Monkey Man tackles Streaker

Symonds escapes streaker hit charges (+pics) – New Zealand’s source for sport, rugby, cricket & league news on

The pictures say it all as Symonds smacks over a streaker…give that man a DB.


An article for IP and CK

NZ’s worst of the worst cricketers in 20 years – New Zealand’s source for sport, rugby, cricket & league news on

The Waikato Times has published a list of NZ’s Worst Test Cricketers in the last 20 years. I don’t think some of the judgements are fair except to note that the depth in new Zealand is so woeful that at times we have had to rely on ODI specialists, when the brain power and strategy required for playing Test cricket is clearly beyond them.

Totally agree on Lee Germon and Blair Hartland. There were many more candidates for selection to the NZ Worst XI.


The Bizarre features of Duckworth and Lewis

Big men for the big moment (+photos) – 13 Feb 2008 – nzherald: Sports news – New Zealand and International Sport news and results

New Zealand bowled England out for 158 but needed 165 under the Duckworth-Lewis system which calculates targets in games affected by rain.

WTF system is that, you have to score more runs than you actually bowl the useless Poms out for!!!! I think the D/L system needs an amendment…..unless the team that batted first has been dismissed for a lesser score, the lessor score shall take precedence.

Otherwise well done lads.

Please, please no-one tell Clark there is a third game on the weekend. She wasn’t at the sevens, we won, she wasn’t at the Hockey, we won….get the picture, Mum’s the word…, what Cricket Prime Minister? Oh look isn’t that a lovely bunch of pansies.

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Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

Outstanding……and the Aussies don't get the new record.?

Well played India.?

Can India do it?

Really enjoying watching Australia go down, hoping that they choke and India can do it.

Only four wickets to go. Odds from the bookies are $1.08 for India to win and $12 for Australia.?


Wow – Six overs to dispatch the Bangers

Vettori, McCullum star in stunning win – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

I watched the boring and useless display of batting from the Bangladeshi “players” then stood there astounded as McCullum just bashed the shit out of them proving that the pitch was indeed a belter.

6 fecking overs to get the runs…..if I was at the game I would be really annoyed at such a poor display.

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Well change it then, Prime Minister

Clark after having been shamed by Little Johnny and his ban on Aussie Cricketers travelling to Zimbabwe has said that for her to do the same the law would need to be changed.

Well I say to her, change it. This is arguably more important than some stupid anti-smacking legislation and I would bet it would have unanimous support of the parliament. So chop, chop, set to and change the law and stop muelling and whining on about it.?

Howard has balls, Clark just whimpers

John Howard has gone where Clark and Mallard feared to tread, he has canned the Australian Cricket tour of Zimbabwe.?

[quote]The Mugabe regime is behaving like the Gestapo towards its political opponents. The living standards in the country are probably the lowest of any in the world, you have an absolutely unbelievable rate of inflation.

I have no doubt that if this tour goes ahead it will be an enormous boost to this grubby dictator.

"We do have power over people's passports, We have made our position very clear. We've written to Cricket Australia, I think Cricket Australia does understand our position.[/quote]

By making this a government ban he has effectively immunised the ACB from any fine.?

A man of principle, whereas Clark and Mallard are mere cowards for not doing the same when they had the opportunity.