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No Bang in the Drum. A 55-gallon drum of the type reportedly used to transport the body of former Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa to New Jersey lies in the 47-acre landfill area in Jersey City where the FBI has obtained a search warrant to dig for a body. The FBI announced it had been told by an informant where to look for a grave on the sprawling site. — Image by ? Bettmann/CORBIS

Jimmy Hoffa Disappears

One of the most famous American figures to inexplicably disappear was Jimmy Hoffa, the famed president of the Teamsters Union from 1957 until he went to prison in 1967

Wednesday, July 30, 1975, was a hot July afternoon, nearly 92 degrees, ?typical muggy mid-summer Detroit weather in other words, ?when Teamsters president and labour icon Jimmy Hoffa is said to have opened the rear door of a maroon 1975 Mercury in the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. and climbed in.

Gerald Ford was president of the United States, the North Vietnamese Army had just rolled into Saigon, the incredible Cincinnati Reds were rolling toward a World Series championship while the sad sack Detroit Tigers were enduring one of the worst seasons in franchise history, the Eagles and Olivia Newton-John were topping the charts ? and Jimmy Hoffa was about to take the last car ride of his life.

He has never been?seen again.

The FBI has expended countless resources in the ensuing decades in the hopes of finally solving this enduring American mystery with no success.

The disappearance of Hoffa in 1975 sparked a public debate that continues to this day. Despite claims to the contrary, no one knows for sure what became of Hoffa or who was responsible.

There was no question that Hoffa had a lot of enemies in his day and perhaps none as powerful as Robert F. Kennedy, the president?s brother and the attorney general from 1961 to 1964. Hoffa?s ties to organised crime landed him in prison but it would not be until those same gangsters turned against him would those ties lead to his disappearance and likely murder. And while Hoffa?s body has never been found, there is little question about whether or not he is dead. One way or another, Hoffa is not coming back…

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Photo of the Day

The copper-haired beauty from Philadelphia, who died in 1967, was the most sought-after model in the 20th century; an era when fashion photography as an advertising medium was just beginning its ascendancy

Murder at Madison Square Garden

Evelyn Nesbit ?- “The Girl on the Red Velvet Swing” -? was an artists’ model, Broadway chorus girl and the central figure in the nation?s first “Crime of the Century.” The trial that followed had everything — a shockingly public murder, unbelievable wealth, incredible beauty, power, influence, jealousy, insanity, sex, high society, show business and the ultimate battle between chivalrous good and unspeakable evil. And, in the end, nobody won.

The details presented at the trial were considered so vile and shocking that women were banned from the courtroom, and the U.S. District Attorney in New York threatened legal action against newspapers that printed details of the trial for violating federal law that prohibited sending “lewd, lascivious and obscene matter” through the mail.

And so, of course, readers couldn’t get enough.

The 1906 murder of Stanford White by Harry K. Thaw quickly became known as “The Crime of the Century” and Evelyn Nesbit became known as “The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing.” The shocking story and the lurid details which emerged from Thaw’s trial became a modern morality tale which informed the consciousnesses of early Twentieth Century America. Nesbit, Thaw and White enacted an archetypical tragedy of sex and violent death on a dark, urban stage. The story is a disturbing marriage of the breaking of ancient taboos and the anxiety of life in an ultimately unknowable city; a tale of innocence lost in a myriad of ways.

These events made a strong imprint on the American mind. The word brainstorm?originated as a description of Harry Thaw’s wild state of mind at the time of the murder. Stanford White, the once respectable victim, became a laughingstock, and his coy invitation to “Come up and see my etchings,” became a commonly repeated joke. And Evelyn Nesbit became famous for, among other things, “posing on a bear skin rug.”

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Assaults on guards up since SERCO got the boot

Who is going to be held to account for the massive increase in assaults on guards since Serco were given the boot?

Assaults on prison guards by inmates have increased by more than 100 in the last year.

But the Department of Corrections say that a three-year staff safety plan will “directly contribute to making prisons a safer environment”.

The Department of Corrections Annual Report was released at 4pm today and revealed that in the 2015/16 year just under 20 staff were seriously assaulted by inmates while on the job, and more than 450 minor and non-injury assaults were also reported.

In 2014/15 there were less than 10 assaults on staff classed as serious and just under 400 minor or non-injury incidents were recorded.

The report comes two days after three Corrections officers were assaulted – one of them seriously and requiring hospital treatment – by a group of prisoners at Auckland Prison.

The report, signed off by Corrections chief executive Ray Smith, revealed that the prison population has more than doubled since 1996.

Back then just 4079 people were incarcerated in New Zealand, compared with 9798 as of September this year. ? Read more »


Diddums. Time for retrospective legislation so scumbags don?t get our money

The scumbags are getting set for some compo claims.

The country’s highest court has found the Corrections Department made mistakes in calculating the release dates for two inmates, and the ruling could now have a ripple effect.

Read the full decision or the summary provided by the court

Corrections has so far identified 21 prisoners who will be affected by today’s ruling.

The department’s deputy national commissioner, Rachel Leota, said some of the affected inmates could be released as early as tomorrow.

She said the department had been prepared for the possibility that the Court might rule in the prisoners’ favour.

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What a good idea, criminal bludgers to have their benefits docked

Mark Mitchell has proposed that criminal bludgers have their benefits docked if they don’t comply with court orders.

Concerns have been raised about a new bill that could see?benefit payments cut?for?offenders who breach their?community sentences.

Parliament’s Social Services Committee is currently?calling for public submissions on the the?Social Security Amendment Bill, which was?put forward by National MP Mark Mitchell.

The bill would allow Corrections to have benefit payments for offenders?stopped if they continued to disregard written warnings to comply with their community sentences.

Offenders serving community sentences are?on probation, which means they?are able to serve their sentences?in the community but with restrictions on their movements.

Some organisations are worried about the impact the bill could have,?and have questioned if it will only drive offenders to re-offend.

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Hey Kelvin, what are you going to do about this fight club?

I wonder what Kelvin Davis is going to do about this fight club?

The hierarchical nature and brutal inner workings of a tough New Zealand jail block, including yard fights and sparring, has been examined at a prison murder trial today.

The rare behind-bars glimpse came during the trial of three Christchurch Men’s Prison inmates accused of murdering respected long-term prisoner Benton Marni Parata on March 25 last year.

Steven Betham, 36, Akuhatua Tihi, 22, from Toi Toi, Nelson, and Levi Hohepa Reuben, 21, deny murdering the fellow inmate.

Tihi today accepted he is guilty of manslaughter, but denied having murderous intent.

The Crown alleges that the trio had been acting to a pre-arranged plan in order to administer a serious beating. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Fifty-two-year-old Richard Beasley and his proteg?, 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty were charged with using Craigslist to lure men with false job postings. The men, all of which were single and without families, would respond to the ad that claimed they would also have room and board while working on a cattle farm that didn't exist. One victim, who was shot in the elbow, was able to run away to safety, but when police responded they found three other bodies at the scene in shallow graves.

Fifty-two-year-old Richard Beasley and his proteg?, 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty, were charged with using Craigslist to lure men with false job postings. The men, all of whom were single and without families, would respond to the ad that claimed they would also have room and board while working on a cattle farm that didn’t exist. One victim, who was shot in the elbow, was able to run away to safety, but when police responded they found three other bodies at the scene in shallow graves.

Murder by Craigslist

Most people go to Craigslist to find apartments, job openings, and cheap furniture, while others use the popular classified advertising website to do their dirty work. In recent years, Craigslist has become a hotbed for predators and scam artists looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. What?s worse is no Craigslist section is safe from criminals. Whether you?re browsing the personals, for sale, or jobs section, you never really know who?s on the other end and what kind of danger you might be in.

The preacher placed the ad:

Wanted: Caretaker For Farm. Simply watch over a 688 acre patch of hilly farmland and feed a few cows, you get 300 a week and a nice 2 bedroom trailer, someone older and single preferred but will consider all, relocation a must, you must have a clean record and be trustworthy?this is a permanent position, the farm is used mainly as a hunting preserve, is overrun with game, has a stocked 3 acre pond, but some beef cattle will be kept, nearest neighbour is a mile away, the place is secluded and beautiful, it will be a real get away for the right person, job of a lifetime?if you are ready to relocate please contact asap, position will not stay open.

More than a hundred men applied; four were hired. The preacher and his “nephew” offered each a ride down to the farm. The men never knew what was going on?what bizarre scheme they’d stumbled upon. What happened next was almost too terrible to believe.

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Kelvin Davis should check out this issue next time he visits a prison

It is happening in Australian prisons and as our Muslim prison population increases it is likely to happen in ours. Since Kelvin Davis is a regular visitor to New Zealand prisons I hope he will add a few prisoners who follow Islam to his list so that he can keep his finger on the pulse so to speak.

NON-Muslim jail inmates are being forced to convert to Islam by fellow prisoners using threats and violence against those who refuse.

A Muslim chaplain at Kariong jail on the Central Coast has been inundated with requests for extra prayer mats and copies of the Koran from more than a dozen non-Arab ?inmates, according to prison sources.

They also asked to be put on halal diets, which means eating meat slaughtered by a Muslim in the traditional manner.

The situation was exposed after several prisoners approached guards after a number of inmates were ?beaten up for refusing to convert. Three Muslim inmates believed to have been responsible for the forced conversions were then moved to separate jails.

Sources said the inmates had ?requested an imam visit the jail to ?officially endorse the conversions but one was unable to attend before the offending prisoners were moved.

Recruitment of non-Muslims into the religion is also rife at Lithgow jail, with dozens of inmates making the switch, another source said.

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Oh look, something happened at a SERCO PRISON, Media Party are on it like white on rice

The Media party never miss an opportunity to put the boot into private companies, especially when they shill stories for the unions.

A wing of a Serco-run prison in Auckland has been on lockdown since drunk prisoners allegedly attacked guards over the weekend.

The incident comes after it was announced in April Serco would have to pay the government $8 million to cover the cost of Corrections stepping in to take over the management of the Mt Eden Corrections Facility in July last year.

A Serco spokeswoman on Thursday confirmed 42 of the 68 inmates in one wing at the Auckland South Corrections Facility, in Wiri, had been subject to a “controlled regime” since Monday.

“The regime was applied after two prisoners allegedly assaulted members of staff, and contraband homebrew was discovered in the wing on Saturday,” she said.

Under the lockdown, prisoners are unlocked for less time than normal with only 10 cells being opened at any one time. ? Read more »

More dodgy deaths in non-Serco prisons, and not a peep from Kelvin

Where is Kelvin Davis when you need him?

It seems that there are criminals dying in non-Serco run prisons…the ones run by the Corrections Union and he is nowhere to be seen.

A total of 85?prisoners died while serving a prison sentence in New Zealand since 2010, while at least 100 others had their lives saved by staff.

Information released under the Official Information Act indicated that of these deaths,?38 were deemed unnatural?and?47 were the result of a natural cause.

An unnatural death could include death as a result of self-harm, an accident, foul play, or a death where the cause was unable to be initially confirmed.

A natural death was the death of any prisoner in custody as a result of natural causes.

In Whanganui Prison,?eight deaths were recorded as natural deaths from 2010 until 2015 with two unnatural deaths occurring in 2010 and 2011.

Manawatu Prison had two unnatural deaths occur in 2011 with no natural deaths occurring in?the past five years.

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