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The Beast of Blenheim and preventative detention

via ODT

via ODT

Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson will be released from prison again next year.

In statement today, the Parole Board said it saw Wilson today for further consideration of parole and decided to grant it from a date in late March 2015. Read more »

Sex abuse law doesn’t go far enough

Just the other day I asked what we should be doing with the sex offenders that nobody believes are safe being put back in the community.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley has introduced a bill to allow 10-year extended supervision orders to be renewed by the courts. The orders allow the Department of Corrections to monitor child sex offenders after their sentence is completed.

Those imposed on the first batch of child sex abusers in 2004 are due to expire next year. The department has estimated about six of the most serious offenders will need the orders renewed every year.

Ms Tolley said she had support from United Future and Act for the bill, which will also allow the orders to be laid against serious violent offenders and sex offenders against adults. Labour has said it will support it at its first stage and will decide after public submissions whether to support it further.

Ms Tolley confirmed there was not enough time to pass it before the election. That means if Labour wins the election it will have to pass it before January to ensure some of those orders, which are for a maximum 10-year period, do not expire.

It is a great start, and it is a pity to see that Labour have decided to play politics with this. ? But then again, I’m not surprised. ?Labour are the crim hugging party after all. ? Read more »

A clear case for preventative detention

I have a problem with letting recidivist child sex offenders out of jail just because their sentence has been served. ?Here is a perfect example of someone who had no self control

A convicted paedophile was sent to jail after accumulating thousands of photos and films of children being sexually abused, and distributing some to others.

Paul Bettridge, 43, pleaded guilty to 30 charges of possessing and two of distributing objectionable images. He was jailed for two years and nine months.

In the New Plymouth District Court on Tuesday it was revealed that Bettridge was first caught in mid-2012 by Department of Internal Affairs officers monitoring the internet.

They were aware that he constantly changed his electronic address.

On January 17 last year a search warrant was executed and his computer equipment seized and searched.

Bettridge said to the officers he was waiting for them to arrive.

Crown prosecutor Andrew Britton said of the 6000 sexually explicit images on Bettridge’s computer files much was found to be objectionable and involved the sexual abuse of children.

Bettridge was imprisoned in 1998 for sexually assaulting a boy and girl under 12.

Bettridge’s lawyer Turitea Bolstad said Bettridge took full responsibility from the outset and asked for full credit for his guilty plea and remorse.

Yeah. ?Minimise the risk. ?Do your time. ?Then do it all over again.

If he acts on his impulses with anything more than just photos next time, who is to blame? ? Read more »

Another Paedo dealt to – throw away the key


Since the death penalty and torture aren’t really options for animals like?Aaron Paul Laurence, the idea that he’ll be put into jail indefinitely certainly appeals.

It means everyone is convinced this predator is beyond redemption, beyond recovery, beyond repair.

Clio Francis and Blair Ensor and Fairfax?report?? Read more »