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William Ewart Gladstone, at Hawarden with his grandchild Dorothy Drew, daughter of Mary Gladstone. William Gladstone, prime minister of England four times between 1868 and 1894, walked the streets of London at night hoping to rescue prostitutes from their lives of vice. In 1848 he cofounded the Church Penitentiary Society Association for the Reclamation of Fallen Women; he would, it is said, offer streetwalkers a place to sleep, protection from their procurers, and a chance to give up their way of life.

Sex Secrets of Old England

Victorian England is sometimes thought as a stuffy, sexually oppressive, puritanical world, where one did one?s duty, where children were seen and not heard, and table legs were covered to prevent any lustful thoughts. But in truth, Victorian England was a world full of hypocrisy, where sex, poverty, and crime were rampant.

The great parliamentarian and Liberal politician William Gladstone was notorious for his visits to brothels where he claimed he was attempting to ?rescue? fallen women. Gladstone had been an habitu? of London?s bordellos since he was in his twenties with his visits to prostitutes creating feelings of guilt and remorse which he expunged by flogging himself. When Gladstone became the British Prime Minister, he was known to have invited prostitutes back to number 10 Downing Street for a cup of tea and a reading of some uplifting passage from the Bible. Happily married and a father of eight children, Gladstone kept visiting brothels until he was 82 years of age, but by then he was just watching the young girls at work.

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Bandit's Roost, located in the notorious Mulberry Bend fifty-seven years after "Petition to Have the Five Points Opened," in 1831. Picture by Jacob Riis, 1888.

Bandit’s Roost, located in the notorious Mulberry Bend fifty-seven years after “Petition to Have the Five Points Opened,” in 1831. Picture by Jacob Riis, 1888.

How the Other Half Lived

Round Mulberry Bend ?

In the old-timey days of New York’s Lower-East Side ‘down near what is now Federal Plaza, Mulberry Street used to bend leading you directly into the depths of the Five Points. Well-to-do city folk considered “the bend” to be the cut off, or point of no return as it were since beyond that elbow in the street a man might expect to lose much more than a pitiful rookerful of change.

During the mid-to-late 1800s, New York City was rocked by an epidemic of gang violence. Crime was especially rampant in Manhattan neighbourhoods like Five Points, Hell?s Kitchen, the Fourth Ward and the Bowery, where back alleys and tenements became infested with thieves, hustlers and street thugs. These groups trafficked in everything from robbery and prostitution to murder, and their names could strike fear into the hearts of even the most crime-hardened city dwellers. From river pirates to knife-wielding adolescents, get the facts on seven of 19th century New York?s most notorious street gangs.
There was ‘an unparalleled era of wickedness” in the last 25 years of the 19th Century, as ragtag street gangs matured into organized criminal enterprises. One was based in the teeming Five Points neighbourhood on Mulberry Bend — the same area that later became the Mafia’s haunt on Mulberry Street.

At Five Points’ “height,? only certain areas of London’s East End vied with it in the western world for sheer population density, disease, infant and child mortality, unemployment, prostitution, violent crime, and other classic ills of the urban destitute.

Five Points is alleged to have sustained the highest murder rate of any slum in the world. According to an old New York urban legend, the Old Brewery, an overcrowded tenement on Cross Street housing 1,000 poor, is said to have had a murder a night for 15 years, until its demolition in 1852.

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Why does Bob McCroskrie get to harass legally operating businesses?


A fundraiser by a brothel to raise money for a charity that makes kids’ lunches is being slammed by a family watchdog.

South Taranaki bordello “Shh…Adult Fun Spot” is hosting an “open home” next month to raise money for Kai Kitchen, a charity that provides school lunches for about 40 Hawera children.

During the adult-only open day, three staff members will lead visitors on site tours and answer questions about their jobs.

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Foreign prostitutes work here to make money but enter as tourists

Two South Korean sex workers and their pimp, on short-term temporary visas, are facing several charges in Auckland including failure to adopt safe sex practices and operating a prostitution business that promotes unsafe sex practices.

It is alleged that over a 20-day period between October 28 and November 19, one sex worker had 196 customers, including 58 customers that she gave unprotected oral sex and six who paid extra to ejaculate in her mouth at a Hobson St apartment.

“In recent years there has been a steady increase in sex workers from a number of countries travelling to New Zealand to work in the local sex industry,” the police summary of facts said.

Last year, 97 people were stopped from boarding flights or entering New Zealand because they were suspected of travelling to work in the sex industry, up from 67 in 2013, according to figures released by Immigration New Zealand.

In the past three years, 42 foreign nationals have been found illegally working in the sex industry by Immigration New Zealand.

Twenty-five came on visitors’ visas, eight on student visas, seven on work visas and two were overstayers.

Immigration adviser Tuariki Delamere, who had represented more than 30 foreign sex workers on immigration matters, believed the actual number of illegal prostitutes was much higher.

“Immigration’s figures are only of those detected, but my guess is the numbers are possibly 10 times higher,” he said.

“The law is just stupid, it drives foreign prostitutes underground and makes it hard to ensure occupational health and safety laws are kept.”

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NZ is best place in world to be a hooker

There are so many statistics and areas of expertise where we are number one.

Now it is claimed that we are the best?place on earth to be a hooker.

New Zealand is the best place on Earth to be a prostitute, says a local sex workers’ advocate.

Catherine Healey, New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective national co-ordinator, told an Australian news website New Zealand was the best country to work in the sex industry.

She said laws here around sex work were the world’s most effective and exploitation was kept at bay.

“We’ve effectively allowed sex workers more control over what they choose to do,” she told the site.? Read more »

Hookers for Hillary


Perhaps Hillary Clinton won’t want this sort of endorsement.

Then again given the proclivities of her husband…maybe she will.

?Everyday Americans need a champion,? Hillary Clinton proclaimed in herYouTube video. ?And I want to be that champion.?

Yes, few were surprised when Hilary Clinton announced her campaign for the 2016 U.S. presidential race, but many were surprised by some of her early supporters. Since that announcement, the lovable ladies of Nevada?s renowned Moonlite Bunny Ranch have come out in support of our former first lady in a serious, potentially large-scale campaign called ?Hookers for Hillary.? These?Everyday Americans have chosen their candidate. Read more »

Rate payer at fault for not providing toilets for prostitutes

Why is everything always the problem of tax and rate payers?

Sex workers told The Press?in a year long investigation into the lives of prostitutes,?the top thing that could improve their welfare on Manchester St was having a toilet – even just a portable one.

The nearest are in Cathedral Square but are locked at night. Women have to ask clients to drop them at toilets at service stations, or go behind bushes.

Auckland University associate professor in sociology Tracey McIntosh said the lack of facilities reinforced to sex workers that they are “seen as a blight on the city scape”.

She said street workers knew they were held in “poor regard” by the population. Read more »

Streamlining cock tax, Uber style app launched for hookers

The Economist reports on the launch of a new app in Germany to streamline bookings and haggling of prices with hookers.

FOR those seeking commercial sex in Berlin, Peppr, a new app, makes life easy. Type in a location and up pops a list of the nearest prostitutes, along with pictures, prices and physical particulars. Results can be filtered, and users can arrange a session for a ?5-10 ($6.50-13) booking fee. It plans to expand to more cities.

Peppr can operate openly since prostitution, and the advertising of prostitution, are both legal in Germany. But even where they are not, the internet is transforming the sex trade. Prostitutes and punters have always struggled to find each other, and to find out what they want to know before pairing off. Phone-box ?tart cards? for blonde bombshells and leggy se?oritas could only catch so many eyes. Customers knew little about the nature and quality of the services on offer. Personal recommendations, though helpful, were awkward to come by. Sex workers did not know what risks they were taking on with clients.

Now specialist websites and apps are allowing information to flow between buyer and seller, making it easier to strike mutually satisfactory deals. The sex trade is becoming easier to enter and safer to work in: prostitutes can warn each other about violent clients, and do background and health checks before taking a booking. Personal web pages allow them to advertise and arrange meetings online; their clients? feedback on review sites helps others to proceed with confidence.

Even in places such as America, where prostitution and its facilitation are illegal everywhere except Nevada, the marketing and arrangement of commercial sex is moving online. To get round the laws, web servers are placed abroad; site-owners and users hide behind pseudonyms; and prominently placed legalese frames the purpose of sites as ?entertainment? and their content as ?fiction?.

The shift online is casting light on parts of the sex industry that have long lurked in the shadows. Streetwalkers have always attracted the lion?s share of attention from policymakers and researchers because they ply their trade in public places. They are more bothersome for everyone else?and, because they are the most vulnerable, more likely to come to the attention of the police and of social or health workers. But in many rich countries they are a minority of all sex workers; just 10-20% in America, estimates Ronald Weitzer, a sociologist at George Washington University.

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Sex industry competing with free sex

I’ve always felt that you should not pay for sex. ?I mean, with cash, EFTPOS or credit card. ?In the end, we all pay for sex in some way – marriage is especially costly, especially when the agreement ends.

But it seems the rise and rise of the Internet and smartphone dating apps is putting the boot into the sex industry as people are now hooking up for casual sex without having to whip out the wallet.

People are literally flipping it up for free.

Prostitutes are facing a shortage of clients, as the rapid rise of hook-up smartphone apps such as Tinder erode the market for paid sex.

New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective national co-ordinator Catherine Healy said the most common complaint both here and globally was a lack of work.

In part, that was the result of the rise of online dating websites where people could find casual sex for free, she said.

“In the last 15 years, it feels like maybe the number of commercial sex encounters are in competition with those sites.”

Location-based apps such as Tinder and Grindr have also experienced enormous growth in recent years.

So what is a working girl (or boy) to do in such lean times? ? Read more »


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Photo:  Channel 4 documentary My Granny The Escort

Photo: Channel 4 documentary My Granny The Escort

Meet Britain?s oldest escort

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