Wrong plan, bad choices, but Labour wants regulation to stop people being stupid

The Mataitonga watching TV

The Mataitonga watching TV

A reader does some research on last nights PR for the Labour party on TVNZ:

Yet more epic Labour fails with another botched PR piece last night.

Remember when Labour rolled out that young property speculator as their poster-boy for the plight of first home buyers?

Then?on Friday?Cunners scored the own goal with the Twitter chart showing how much power went up in his watch.

Well the Labour Muppets are at it again.

Last night’s One News rolls out in front of the nation a mother of 5 to highlight David Shearer’s latest political stunt on power prices.

In truth it is really about people who make dumb choices. ? Read more »

Government feel-good propaganda initiative wastes more money than it saves

This initiative should be canned immediately, it isn’t good value for money.

The authority estimates the country saved $4.24 million, based on multiplying the average saving by the extra number of switches compared with 2010.

The What’s My Number campaign is the central plank in an industry-funded competition-stoking effort costing $5m a year.

For “industry-funded” read “a tax on power companies ultimately funded by consumers”, who are $760k out of pocket.


So you think Labour and the Greens will just give you $300 of free power?

If you?believe?that then I have a bridge I can sell you.

The Greens and Labour want you to only look at their NZPower solution in isolation, they don’t want you try and work out how all their other policies will work together with?that.

Labour’s ETS plus the Greens ETS alone will see the $300 wiped out in extra carbon taxes. Then there is this long list of taxes and levies and law changes that the Greens also want…they certainly won’t be revenue neutral…and this is just on transport…it ignores all their other taxes and controls they want in other sectors.? Read more »

You can’t print power stations

I hope Russel doesn’t show up Shearer while they share the stage…snigger.? Read more »

Is Winston conflicted?

? Kiwiblog

Winston Peters, 67, pensioner of St Marys Bay is promoting a 10% power discount for super gold?card holders.

New Zealand First is asking the Government to include a 10 per cent winter power discount scheme for SuperGold Card holders in the Budget next month.

Rt Hon Winston Peters says a discount on winter electricity prices for SuperGold Card holders is the responsible thing to do in times of sharply increasing prices.

Given that he is himself a gold card holder he should really recuse himself from promoting this policy as it?looks corrupt.