Burn, baby, burn

Check out these bonfires that are being built to celebrate the commemoration of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

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Dwarfing houses and trees, these enormous bonfire stacks have completely reshaped Belfast’s skyline.

The huge tyre mounds, many of which are more than 100ft tall, have been built as the city nervously prepares for an annual Protestant loyalist celebration.    Read more »

Don’t you just love bigots

As a Christian I really struggle to see how sermons such as this are helpful…to anyone.

Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church — located at 3283 Providence Mill Rd, Maiden, NC 28650 — is seen here from a service posted to the church’s website dated May 13, 2012 calling for the concentration and ultimate death of “queers and homosexuals.”

Why it is hard to take churches seriously

The Telegraph

This time it is the Anglicans. They haven’t worked out that the world won’t end if they have women bishops. Better than covering up the buggering of little boys though.

Historic plans to allow women to become bishops have been plunged into crisis after existing bishops voted through an eleventh-hour concession to traditionalists.

Campaigners for women in the episcopacy in the Church of England are considering whether to vote the plan down themselves, with some privately condemning it as a “compromise too far”.

Others say that the concession would give legal status to the view that women bishops would carry a “taint”.

Yet traditionalists also voiced disappointment at the measure, which they said falls far short of the assurances they say they need, and warned the Church is facing a “terminal” crisis.

It comes after the Church’s House of Bishops met behind closed doors in York to give its approval to the long-awaited legislation.

In theory it clears the way for a landmark vote at the Church’s General Synod in July to ordain women as bishops.