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Today’s face of the day President Obama is acting like a dictator. He has made a decree and he expects all schools in America to obey. Can you guess what he has ordered them all to do?

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Face of the day

Barack Obama
Today’s face of the day President Obama, has mocked Republicans on the issue of refugee resettlement by calling them “scared of widows and orphans“.

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Face of the day


Remember Bomb Boy? Also known as?Ahmed Mohamed.

Ahmed Mohamed, who earned the nickname ?Clock Boy? as well as a White House invitation from President Obama, is headed to the Gulf nation, where he has been given a scholarship at the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. The 14-year-old?s family announced they will accompany him to the new home, which is a world away from Texas ? in more ways than one.

?Qatar has harsh Shariah law – stoning for apostasy, lashing for alcohol, death penalty for homosexuality – and is an absolute monarchy without even a shred of democracy,? Tim Furnish, who holds a doctorate in Islamic Studies and served as an Arabic linguist in the U.S. Army, told ?The analogy between Texas and Qatar is the heat. Ahmed should be careful about what he wishes for.?

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Face of the day


CJ Pearson may be young but he is well-known for his criticism of the Obama administration.

Today’s face of the day isn’t Muslim and he hasn’t been invited to the White House because he made a hoax bomb in a suitcase. He doesn’t have a sister who the week before threatened to blow up the school that he bought his ‘clock radio ‘ to and he hasn’t had money thrown at him by tech companies keen to make a buck off the outrage generated by his CAIR supported parents. Nope, this kid is just an intelligent 13 year old kid who has found fame for what he has said, not for claiming victim status and courting social media outrage.

A 13-year-old American boy who has gained popularity as an outspoken YouTube critic of US President Barack Obama has finally got the leader’s attention – in possibly the worst way.

“Well, this sucks,” CJ Pearson tweeted on Wednesday afternoon, with a screenshot apparently showing that he had been blocked by Obama’s official account.

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Key couldn’t get away with this

The long ride home from South Africa


They only showed the above picture on the news.

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