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Photo: New Zealand Archives. Nursing Staff In Front of Seacliff Lunatic Asylum.

Photo: New Zealand Archives.
Nursing Staff In Front of Seacliff Lunatic Asylum.

Raging Inferno

Shockingly Sudden

No Chance to Rescue

?Lunacy and troubles of the mind have never been easy topics. The early days in the colony of New Zealand saw gaols as the repository for society’s misfits. Lunatics took their place alongside military deserters, convicts, delinquents, debtors, drunkards, vagrants and prostitutes.

Early gaolers apparently tolerated lunatics. There is no reported instance of the mentally disturbed being punished while in gaol. Those who became violent were restrained by irons, fetters and occasionally straight-jackets. However, the imposition of the insane on the prison system was seen as unsatisfactory, leading to demands for separate housing and proper treatment for those of troubled mind. Prior to the 1870s, asylum-keepers noted that nothing could be done for many patients, except to watch them ‘at the full of the moon’. Humoral treatment (relating to the four bodily fluids) was still in?vogue, as were techniques like head-shaving and bowel control.

The solution was the development of rural asylums, of which Seacliff was to be the largest and grandest. This afforded the removal of the disturbed from the purview of society, with their incarceration in the country away from prying eyes. The further appeal was undoubtedly the measure of self-sufficiency, achieved through institutional farming, which offered both employment of the (unpaid) inmates and provision of food from the asylum farm, all of which helped keep costs under control.

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I am sure Laila Harre loves the idea of Kim Dotcom joking about killing hookers


Internet Party “visionary” jokes about killing prostitutes.

Would love to hear Laila Harre and Pam Corkery’s positions on this. ?Go INTERNET PARTY!

Here’s a thought: ?What’s worse? ?That John Key allegedly knew about Kim Dotcom?before the raid or joking about killing hookers.

Council run brothels in Christchurch?

It appears Christchurch are going trial a 25 by 25 meter area for prostitutes to solicit for business. ?Joelle Dally has more:

Christchurch city councillors Ali Jones and Pauline Cotter are spearheading the creation of a temporary site for street-based sex workers between Bealey Ave and Kilmore St.

Jones said the aim was to solve post-quake tensions between prostitutes and Manchester St residents north of Bealey Ave, and to make it safer for workers and their clients.

A preferred site had been identified out of five considered along that stretch of the street, she said.

Jones would not reveal the exact location as it was not yet confirmed, and consultation with the landowner, residents and businesses was still under way.

The temporary site would have facilities including toilets, lighting, security cameras and needle receptacles.

Why not a pie warmer with some sausage rolls and pizza slices, a douche dispenser and charging points for personal electronics? ? Read more »

I don’t get the Herald, I really don’t

We’ve seen the Herald go all in on many stories. ?Not just reporting, but spinning, twisting and pushing their agendas as hard as they can.

Then we get this headline


That’s never a headline anyone likes to see.

However, although it is factual, it totally hides the true nature of the situation. ?A better headline would have been

Client assaults prostitute during sex in central Auckland cemetery

Not that you think that is the case from the article

Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Newman said the 34-year-old victim suffered numerous physical injuries during the attack in the lonely expanse of Symonds St Cemetery about 5.30am.

The woman, a sex worker, met the man in the vicinity of Liverpool St and Karangahape Rd prior to the assault.

Police had so far been unable to speak to her so details of what actually transpired were vague. ? Read more »

The Year of the Whores?

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

Celebrations began?Friday?in China to welcome the Year of the Horse.

The official seven-day holiday is marked by parades, prayers ? and usually pyrotechnics. Certainly there were celebrations yesterday at Northcote, but watching the video of Len Brown again got me thinking…why was he so enthusiastic about the Year of the Horse?

The Herald reported his comments:

“Anything to do with horses, man, I’m totally in it. We’re galloping along as a city so look out.”

Here is he video:

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He has more than enough to eat at home…

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford promises to sue ex staffers due to allegations made to police.

Compared to this one-man wrecking crew, Len Brown is looking decidedly well managed.

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Oh so he was at the brothel and they were his charges after all

Despite months and months of denials that charges on his union credit to a brothel were not his, Craig Thomson has finally decided to fess up and tell us what we already knew…that the charges were his.

CRAIG Thomson will avoid facing a jury on charges of misappropriating union funds, after his lawyer appeared to backtrack from the former Labor MP’s previous claim that he did not use union credit cards to pay for escorts.

Mr Thomson, who is running for reelection in his NSW seat of Dobell as an independent, today won his application to have the 173 charges heard by a magistrate instead of proceeding to a judge and jury.

Making the application, Mr Thomson’s barrister Greg James QC said it was “very likely” there would be no issues about the facts of the expenditure, and the case instead related to whether Mr Thomson had authority for the spending as national secretary.

“These are not complex charges,” he said.

Mr Thomson is accused of falsely representing that the HSU had authorised thousands of dollars of credit card spending, including payment for escorts and cash withdrawals from bank accounts, and using union credit cards to pay for pornographic movies at hotels. ? Read more »

Prostitutes offer free sex if national team wins

xlargeJust because it’s free, doesn’t mean I want it. ?But that doesn’t stop?The Association of Nigerian Prostitutes from offering a great deal to those who are soccer fans as well as clients:

The Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (ANP) has congratulated the Super Eagles of Nigeria for moving on to the quarter finals stage of the Orange African Cup of Nations, South Africa 2013, urging them to go for gold. ? Read more »


Eat your hearts out Muzza and Tim, bet you can’t beat this

Murray McCully and Tim Groser think they have it sweet…but they aren’t explaining hookers and private jets:

Sen. Robert Menendez, the powerful New Jersey Democrat who this week was named chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is facing a Senate ethics probe into whether he accepted inappropriate gifts from a wealthy Florida eye surgeon who is under FBI investigation.

The Senate Ethics Committee is conducting a preliminary investigation of two trips Menendez took to a luxury beach resort in the Dominican Republic in August and September 2010 as a guest of Dr. Salomon Melgen, a longtime friend and political donor.

The review comes on the heels of an FBI raid on Melgen’s medical offices in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Tuesday night and Wednesday as part of an investigation into what sources called possible Medicaid fraud.

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I was just waving to my parents, Yeah right

David Farrar posts about his first encounter with the ladies in Cambodia.

Do we believe his little story, or not?