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Linda Susan Boreman, more commonly referred to by her onetime stage name Linda Lovelace, was an American pornographic actress famous for her performance in the 1972 hardcore porn film Deep Throat.

The Harrowing Story of Linda?Lovelace

Before home computers, before the Internet, there was Linda Lovelace. For those who may have missed the 1970s, Lovelace starred in ?Deep Throat,? the first ?adult? film to receive mainstream distribution.

Typical porno flicks of the time were sleazy, hurriedly shot and poorly lit. ?Deep Throat? was comparatively better, and even had an unusual comic plot. Lovelace was unable to achieve satisfaction in the traditional matter because of ? how to put this? ? A physical anomaly. Without going into detail, consider the film?s name.

That was humorous, perhaps. But there was nothing funny about her real life. Lovelace later revealed that she was abused by her husband and forced not only to appear in this film but to perform acts of prostitution, as well.

Ask 100 people to name a porn film and its star and 99 of them will probably come up with Deep Throat and actress Linda Lovelace.

Released in 1972 Deep Throat was the first porn film to be shown in ordinary cinemas and played several times a day every day for 10 years at the Pussycat Cinema chain in America.

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It worked, ratbag porno principal has managed to smear others

A ratbag porno principal caught with 1500 pornographic images on his school provided laptop smeared a whole bunch of other people, including other principals, Ministry staff and Police, in an attempt to mitigate his offending.

It’s worked sort of, investigations have started looking for these people.

Top education officials and police chiefs investigated their own staff following accusations some may have sent a Northland principal pornographic emails.

It comes after the respected Northland educator admitted on Monday to having 1500 pornographic emails on his work devices – saying they were “joke” emails sent to him by friends, including other principals, Ministry of Education personnel and police officers.

On Monday, the principal – who has interim name suppression – appeared before the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal.

He is accused of financial mismanagement of his former school and having pornographic images and videos saved in his emails, which were accessible on four work devices.

He told the tribunal: “They came from principals, Ministry [of Education] personnel, police, who are good friends of mine.”

Later adding: “Some were from a policeman so I thought, ‘they’re fine, they’re from the cops’.”

His police officer friend had indicated the practice was widespread within the police force, the principal said.

However, today the police said it had no information to indicate any police officer had sent inappropriate emails to the principal. ? Read more »


Northland porno principal implicates other principals, police and ministry staff

At a hearing of the?education disciplinary tribunal a Northland principal has smeared his fellow teachers, principals, police and even MoE officials in trying to mitigate his filthy collection of porn on his computers and devices.

A respected Northland principal says 1500 pornographic images found on his work computer were ‘joke’ emails sent to him by other principals, Ministry of Education officials and police officers.

The principal, who has interim name suppression, was stood down over questions around financial management at the school.

He was today explaining himself to the education disciplinary tribunal sitting in Auckland, which granted him, the school and other staff members interim name suppression.

The principal, an experienced educator, today said he was ashamed and embarrassed by the images found on his work devices. ? Read more »


Crybaby of the week

LIZ WALKER: Blames a Playboy magazine for her mental health issues, alcoholism, promiscuity and drug addiction

LIZ WALKER: Blames a Playboy magazine for her mental health issues, alcoholism, promiscuity and drug addiction

Our Crybaby of the Week blames looking at a Playboy magazine when she was 6 years old as the cause of her promiscuity, drug and alcohol addictions and her poor mental health.

Liz Walker was only six years old when an older girl from up the street squashed in next to her on the school bus and excitedly whispered “Hey do you want to see something?”

It was a?Playboy?mag?she found under her brother’s bed and full of graphic pornography.

What a load of shite.

Graphic pornography?

In a Playboy?

30 years ago? Yeah right. We don’t know her age, but she has three children and looks from her photo to be late 30s or early 40s. Check out the covers from Playboy back in 1987. It hardly matches her claims about “graphic pornography. ? Read more »

What do the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland do more of than New Zealand?

Watch more?porn than we do.

New Zealanders’ porn-watching habits have been revealed — and it turns out Kiwis spend a lot more time indulging than the worldwide average.

On a per capita basis Kiwis are the fifth most regular visitors to website PornHub, behind the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland and ahead of Norway, Iceland, Australia, Sweden and Denmark.

But Kiwis are not ones to let porn mess with their rugby- watching habits — the website reports the number of viewers from New Zealand dropping 47 per cent during the 2015 Rugby World Cup final.

Interestingly, more women appreciate porn in the land of the long white cloud than in most other countries, with 35 per cent of Kiwi visitors to PornHub being female, according to the site.

Kiwis spend an average of nine minutes and 37 seconds on PornHub, 21 seconds longer than the worldwide average length.

In Gisborne, that time increases by 27 seconds, with viewers putting aside more than 10 minutes on average each time they visit the site.

Is it a surprise that Gisborne also heads up the national STI rates? They do.? Read more »


I have depression too but I don’t watch porn as “escapism”

Another registered teacher, a principal this time, is before the Tribunal on sex related offences.

A principal who disabled his South Island primary school’s internet protection system to access porn did so as a form of “escapism” a disciplinary hearing was told today.

The man, who has interim name suppression, appeared before the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal in Wellington where he lost his practising certificate for at least 18 months.

He pleaded guilty to disabling the school’s internet content filtering system and accessing pornography sites during school hours between November 2014 and January this year.

By disabling the filter, pupils as young as 5 would have had no blocking system in place.

Netsafe investigated his computer and noted the material was “objectionable”, but not illegal. ?? Read more »

Pedo time bomb allowed to run free

The critical part here is that the sicko still denies wrong-doing. ?

A man who had more than 1700 objectionable images and films on his computer of children being sexually abused has been sentenced to serve seven months’ home detention.

Jason Oliver, 22, was sentenced in the Wellington District Court on 30 charges of knowingly possessing objectionable material.

Judge Barbara Morris said the images included videos of very young children being raped and other images of children performing sexual acts with animals.

She said Oliver did not view his offending as particularly serious, saying the images existed anyway. ?? Read more »

Named, shamed and registered

The opposition claimed that Charter Schools would be bad for kids because there was no requirement to register teachers. The kids would be at risk were told.

Yet another registered teacher has been before the courts for his pornography habit.

A former West Auckland principal who pleaded guilty to possessing objectionable material will be sentenced tomorrow morning.

Ex-head of Rangeview Intermediate David Latimer was due to learn his fate at Auckland District Court this afternoon but Judge Nicola Mathers adjourned the hearing until tomorrow because of “additional documentation” placed before her at the last minute.

The man, who was at the school for six years, resigned from his job in February last year following a Department of Internal Affairs investigation.? Read more »

And you are worried about government spying?

While Nicky Hager worries about government spying Google, and other tech companies, including your favourite porn site are spying on you.

Thomas, who lives in San Francisco, recently found himself at a bar, chatting with a member of the online adult-entertainment industry. They got to talking about economics, naturally. While the porn professional insisted that collecting and selling the personal data of users who visited erotic websites wasn?t part of the industry?s business model, Thomas wasn?t convinced.

?If you are watching porn online in 2015, even in incognito mode, you should expect that at some point your porn viewing history will be publicly released and attached to your name,? Thomas proclaimed in a blog post titled???Online Porn Could Be the Next Big Privacy Scandal,??shortly after.

Thomas?s case went something like this: Your browser (Chrome, Safari, whatever) has a??very unique configuration, and it broadcasts all sorts of information that can be used to identify you as you click around the web. You?re basically leaving ?footprints,? as Thomas calls them (others prefer ?fingerprints?), all over the webpages you visit. Thus, it?s a matter of linking one footprint to another?an expert could spot the same prints on Facebook and as on Pornhub and XVideos.

Thomas argued that ?almost every traditional website that you visit saves enough data to link your user account to your browser fingerprint, either directly or via third parties.? He?s definitely right that??most web pages you visit?(certainly not just porn sites) have installed tracking elements that send your data to third-party corporations, probably without your knowledge. Many, for instance, run Google Analytics, which companies use to monitor traffic to the website. Others have social media ?share? buttons and third-party ad networks built in.

So, for example, when you click on ?Leather Fetish #3? on XNXX, you?re not just sending a request to the porn site?a so-called first-party request. You?re sending third-party requests to Google, to the web-tracking company AddThis, and to a company called Pornvertising, too, even if you?re browsing in private mode. You?re also sending other data that can be used to identify your computer, like your IP address.

All that, paired with the continued rise of casual hacking, Thomas says, means that a complete catalog of your personal porn habits is perennially on the verge of being leaked to the public. Thomas believes that it?s not only possible but likely that a hacker will whip up a database that can share your porn-viewing history with the entire internet.

This, of course, has any number of damaging implications, even beyond the potential humiliation for an outed porn watcher?if you think erasing your internet history wipes out the record of those food-fetish vids or CGI beast porn, think again. Worse, there are still plenty of places around the world where individuals are persecuted for their sexual orientation. A revelation that someone in an oppressive country watched a series of gay porn videos could put that person at serious risk.

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Rolf Harris also busted with stacks of kiddy porn

7lDQe0rRolf Harris, convicted groper and sex pest was also busted with an extensive electronic library of kiddy porn.

Police found a secret stash of child pornography images on Rolf Harris? computer at home, it can now be revealed.

He insisted any child abuse images found their way onto his hard drive by mistake when he was clicking from one site to another searching for ?kind girls? and ?babes?.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) wanted to put the veteran entertainer on trial for possessing indecent images, but yesterday the charges were dropped amid fears that the CPS ?could be considered oppressive? in light of his conviction for indecent assault.

Harris compiled a sickening catalogue of images of ?extremely young? children under 13 posing suggestively while semi-naked, with teddy bears in the foreground.

Detectives found a total of 33 indecent images of boys and girls downloaded from depraved websites named, ‘Tiny Teen P***y’, ?Little Vaginas?, ?Youngest Teen Porn? and ?Young Little Girlies? months before he was questioned under caution for sexually assaulting girls as young as seven. ? Read more »