Was it at ‘The Flying Jug’?

A man is in a coma after being hit in the head by a flying beer jug.

A Hamilton man is fighting for his life after a beer jug thrown at him during an arm-wrestling contest knocked him unconscious.

The jug was thrown at the 55-year-old victim as he tried to calm down an argument between two parties to the arm-wrestling contest at the Still Working Bar in Lynden Court, Chartwell.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Greene says the man appears to have been an innocent victim. ? Read more »


Focussing on the things that Matter, Ctd

Phil Goff told us that Labour and their MPs would focus on the things that matter to Kwi voters…like 5 hours benders int he pub and troughing it up in hotels on the taxpayer.

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After 5 hours on the piss at the pub drowning his sorrows over the lates poll, Trevor Mallard scored himself a suite upgrade, then felt the need to tweet about it just to rub it in that he lives a life high on the hogs back.

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What I want to know is where is the tweet complaining that because of Shane Jones he can’t book hookers or porn to the taxpayer credit card in order to ease the burden of his loneliness.