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The PussyCar Automobile

An Automobile That Does Wheelies, and yes Pussycar is really what it was called, it was designed by Jean Pierre Ponthieu in the 1970’s and was promoted as a promotional vehicle.

Described as “The Car Of The Year 2000″, It’s rear wheel was powered by 250cc single cylinder engine.  The vehicle could turn 180 degrees, drive sideways, and increase it’s height with hydraulics.

As a 1970’s fashion Item in Paris it worked quite well, but as a car it never did.  Nevertheless, it stroked with Ponthieu’s vision ” In this world where everything is banal and ugly, we must know how to create the beautiful and unusual”.

I’m not sure why it was called what it was called, but apparently the car was too high maintenance to catch on, and not long after it’s creation … The Pussycar was licked.