Blame the family – poll

Looks like Helen Clark picked another winner, NOT.

A poll completed by the NZ Herald shows that 40.6% think the family should hang their head in shame over the death of their mother, whilst only 22.3% agree with the hag.

Yep, Kiwis are not as dumb as Helen Clark thinks they are. her crocodile tears have been exposed.?

Mallard chastises Mercury over 'no surprises' policy

Mallard chastises Mercury over 'no surprises' policyMercury Energy has again been rapped over the knuckles by State Owned Enterprises Minister Trevor Mallard for its handling of the death of south Auckland woman Folole Muliaga.The 44-year-old mother of four, who used an oxygen… [NZ Politics]

mallard the bully-boy gets slapped around at the Select Committee and so reacts in his typical way by lashing out. I would have thought he would've shut up now the facts are emerging about the fat slug's assisted suicide. He should hang his head in shame or do what he constantly called for after Cave Creek and resign after a government department killed someone. It is one or the other Trevor. Either Mercury is blameless or at fault. If at fault then go you should. ?

Of course the buck will stop some way short of Mallard, probably in the vicinity of the Might River Power Board labour lackey Chairperson. Of course the buck should stop with fatty's two kids Dumb and Dumber for not calling an ambulance for at the very least attempting to lever her immense form over to the neighbours until they could get the power on for the fourth time in recent memory.

And now the truth starts to come out

As I predicted the truth is finally starting to emerge about the Fat Lady whose boys sang while she died.

It seems that the contractor was NOT told about the oxygen machine, that the compulsive non-bill payers were quite used to living without power as they had had their power cut off four time previously for non-paying and that the contractor despite being demonised by all including the Killer Queen does use and in fact had used the same day his discretion in switching off power with sick people in need. Clearly he was never told and the lying SOB's have just made shit up about his attitude and demeanour regarding disconnecting their power.? In fact he was probably on first name terms with the family having disconnected the power four times previously.

"Gidday, boys, Mrs Fat Slug, same ole, same ole, just here disconnecting your power again, nah don't get up I know where the power board is"

Clearly Clark has tried to use this to her advantage, tough shit for her it is blowing up in her face.?

As i have said before this was simply a case of a woman who ate herself to death and couldn't face carrying on, was in the middle of an assisted suicide when luck should send some poor contractor their way to turn the power off. How bloody convenient. Essentially this family have committed a fraud using their dead mother.

In other news the power was cutoff in another part of Auckland and no-one died, fancy that.?


The ever reliable Mad Dog Fingers Bad Dog

In the Herald today Richard Prebble examines SOE's and their decline in usefulness and responsiveness after moving from having competent individuals running them to lickspittles and toady's.

His best lines are about responsibility and his comments on Mad Dog Clark.

[quote]There is something wrong in the culture of Mercury Energy. The company's initial response was to deny any responsibility. Refusal to accept responsibility is always a sign of a poor culture. Part of a successful culture is fronting up to mistakes and taking responsibility.

If Helen Clark won't admit as owner she has some responsibility why should anyone else admit to any? Indeed, why would anyone successful in business be an SOE director when Helen Clark publicly snubbed the representatives of Mercury Energy outside the Muliaga home? They say there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. It is not the SOE model that has failed, just its owner.[/quote]

Yep. She shrieked loud and long about Ministerial responsibility when it was a National Cabinet Minister in the gun, now she is strangely silent over Corrections and being deliberately mis-directional over Mercury Energy.


PM puts SOEs on notice of social responsibility obligations

PM puts SOEs on notice of social responsibility obligationsThe Prime Minister has served warning on the country's state-owned enterprises that the Government intends monitoring whether they are fulfilling their legal obligation to behave as socially responsible businesses.Since the death… [NZ Politics]

Just because one fat islander eats herself to death we now have the great big nanny state stepping in to monitor and of course backing that is the threat of regulation.

For pete's sake hasn't the old crone worked out that all that welfare isn't working…..the poor are still poor and the rich are getting richer, same ole, same ole. The electorate has worked it out and that is why Labour is fucked.?


At last the truth

Adolf posted this as a comment. ?

At last the truth comes out. ? She was dying of cardiomyopathy and had stopped taking her medication which was keeping her alive.? Her death had NOTHING whatever to do with the loss of power.? The phone also had been cut off so the power company had been unable to talk to the family by phone.? What a disgusting and disgraceful fiasco perpetrated by the Antique Media, particularly Radio Left Wing which ran this as it's lead story for FIVE WHOLE DAYS, piggybacked by a grasping PM desparate for any photo opportunity.? Notice how National has kept right out of the fray.? This will come back to bite the brainless lefties on the arse.

I think this whole episode has been milked to quote Adolf by the dead woman's "nephew" who just happens to be a union worker. If I was Mercury I would demand back my tenner that Clark forced us to pay.?

Meanwhile the quote of the week comes from Lindsay Perigo on Eye to Eye just after one of the socialists say her death should be blamed on poverty;

[quote]Well she didn't die of starvation[/quote]

Exactly, this woman actually ate herself to death as she had cardiomyopathy an obesity-related heart and lung disease, not only that, I think she was actually going through an assisted suicide and the family seized on the happy coincidence of the power being cut off. She had stopped taking her medication and was trying out traditional Samoan healing. Clearly the playing of guitars did her no good at all.

Of course the secret agenda behind all this has now been revealed. More mandatory regulations of power companies.?


Ok I have heard enough

I have spent quite a bit of time driving today across Auckland. Consequently I also spent a lot of time listening to talkback. The topic of the day is the woman who croaked after Mercury Energy turned off her power and her Oxygen system failed.

I heard person after person complaining about how terrible it all was…blah..blah…blah.

At risk of sounding like a callous bastard I fail to see how her husband could have sat by for two hours while his missus was dying in front of him.

Let me tell you, if someone came to turn off my power and the missus was hooked to a life saving device, they wouldn't get near the house let alone the power meter. If that failed, I would run a lead from the neighbours until the situation was sorted and failing that i would have called a fricken ambulance, not sat around waiting for her to die.

Whatever the arguments for or against Mercury Energy cutting off the power what the fuck happened to individual responsibility for;

  • Paying your bills
  • Making arrangements if you can't? pay your bills
  • Arranging alternative power supplies
  • Call an ambulance

Tough as it may seem, callous as it sounds, the responsibilty for this poor lady's death rests with the family.?