Principals’ Association

JT and National Standards

Labour and the teachers unions hated the fact Anne Tolley had parents on side with National Standards and refused to back down.

Another supporter of National Standards is…John Tamihere.

His trust bought the West Auckland franchise for the Kip McGrath tutoring service 14 months ago because it was not happy with local schools.

“We are sick and tired of hearing that it’s our solo mothers that are failing the schools, it’s low-income families that are failing the schools,” he said.

“We know it’s our schools that are failing the families.

“We can’t have our babies hitting secondary school and not being able to participate in the secondary school curriculum because they can’t read and write and at no stage were we advised that it was a problem. So we support National Standards.”

He said that stance “doesn’t enamour us to the Principals’ Association in our area”.

“They say we are being judgmental on them. We have to be. We can’t allow this spate of Maori boys, in particular, to fall out of secondary school without even level 1 NCEA.”

So he isn’t afraid to go against teachers unions – which Labour has been relying on for support.

This should be interesting.