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AUSA hates free speech

? NZ Herald

The leftists in charge of the AUSA hate free speech. They are trying to shut down a club and remove them from campus simply because they do not agree with them:

A free-speech battle is shaping up at Auckland University tomorrow over a move to boot out an anti-abortion group from university facilities.

ProLife Auckland, which claims more than 400 student members, faces disaffiliation from the students’ association after a complaint that it distributed a pamphlet containing “misleading health information”.

The students’ association is laying on a barbecue as an incentive to attract the required quorum of 200 students at a special general meeting to consider the motion in the university quad at 1pm tomorrow.

Association vice-president Dan Haines said the executive was not recommending disaffiliation but was just putting the motion to the meeting.

“People communicated to our women’s rights officers that it was an issue. It was the women’s rights officers who brought it up,” he said.

“Personally I think that maybe having a discussion is a good thing. It is a contentious club.”

They obfuscate by denying they are recommending disaffiliation…no club should ever have their right to be a club put up for a vote…perhaps someone moves that Princes Street Labour be dis?affiliated?and then see where that ends up. Universities are supposed to be the bastion of free speech and yet here we have jumped up little Stalinists decreeing who can and can’t belong.