Public housing

Water, rubbish and roads? Nope. Wellington mayor will drop house prices

Wellington ratepayers will be so pleased that their new mayor, Justin Lester, wants to drop the value of their houses.

A taskforce to tackle the affordability of housing in Wellington is being set up by new mayor Justin Lester.

It will examine issues including homelessness, social housing, schemes for first-home buyers, the rental market and housing density.

The council is hoping to report its recommendations by April so it can become part of its three-year plan.

Mr Lester said he wanted to make sure housing was affordable for all Wellingtonians. ? Read more »

Paula Bennett?s incompetence is being exposed by an incompetent Labour – how embarrasing

You have to wonder what Murray and Bill have on John for him to keep Paula Bennet around, when she is making stuff up after stuff up.

If you thought that Paul Foster-Bell’s staff turnover was bad, you should check out Bennett’s.

But she’s got herself in a pickle again with silly statements about homeless people.

Mind you, Maiki Sherman is an activist. I wouldn’t mind betting she will be a new media star recruited for Labour next year.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett is challenging Ministry of Social Development (MSD) data which shows the average time it takes them to house the homeless.

According to MSD figures the average length is around 155 days. But when quizzed on this, Ms Bennett said the numbers weren’t accurate and it was the fault of the ministry.

“That’s not actually correct. As I’ve dug deeper into that, what we’re discovering is that it also counts a whole lot of people who’ve been inactive, so for whatever reason they’ve had a change of circumstances, we’ve been unable to get hold of them.

“As a consequence they’re still on the list, but not actively looking for a house.”

She says even if people aren’t actively looking for a house, their application isn’t cancelled.

“We keep counting those days, they might go off and come back on and so that accumulation is a lot longer than what I think it is,” Ms Bennett says. ? Read more »

The hypocrisy of Lisa Lorenzen, she lives in an ex-statehouse


Lisa Lorenzen went public with her outrage and anger that the state house for sale across the driveway next to her was being sold.

She went on Newshub to express her outrage.

It was while I was reading through the comments on my earlier post that I realised something…it was only an inkling, so I did a bit of research on Sidlaw Street in Strathmore.

I looked up the property records for the entire street. There are 117 properties. Of those 117 properties there are currently 19 state houses or 16% of houses on Sidlaw Street.

A quick look through the history of the titles of all these properties tells me that the entire street used to be state houses. ? Read more »

It’s not your house, get out

This story is just BS?She lives in a Huntly State house for 30?years and earns over the threshold but thought she would never have to?leave.

Now she is rolling out the cultural card.

Hanna Matia never imagined?she’d be forced to leave her family’s?state home of 23 years, the Huntly?house?where her children’s placentas are buried in the yard.

Now the kohanga reo teacher and her family have less than a?month until their tenancy?for state housing is revoked.

It’s something she and her family didn’t see coming because they?didn’t think?they would ever be?in a position to afford a house of their own.

“We never thought that they were going to tell us to leave.”

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Socialist council idea fails

Forcing developers to deliver affordable housing as a percentage of housing stock is stupid.

It’s stupid because it subsequently forces developers to off-set the subsidised houses by loading the balance of houses in a development at a higher price. The higher prices houses pay for part of the subsidised houses.

It’s also stupid because anyone with half a brain is going to buy the subsidised houses and then sell them for a margin.

The Housing Accord always had that issue. I suspect Auckland Council negotiated that element when sprung with the draft form of the housing accord and they likely made the suggestion to include an affordable component. Every socialists wet dream.

Buyers in a new “affordable” housing project built with a $29 million taxpayer subsidy are now obliged to keep their houses for three years after some early investors sold for windfall profits.

One couple who bought a house in the Weymouth subdivision off the plans in August last year and finally settled with a full price of $540,000 on July 27 this year flicked the house on to new buyers on September 3 for $670,000 – a $130,000 profit in five weeks. ?? Read more »

People want more houses, but don?t want government to use any land to deliver them

NIMBYism is alive and well in South Auckland….and rank hypocrisy from labour MPs.

It seems that no one actually wants poor houses (affordable houses) near them, lowering their house values.

A bid to stop a high-density housing development in South Auckland is “ill-informed” and will not be considered, Housing Minister Nick Smith says.

A 4000-signature petition was presented to Labour MP Su’a William Sio on Parliament’s steps this afternoon by two members of Save our Unique Land (SOUL).

The group opposed plans for a Special Housing Area (SHA) in Oruarangi Road, Mangere.

There are plans to build 480 houses on the 33-hectare block of farmland, which is next to the Otuataua Stonefields.

Mr Sio said the Government had no right to use the housing crisis as an excuse to destroy a site which had heritage value to mana whenua.

He said the group wanted a housing solution that was affordable and protected the sacred grounds on the neighbouring land.

But Dr Smith said the petitioners’ concerns had already been considered and dismissed in an Environment Court decision.

“There are no grounds of which that Special Housing Area status could lawfully be undone and that is why the petition is ill-informed,” he said.

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Hang on a minute…

So let me get this right? these people want to live in a rental, so they can afford rent, but they are instead living in a car, or in a garage. ??So why are the government now going to pay for motel rooms? ?

Some of Auckland’s homeless may be put up in motels thanks to a $2 million funding boost for the city’s emergency housing.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said the extra money would fund up to 120 places a year for homeless families and individuals, with support to help them find longer-term housing.

West Auckland’s VisionWest Community Trust asked for extra help in June after running a successful pilot in Christchurch, where the Government has funded the agency to lease a 19-unit motel to house homeless families for up to eight weeks while social workers help them to find permanent accommodation.

At the end of June there were 941 Auckland households on the social housing waiting list in category A, described as “at risk and including households with a severe and persistent housing need that must be addressed immediately”.

Data provided to Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni showed that 50 households on the waiting list nationally were living in cars and another 137 in garages.

A spokesman for Mrs Bennett said a request for proposals to provide the extra 120 emergency housing places in Auckland would be issued early next week with the aim of having the new places available by early next year.

The timing implies that agencies are most likely to respond by leasing existing accommodation such as motels, but the spokesman said the money could also be used for capital spending to upgrade or convert other properties.

“The Government is open to what the providers tell us they need,” he said.

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Explaining is losing, Paula

The Government’s social housing policy is lurching from one PR disaster to the next.

While I get what the aim of the policy is, it just seems to be sloppy.

Government says its proposal to lease some state houses instead of selling them does not mean one of its biggest policies has failed.

Social Housing Paula Bennett said today that leasing some of the state houses was always a part of Government’s plan, and it was not a response to a lack of interest from community housing providers.

“We’re looking at everything at the moment,” she told reporters. “This is part of a discovery process as we look at community housing providers – what works best for the tenants and how we can increase their involvement in social housing.? Read more »

Graeme Wheeler should sick to monetary policy

Graeme Wheeler should sick to monetary policy because he clearly knows nothing about property and how cities are built.

I don’t want to repeat like a broken record the things I have said before on this site, but suffice to say Wheeler’s view that NIMBY’s are to blame is just dumb.

Building height restrictions and NIMBY attitudes in inner Auckland are standing in the way of an adequate supply-side response to Auckland’s housing shortage, Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler suggested today.

Appearing before Parliament’s finance and expenditure select committee he reiterated the bank’s estimate that the backlog of unsatisfied demand in the city is between 15,000 and 20,000 houses.

While dwelling permits issuance had risen to an annual rate of around 7500 — “a huge improvement” — that was still well short of the 10,000 a year over the next 30 years the Auckland Council had estimated the city needed, let alone eating into the backlog, he said.

“Some very good work has been done on opening up new areas but a major challenge there is getting the houses built quickly enough and a lot of those areas are in the periphery of Auckland where people may decide the transport costs make it less attractive for them or the infrastructure needs might be considerable,” he said.

“I think work needs to be done in inner Auckland in addressing the height restrictions and the not-in-my-back-yard syndrome that’s there.”

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Labour trying to save state baches?

Labour has been boxed in by John Key into fighting for state house tenants.

They have even produced a lovely graphic to go along with it.

state house

That looks like a lovely state house, complete with deck, and outdoor wood burner and some lovely kids sitting on the deck and some towels rolled up in the background.

Is this a state house?

Well the lawn looks suspiciously like kikuyu grass, endemic near beaches these days, yes it is in the suburbs, but better than even chance this “state house” is near a beach.

Especially when you consider the outdoor wood burner on the deck and the towels in the background. ?? Read more »