Job done then, no possums like that present on peninsula

Really? This is the photo that a newspaper used for a possum

Really? This is the photo that a newspaper used for a possum

Why stop at possums? ?Why not make the whole peninsula pest free?

But if we go by the photo (above) that a newspaper used to illustrate the article it appears the job is already done. There are no possums that look like that anywhere in New Zealand.

A possum-free Otago Peninsula by 2018 is the goal and with 2300 of the pests culled this year and an extra $111,000 of funding, it seems the unwelcome Australian intruder’s end is nigh.

The Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group has a goal of being pest-free on the peninsula by 2050.

That means eradicating possums as well as other introduced vermin. ? Read more »


From the Maimai: Kev says

Whaleoil hunting MallardsSitting in a maimai with a few blokes and shotguns waiting for ducks sorts out a lot of problems. This will be a regular column now and from time to time my Duck Shooting mate Kev will send me through something.

He is a man of few words. Here is his first pronouncement:

Kev says 1080 is by far the best option for this countries possum problem provided deer repellant is always used in areas where hunters are present. Dunne obviously thinks that NZ is as flat as it appears on a map if he thinks the problem can be solved by ground trapping.

Those little furry f*ckers are much better equipped than humans at handling those bluffs that most of us know are out there. Just remember, as you told me those farmers will expect a compensatory hand out if TB gets away.

1080, fark yeah!


Why I shoot pests

When I was a kid going on holiday I would leave late at night so I could see how many possums I could run over on the drive over the hills at Coromandel. I have always enjoyed bombing up possums and rabbits as they are pests. My best ever night possum shooting was 225 possums at Matamata.

It is a pity that do-gooder anti-gun weirdos and greenies don’t see videos and stories like this before they protest about 1080 and hunting.

The Department of Conservation has released video footage of a possum killing and eating a young kea.

Researchers using nest-cameras have for the first time recorded attacks on defenceless kea nests invaded by stoats and possums in South Westland. Possums were known to kill adult kaka but for the first time have been filmed attacking the threatened species of native parrot, which only lives in forest and alpine areas of the South Island.

A large numbers of kea nests were failing in the wild, said DOC’s Brent Barrett.

“We are just midway through the breeding season and of eleven nests we’ve had under surveillance three have been devastated by stoats and possums. That’s a loss of six chicks.

“It was a grisly surprise to see photos of a possum eating a nearly fledged kea and video showing the prolonged and tormented death of chicks attacked by stoats,” Mr Barrett said.

Nearly all the monitored nests were visited by possums, which meant there was a huge risk to the lowland populations of kea.

Mr Barrett said was distressing to discover that just how long it takes chicks to die during a prolonged attack by stoats.

I’ll be continuing to swerve to hit any possums I see on the road

101 Uses for a Dead Possum

Ok, Spanish Bride suggested it, so let’s do it.

Let’s show the wowsers just what a dead possum is useful for.

If readers send in cartoons, scanned hand drawn ideas or photoshop jobs I will make an online book called “101 Uses for a Dead Possum”, dedicated to the readers of Whaleoil.

Years ago there was a book 101 uses for a dead cat, I have a copy and my kids regularly flick through it having a laugh. I’m sure we can do better with possums. Here is an example from that book. You get the idea.

Here is a helpful site to get you started on drawing possums.


It's a dead possum! So what!

How seriously rooted has the PC brigade made our country? Whinging like poofs about a possum chucking competition.

Yeehaa! Possum throwing


A rural Manawatu school which held a possum throwing contest has drawn SPCA criticism and upset many in the community.

Children at Colyton School last week held possum carcasses by the tail in a contest to see who could throw them the furthest, theManawatu Standard reported.

Palmerston North SPCA centre manager Danny Auger said the school was not breaking any laws, but that did not mean children should be encouraged to mistreat dead possums.

“It’s morally wrong to throw a dead animal around. It’s about time that people wake up and smell 2010 and realise that these sorts of things shouldn’t be happening.”

Mr Augers was worried that children were not being taught to respect dead animals.

He would visit Colydon School to ask them to stop holding such events.

The school refused to comment.

The school should tell him to sling his hook. Possums are a pest, we destroy them in their millions with posion and shooting, they spread bovine tuberculosis and are a health risk as well.

If it wasn’t for the PC wowsers banning animal fur all over the world possums would be good for something other than target practice. Good on the school for finding something useful for dead possums to do.