply with equal force to the claim of a fundamental right to plural marriage.? As is often the case with critics of polygamy, he neglects to mention why this is a fate to be feared. Polygamy today stands as a taboo just as strong as same-sex marriage was several decades ago?it?s effectively only discussed as outdated jokes about Utah and Mormons, who banned the practice over 120 years ago.

Yet the moral reasoning behind society?s rejection of polygamy remains just as uncomfortable and legally weak as same-sex marriage opposition was until recently.

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Are Muslim mothers in law nicer?

A married Premier League footballer has been caught out marrying a second woman in his native Ivory Coast ? to the fury of his mistress.

Cheick Tiote, who earns ?45,000 a week playing for Newcastle United, reportedly wed Laeticia Doukrou in a traditional ceremony this month, despite already being married to first wife Madah, 25.

The 28-year-old midfielder lives with Madah and their two children in a ?1.5million mansion in Ponteland near Newcastle.

But he also has a one-year-old child with mistress Nikki Mpofu, who was furious when she discovered he had married for a second time, it was said.

The 33-year-old Zimbabwean ended her three-year affair with the footballer, claiming he had promised to make her his wife

She reportedly told a friend: ‘He met my mum and said he’s permitted to have several wives. I was comfortable with that.

‘He’s used me like a mop. ?He’s just a pig.’

A pig. ?That’s pretty harsh for a Muslim Read more »


Anyone silly enough to want more than one mother in law deserves them


Polygamy may well be part of the slippery slope that comes from legalising gay marriage…but my view remains that?anyone silly enough to want more than one mother in laws deserves them.

The New York Times looks at polygamy?and reality TV.

Kody Brown, his four wives and 17 children want to be the new face of polygamy, what some consider the next frontier after same-sex marriage.

That is why, the Browns say, they invited TLC television cameras into their homes for their reality show ?Sister Wives,? why they have written a best-selling book about their lives, and why they challenged Utah?s polygamy ban in federal court.

Fear of prosecution under that law led them to flee to Nevada. Last month, a federal judge partly?overturned?the ban, ruling that prohibiting ?cohabitation? violates the First Amendment guarantee of free exercise of religion.? Read more »


Guy who wanted two mothers in law busted via Facebook

My position on bigamy is the same as my position on gay marriage, but double. If anyone wants a mother in law then they should be able to suffer like everyone else. In the case of bigamists or polygamists the suffering is multiplied…but each to ?their own.

However at the moment it is illegal, so posting your second marriage on Facebook isn’t advisable…it is just plain stupid.

A bigamist was unmasked by his first wife after she discovered photographs of his second wedding on Facebook, a court heard.

Anne-Marie Sim hired investigators to track down husband Brian Frain, 36, after they had separated, because she wanted a divorce so she could re-marry.

More than 10 years on from their wedding in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, she saw wedding pictures of his marriage to Louise Meredith, which took place in the same register office where they had tied the knot.

David Curtis, prosecuting at Tameside magistrates? court, said: ?Due to the amount of time that had passed, Mr Frain assumed that he was no longer married to her. He did not inform the registry office and took no legal advice.? ? Read more »

The case for polygamy

It is simple and can be summarised in one line. Bob McCoskrie was way too complicated when he outlined Family Forst’s support for polygamy.

This is it.

“Anyone stupid enough to want more than one mother in law deserves all they can get.”? Read more »

Family First – “there’s a more justified argument for polygamy than for same-sex marriage”

Looks like Family First is making a play for “Bigger” families with their claim that?”there’s a more justified argument for polygamy than for same-sex marriage – as a natural?institution.”

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