Apparently the world is waking

Chris Trotter thinks the world is waking…he posted a nice little video about all the “uprisings around the world including Occupy…

Now watch one of the leaders of Occupy Wall Street get torn apart bey Sean Hannity.

HANNITY: I have a suggestion for you. You are 29 years old. Stop wasting your time at “Occupy Wall Street.” Here’s a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat.

Hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your — out of bed and get to work. How does that sound?

SCHULTZ: Give me a job. I will go to work.

HANNITY: If you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at the park, you might find one.

SCHULTZ: I am online all day –

HANNITY: Go work as a cook, a dish washer, go work as a contractor. Go do something –

SCHULTZ: More menial. Would that make you happier?

HANNITY: Listen, I did it in my life and guess what?

SCHULTZ: I have done it too.

HANNITY: Go get a job. That job is beneath you?

SCHULTZ: Definitely.

HANNITY: Hanging out with rapists, drug addicts, people having sex in public is more fun.

SCHULTZ: It’s more dignity in that than it is hanging out in this show with you.

HANNITY: OK, listen, I’m glad to say goodbye. See you later.