59% says Parata should have been sacked, PM got it wrong

OneNews/Colmar Brunton did a little side poll on Hekia Parata. They asked about whether or not she should have kept her job. This poll will create pressure and lord knows Hekia doesn’t perform well under pressure…she will probably sack another staff member as she seeks to blame everyone but herself, the turnover in her office is a shocker.

A majority of voters think Education Minister Hekia Parata’s poor performance should have seen her dumped from the Cabinet last month, according to a TVNZ/Colmar Brunton poll.

Ms Parata will tomorrow announce the Government’s final decisions over the future of 31 Christchurch schools, with the prospect of a number of closures fuelling disapproval of her handling of the education portfolio.? Read more »

Your pool has a hydro-slide….pfffft

Every pool should have a digger, shouldn’t they?

Looks like fun. Clearly council inspectors of the type Auckland Council employs are mercifully few and far between.