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Images of the protest on the Internet have been censored in China. A wider shot by Stuart Franklin showing column of tanks approaching Tank Man, who is shown near the lower-left corner. A column of T59 People’s Liberation Army tanks makes its way from Tiananmen Square over Chang’an Avenue, Beijing. Photo: Stuart Franklin/Magnum

Tank Man

The Unknown Rebel

Twenty-eight years ago today, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) violently cleared Beijing’s Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen means “gate of heavenly peace”) of protesters, ending a six-week demonstration that had called for democracy and widespread political reform. The protests began in April of 1989, gaining support as initial government reactions included concessions. Martial law was declared on May 20, troops were mobilised, and from the night of June 3 through the early morning of June 4, the PLA pushed into Tiananmen Square, crushing some protesters and firing on many others. The exact number killed may never be known.

A day after Chinese military killed at least hundreds, if not thousands of demonstrators, a wiry man in a white shirt stepped in front of a line of moving tanks near Tiananmen Square and become one of the most famous protesters of the 20th century. The man blocked the path of the tanks, even as they gunned their engines. He climbed onto the first tank, pounded on the hatchet, and appeared to speak to the soldiers inside.?When he stepped back down in front of the tank, two men ran into the street and pulled him away. The confrontation became one of the most enduring images of the pro-democracy, anti-corruption protests that swept China that spring and summer.

All these years later, his identity is still a mystery. He is called simply Tank Man.

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The left’s reaction to Trump is totalitarian in its instincts

Journalist Melanie Phillips talks about the totalitarian opposition to Donald Trump, whom the left both here in New Zealand and abroad?routinely describe as “fascist” and like Hitler. Phillips points out that fascism, in fact, is daily exhibited by the left, not by Trump or his supporters.

Phillips says that the hysterical reaction against President Trump is totalitarian in its instincts and incites hatred, paranoia and aggression. Ultimately it?s not about president Trump at all but about the protesters themselves.

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Unknown Source

Unknown Source


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Cameron is a weak useless twat

David Cameron is urging Vladimir Putin to make sure that 30 Greenpeace activists imprisoned in Russia can come home.

The British Prime Minister has called the charges against the activists “excessive” and has urged the Russian President to “de-escalate” the situation.

The 30 activists, including New Zealanders David Haussmann and Jonathan Beauchamp, have been charged with hooliganism by the Russian authorities after their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, was seized.

They were initially charged with piracy, although it was later changed to hooliganism, which carries a lesser sentence.

Cameron spoke to Putin this week and told him that they were “protesters rather than hooligans”, his official spokesman said.

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