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Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – The Final Week

Time’s up on Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON! ?And apart from one hapless soul, we all look like we’ll be winners on the day.

Here’s what happened for week 11, reported a whole week late. ?*blush*



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Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 10

Two weeks to go! ?This is Week 10 of the Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON weight loss challenge.



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Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 8

Still some people MIA, like Shearer, I suppose. ?But some good results from those reporting in! ?This is Week 8 of the Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON weight loss challenge.








Whaleoil readers ordering from Produce Delivered?can enter?Blubbergeddon as a discount code during the order process for 10% of your order, just for being a Whaleoil reader.

Cam Slater is enjoying Produce Delivered fresh fruit and vegetables every week while the Blubbergeddon challenge is on. ?Lucky bastard.




Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 7


Here we go, week 7, and guess what? ?Cam has found his mojo and is coming up the inside straight.

Five weeks to go.

Is Lofty is danger of being taken out?

What happened to Travis?

Tune in next week, when…

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Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 6


Week 6.

Half way.

Looks like most of us are in need of a bit of a rev-up. It’s looking bleak. Not to single anyone out, but what’s going on with that guy that’s now heavier than he started?

Let’s blame the hot soups and lack of physical activity due to the cold weather. But if we didn’t have Lofty on the team, we’d be collectively going backwards by now. Heh.

Seriously, good to see most of you plodding on steadily in the Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON race.

Here are the results:

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Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 5


Five weeks in, and it isn’t easy for some most. Failure to report in 3 weeks in a row has seen some people drop from the stats, and others that have the backbone to hang in there are reporting going backwards!

It’s not easy when it is cold and wet. ?Those comfort foods keep on calling from the fridge and pantry like comforting Sirens.

Losing weight is not just about eating less, it also means you have to “eat healthy”. ?And this is where our Blubbergeddon Sponsor Produce Delivered come in if you live in the Auckland and Hamilton regions. ?A box of Health can be delivered right to your door!

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Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 4

Well, I’m disappointed with myself. ?And I suspect many of you should feel the same way. ?We’ve had people failing to report in (come on now!) and some of us aren’t making a huge leap into lightness! ?Why are we not making any progress?

Same exercise routines as?before but I completely screwed the?calorie intake with a dinner party last weekend, Chinese takeaways mid-week and KFC for dinner yesterday.
Result – 125.5 kgs this morning on the scales.? Ouch!
Scary how easy it was to undo?2 week’s?progress?in just a few?days.
—- John

Thanks John. ?Yes, it seems that just one or two days takes a huge toll. ?Definitely harder to lose weight sitting at home cold and miserable while it’s raining outside. ?All those comfort foods are just beckoning like Sirens from the pantry…

pdNow for some excellent news: ?Produce Delivered is extending the BLUBBERGEDDON discount to?all our readers! ?So if you’re in their Auckland or Hamilton delivery areas, please feel free to enter the?Blubbergeddon?code into the on-line order form for an instant 10% discount on your week’s fresh fruit and vegetables.

Right, here are both the glorious and terrible tales for week 4:
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Produce Delivered Blubbergeddon

Very late, and a few results not in because of the long weekend, but here we go. ?I didn’t get to weigh in myself as I was away from the scales, but a boys looong weekend out can’t have been good, so I’m hiding from reality until Saturday.

Quickly moving along…

pdlogoBlubbergeddon has a sponsor! ?Produce Delivered is sending a box of fresh fruit and vegetables to Cam every week. ?I am personally conflicted about this. ?Surely all participants should have the benefit of this healthy way to get lighter? ?I am considering a “vegetable doping scandal” unless this gets sorted.

(Just kidding Produce Delivered!) ?Here is what Cam received a few days ago:

Produce Delivered

Produce Delivered


Produce Delivered

Produce Delivered


Produce Delivered understand the true value of exposure on Whaleoil, well done for getting a great promotional deal going. ?Other companies should feel free to contact us too.


To business! ?What happened last week?

Sponge said

92kg as of this morning. Mightily fucked off that I have been exercising all week (ran 28k’s) and only lost 300g when the previous week I was staying in hotels making an absolute pig of myself and lost 1.9kgs. I am fucked if I can work that out.

Donovan said

Went bush on the weekend, no connectivity. But I did snap myself on the scale Saturday morning before leaving, so here it is in all its glory. Remind me again, the point is to put ON weight, yeah?

John wrote

End of Week 2 and I was a little disappointed.

I had lost 2 kgs in Week 1 but at 125 kilos on the scales this morning, seems I only lost 0.9 kgs in Week 2.

However my son cheered me up immensely when he said “grab that 2 litre bottle of milk from the fridge and the 1 litre carton of juice and hold them up against yourself. Those weigh 3 KG combined and that is what you just shed in 2 weeks”.

After seeing the progress so visually like that I now feel pretty darn good about how it is going.

I have two goals I want to get from the Blubbergeddon challenge. Firstly to get healthier by losing weight.

Second is to achieve this in the most time efficient way possible by getting the most fitness from the least amount of time committed to exercise.

Don’t get me wrong, its not that I don’t want to exercise (I really enjoy the long walks with the dog).

Rather I want to see if the scientists really are correct that in today’s busy world, we really can get all the exercise we need to stay trim and healthy with just a few minutes exercise every day – the trick being we need to do the “right” exercise routine.

To lose 2.9 kg over the last two weeks I have been using a hybrid combination of the two scientific exercise routines described in my recent Blubbergeddon Guest Post.

In Week 1 I did 6 x twenty minute sessions on the cross-trainer – total exercise time of 2 hours.

In Week 2, I cut this down to just under 1.5 hours for the week with 7 x 12 minute sessions on the cross-trainer.

As well as shortening the sessions, this week I also changed the routine slightly by finishing each exercise session with a 20 second high speed burst at maximum speed and load on the cross-trainer – similar to the technique described in the BBC Horizon doco.

This drains every last ounce of energy from me and must look quite hilarious with high-speed arms and legs flailing all over the place.

Its still early days yet but I am hoping that I can get the point I need only 1 hour or less per week dedicated to the cross-trainer. If I get there, my old excuse of “I don’t have enough time to exercise” evaporates and I will make it that much easier to keep this up for ever.

And it would be nice to think others may be motivated to test this for themselves.

Tagaloa said:

Did a slow jog last sun in Huntly and pulled a calf muscle, rested the whole week, tried to look out what I ate though I did have a couple of business lunches but haven’t done any exercise since my long jog last sun.

More soup this week

Blubbergeddon Week 2

(if the result is in italics, it is carried over from the week before)

Blubbergeddon Week 2

Blubbergeddon Week 2

Congratulations to Lofty and Maggie who are in a commanding lead at the moment. ?The rest of us need to start getting serious about it.

Blubbergeddon is brought to you by Produce Delivered

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