public shaming

I’d like to see this kind of justice here

This is why name suppression is undesirable – it removes part of the contract with society where you are marked for your convictions and you need to find a way to earn your place in society with the full weight of other people’s knowledge about what you’ve done.

The judge presides over a court of minor crime, but I’d love to know what he’d do with more serious crimes.

Convicted for doing nothing illegal

Showing my libertarian streak here, but hang in there with me. ?This situation frustrates me. ?David Clarkson explains

A man who took photos of women’s breasts and buttocks as they walked in Hagley Park said he was pursuing a “hobby”.

Errol Reginald Standeven?was today convicted of offensive behaviour and fined $600.

The 49-year-old technician took 269 photographs around Hagley Park, including many of women and children’s breast and buttock areas.

The photographs showed people walking or exercising around the park.

Many were full-length images, but many also focused on the body area with no faces visible.

Standeven defended the charge at a Christchurch District Court hearing?before two Justices of the Peace, but was found guilty.

He had taken all 269 photographs over one or two weeks, he told the hearing.

“It’s a hobby,” he said. “I like taking photos.”

Even though Errol’ behaviour is extremely concerning, I don’t understand it to be illegal. ?As a photographer, you are allowed to take photos of anything and anyone as long as they are in a public place.

Granted, asking permission is a good thing to do. ?But it isn’t actually a legal requirement. Read more »

Public shaming still a huge deterrent