My polite e-mail to the Cameron pool in Mount Roskill was blocked for Profane content

To my great surprise, my e-mail to the Cameron Pool in Mount Roskill to ask them some questions about their Muslim Women’s swimming lessons was blocked for profane content. I can only assume that Whaleoil is considered a profane word or perhaps that their profanity filter has submitted to Sharia law like their segregated swimming lessons. Have a read of my e-mail and see if you can spot the profanity.

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Prince Philip to photographer: Just take the ****ing picture

I love it…we have all wanted to tell someone just precisely what we thought. I am blessed, I do all the time…but it is hard for people in positions of power or status to do so.

Prince Philip however seems to have no qualms.

Prince Philip, the 94-year-old husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth well-known for occasional verbal gaffes, was caught on camera swearing at a photographer.? Read more »

Country’s Buggered

I was sent this via the tipline.

It is hilarious.

It is a?satirical look at enduring attitudes towards gays, immigrants, liberals, feminists and environmentalists still found in rural Aotearoa.

It is bound to be offensive to someone…all the more reason to post it.

So is the country buggered?

What ticks you off?

We need a name for Labour’s leadership debacle

I was thinking that we need a name for Labour’s leadership debacle.

The media would come up with something really lame and probably stick a -gate on the end of it.

I think my readers are smarter than the media so it is over to you to come up with some descriptors.

I was initially thinking of c*ntastrophe? – A completely avoidable and utterly F*CKED situation caused by a certifiable Bitch or C*nt.

But that is perhaps a little harsh, even though it is highly accurate.

Are there any others you can think of?

Put your suggestions in the comments, please use * where necessary…there will be light moderation to save what remains of Pete’s hair and the other mods.

Here are a couple more:

Clusterliffe – term for an operation in which multiple things have gone wrong. Related to “SNAFU” (Situation Normal, All F*cked Up”) and “FUBAR” (F*cked Up Beyond All Repair). ? Read more »


Perhaps Len could change his name


It is generally thought that wankers can’t get elected, but that isn’t stopping one judge in the US from campaigning successfully using her name.

Some people would say judges are wankers but in this case it is true. Judge Kim Wanker from Nye County in Nevada.

This leads me to believe that Len Brown should change his name because this is proof positive that Wankers CAN get elected. Read more »

Are the Bugger’s Muddle Stitching Up Upper Harbour?


Prominent National Faction the Bugger’s Muddle is heavily involved in attempting to run a stitch up in Upper Harbour.

What they want to do is ride bareback over the constitution and rules of the National party and impose Paula Bennett on an electorate she has no connection with. Read more »

Russell Brand – “most people do not give a f*ck about politics”

Russell Brand’s politics are not my own, but I like the way he wears his politics on his sleeve…I also like the way he hoodwinks people into thinking he is stupid, by the way he speaks and the way he looks and the way he acts…but he is smart…very smart.

He recently guest edited the latest?issue of the New Stateman.?In that issue, he outlines his political philosophy in a entirely TL;DR rant that is also as riveting and funny as it is clever.

Perhaps this is why there is currently no genuinely popular left-wing movement to counter Ukip, the EDL and the Tea Party; for an ideology that is defined by inclusiveness, socialism has become in practice quite exclusive. Plus a bit too serious, too much up its own fundament and not enough fun. The same could be said of the growing New Age spiritual movement, which could be a natural accompaniment to social progression. I’m a bit of a tree-hugging, Hindu-tattooed, veggie meditator myself but first and foremost I want to have a fucking laugh. When Ali G, who had joined protesters attempting to prevent a forest being felled to make way for a road, shouted across the barricade, “You may take our trees, but you’ll never take our freedom,” I identified more with Baron Cohen’s amoral trickster than the stern activist who aggressively admonished him: “This is serious, you cunt.”

A bit too fucking serious, actually. As John Cleese said, there is a tendency to confuse seriousness with solemnity. Serious causes can and must be approached with good humour, otherwise they’re boring and can’t compete with the Premier League and Grand Theft Auto. Social movements needn’t lack razzmatazz.? Read more »

An email from a reader about Pants-down Brown


Nicely put and one of the better ones sent today…I might start putting up the abusive ones too.

In reaction to the Len Brown affair, I see that the age-old?gender double standard has been true to form.

Reading the blog comments and reaction in the media, the typical?feeling is that who Len Brown sleeps with is his own business. He’s a?man and if he roots around, well he’s just sowing his oats and who are?we to judge and the red-blooded bloke probably deserves a high five?and a cold beer.? Read more »

A good Kraut flips the ‘stinkefinger’

Flipping the "stinkefinger"

Flipping the “stinkefinger”

Angela Merkel’s main rival has caused a massive furore over a photo of him flipping the bird, or “stinkefinger” as the Krauts like to call it, on the cover of a magazine.

As can be expected of such a politician, he is unrepentant.

Angela Merkel’s main rival in?Germany‘s election has prompted a storm of protest after giving the middle-finger during a photo shoot.

Peer Steinbr?ck, the leading candidate for the Social Democrats, has appeared on the?front cover of the S?ddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) magazine?delivering the gesture after being asked whether he minded having several negative nicknames.

The?stinkefinger?(stink-finger) was one of the most popular items on Twitter in the German-speaking realm (trending as #stinkefinger), with Steinbruck himself commenting: “plain talking doesn’t always mean using words, for example when one is constantly addressed about old issues instead of really important questions”.? Read more »

You don’t need to tell me I’m number one, I know I’m number one

Chur bro Shane,

It’s probably irrelevant, and certainly too late now, but you must assume that you are being overheard and recorded at all times.

Cool bro?

Laters, Chur, chur

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