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Goff got rolled at 15, Shearer at 13 and Cunliffe at 12

NZ Labour opposition leaders' Preferred Prime Minister ratings during the National Government - source: Kiwiblog

NZ Labour opposition leaders’ Preferred Prime Minister ratings during the National Government – source: Kiwiblog

Arts, lifestyle and travel blogger David Farrar loves his numbers, and today he’s in devastating form. ? Read more »

People prefer Hone over Steve


Another delightful little insight from Colmar Brunton is what the public think of “leading” political figures as Prime Minister. Read more »

Despondent Andy’s preferred rating drops to single digit

The Government’s ‘benefit budget’ appears to have had little impact, with just 4 per cent of people saying they are now better off, according to the latest ONE News opinion poll.

The Colmar Brunton poll saw National slip one percentage point to 48 per cent despite an embarrassing time of late for Prime Minister John Key, culminating with the ponytail scandal.

Mr Key was also up two points to 44 per cent as the nation’s preferred leader, while Labour leader Andrew Little slipped two points to 9 per cent and is now tied with Winston Peters.

Last month’s Budget promised much for housing and poverty, but just 4 per cent of kiwis surveyed said they were better off because of it, while 72 per cent said their situations were about the same and 10 per cent felt they were worse off.

This poll was full taken post-ponytail and post-budget. ? It confirms the previous poll wasn’t an outlier, and Andrew Little has failed to fire as his party’s Leader du jour.

He’s got Annette (the Swiss Ball landlady) King doing his job for him, while he’s out there “meeting people”. ?Oh, and coming up with means testing super without running it past his party first. Read more »

NZ Herald portend a crisis for John Key


John Key 61.6 (down 7.3)
David Cunliffe 17.9 (up 3.9)
Winston Peters 7.8 (up 1.4)
Russel Norman 3.3 (up 1)
Metiria Turei 2.4 (up 1.5)
Helen Clark 1.3 (down 0.5)
Jacinda Ardern 1.1 (up 0.4)
David Shearer 0.7 (down 0.5)
Colin Craig 0.6 (up 0.2)

The Herald Digipoll survey is showing that John Key is in crisis at only 61.6% of support.

Their headline?


Well – what a crisis.

To the bomb shelters!


Positive discrimination in the Green Party

Yesterday, the Green Taliban’s proposed list rankings came out. ?I noticed at the time that Metiria was “number one”


When you have co-leaders, I would expect the list to be like

1 ?Norman, Russel and Turei, Metiria
3 ?Tofu, Carrotjuice

But I admit that the MMP system doesn’t allow for politically artificial constructs like co-leaders. ? In the end, what the Green Party is saying, is that if it came down to it, they’d rather have Metiria in parliament rather than Russel.

Does that reflect reality?

Today’s Herald-Digipoll doesn’t confirm the party’s internal sentiments. ?Voters prefer Russel over Metiria by a resounding 750% (or less dramatically: 7.5 times more)


It will be interesting to see if the Green Taliban hierarchy are going to simply confirm the suggested list rankings or they are going to stop pandering to artificial niceties and put Norman at the top where the voters expect to see him?


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Whaleoil Poll Result: Party vote and preferred Prime Minister

Thanks for participating in our poll?questions two days ago. ?Of course, these are not ?scientific?, nor are they representative of anything except what our self-selecting group of voters decided to share, but based on that, we can draw some conclusions about the Whaleoil community.

Party vote

I really didn’t expect our party vote results to be anything but a landslide for National, but it also shows the average Whaleoil reader also tends to be conservatively liberal.

1,183 people voted in the Party vote poll. ?Two said they wouldn’t vote at all, which I find fascinating because why read a political blog if you have no interest in voting?

2 people would also vote for a party “Not yet registered”. ?This could be the Internet Party, I guess.

Here are the results

  • National?(76%, 898 Votes)
  • ACT?(14%, 164 Votes)
  • Conservatives?(5%, 54 Votes)
  • Labour?(1%, 11 Votes)
  • NZ First?(1%, 10 Votes)
  • Legalise Cannabis?(0%, 5 Votes)
  • Green?(0%, 4 Votes)
  • United Future?(0%, 2 Votes)
  • Maori?(0%, 1 Votes)
  • Focus NZ?(0%, 1 Votes)
  • Alliance?(0%, 0 Votes)
  • Democrats?(0%, 0 Votes)
  • Mana?(0%, 0 Votes)

About 2% (26 people) of Whaloil poll voters are still undecided. ?Not sure what that means for guests posts! ?Doesn’t look like fertile ground to turn people’s votes around. ? Read more »

Just exactly how badly is Cunliffe doing?



One of our readers came up with this bit of research

An example of how badly Cunliffe is actually doing; here are the preferred PM numbers from party leaders a month or so in the job – ? Read more »

Take me to your leader


In the most recent Herald Digipoll, the most preferred leaders of our fair country are as indicated above.

Who polls personally higher than his party?

Who polls personally lower than their parties?

Who would want a Finance Minister that only 2.4% of the respondents choose as Prime Minister?