Muckraking in Rodney

Not content with having his mates jack up the regional delegates in his favor, Scott Simpson and his pals are now really stooping low by touting that one of the candidates has a dodgy background that should be looked into. They say this as though the pre-selection committee hasn’t already done so. Worse one of those on the pre-selection committee is now one of the muck-rakers spreading the malicious rumours.

That same muck-raker who sat on the pre-selection committee that approved all the candidates is also a board member and is assiduously trying to have that candidate chucked out by the board. This same board member is now actively going around delegates suggesting this information should discount the candidate, even though he didn’t do this at pre-selection.

Not only that they have tried to shop to me the alleged dodgy information about the candidates background hoping I’ll do a hatchet job.

In the interests of front footing the allegations that have been leveled and presenting the information to all concerned I have decided to publish the links to the alleged dodgy past that Mark Mitchell has.

LINK: http://www.informationdissemination.net/2010/12/private-army-prepares-for-war-in.html

On the surface this appears pretty awful, but a more thorough check of Google reveals the truth of the matter.

LINK: http://wardheernews.com/Press_Releases/Puntland/Dec_10_TMG_Signs_agreement_with_Puntland.html

As everyone can now see there is nothing dodgy in this blokes past. He is actually trying to help the governments of Puntland in Somalia and Kuwait deliver a solution to the problems of piracy that is currently engaging a substantial amount of the worlds armed forces in combatting. Puntland encompasses the important Horn of Africa and so is in the front-lines of the battle against piracy.

Interestingly our own government is thinking seriously of sending a frigate up there to help in them battle with the pirates.

It would seem to me to be sensible that if we are considering sending troops and ships to Somalia to combat pirates then having someone in the caucus who knows the area might be a good idea.

As I have said this story has been passed to me so that I could run a hit on Mark Mitchell. As you can all see now there is nothing dodgy about this story, but the instigators of the smear campaign don’t want everyone to know the truth, just that there is something “on the internet”. It seems silly when a quick Google of Mark Mitchell’s name pops up the links for everyone to see. It isn’t like he is hiding it at all, unlike the surreptitious way this little episode has been spread around.

Frankly these tactics smack of desperation and shows clearly that Scott Simpson thinks that Mark Mitchell is a serious threat to him, so serious that he has tried to arrange a set up of top-up delegates and also someone to try and spike the candidate at board level. The most scurrilous part of all this muck-raking is that Mark Mitchell can’t respond to any of it because to do so would breach the rules surrounding selection. That is such a dirty low-blow, and they know it.

If you want to chuck muck then be very sure you get your facts straight otherwise it may just blow up in your face I should know about that, having been caught out before). Mis-representing the truth can often lead to legal action and I doubt that the board member concerned has my robust attitude towards legal action.

I haven’t named the board member, he knows who he is. So too do the delegates that he has seen in the past couple of days running this rumour.

If the behavior continues, though, then I will name the board member. While I am at it, I await with interest the new delegates list. I hope that Alan Towers has thought long and hard about his selections. I would have thought “communities of interest” would have been his catch cry. Alfriston is a long, long way from Rodney to highlight but one of his strange selections.

Auckland politics is dirty, but it needn’t be that way. I think the only sensible solution now for Rodney would be to have ex-presidents Kirk, Slater and Boag sit on a committee and decide the top-up delegates. If those three can agree on a delegate then you can be sure that the interests of the party and not a single individual will be met.