Facts vs. Whining

The left-wing continue to politicise the earthquake with the current meme that?the?government isn’t?helping?the poor of Christchurch’s eastern suburbs. The leftwing lap-bloggers repeat the lies incessantly and Labour MPs get on TV and the Radio complaining about everything.

About the only thing the leftwing have a monopoly on with the earthquake is complaining. Others just seem to muck in and get things done without?having?to try and carry around a media entourage.

Lianne Dalziel is one MP that moans a lot. Just two days ago she was accusing the government of ignoring the eastern suburbs and complaining that there were no portaloos.

“The problem is that we are treating ourselves as a First World country, when the east is experiencing Third World conditions.”

Ms Dalziel called for an increased police presence and restrictions on movement after dark in areas that were without power, to ease residents’ concerns about criminals “casing” their houses.

She was also concerned about health risks in the areas caused by contaminated silt and poor sanitation.

Well this map from Civil Defense shows all the utter?falsity?of her whining.

We understand that it is crap, we understand that it is tough….but if you tell lies then we will prove you wrong. Imagine though how the residents of Napier coped back in the 30’s when there was no such thing as a portaloo.

You haven’t seen Aaron Gilmore carping to the press, or Clayton Cosgrove, or Amy Adams or Jim Anderton. They are much too busy on the ends of shovels doing something other than whinging.

Christchurch Eastern Suburbs Portaloo placement

Charity Photo Auction for Christchurch

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Come Along next Wednesday, 9 March at 6pm to The Backbencher, opposite Parliament for a charity photo auction.

We have a large number of photographic prints, in a wide range of styles up for grabs. There will be something for everyone, from photos of live gigs to landscapes to alternative and vintage photographic techniques. All proceeds will be going to Christchurch Earthquake charity funds.

Support the people of Christchurch, and purchase something unique and interesting. All details can be found on the facebook event page?http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=191765294190401.

We are intending to make a catalog available by the weekend, as well for those who are unable to be there, we are willing to accept absentee bids. Those who are interested in either of these can contact me by email on?[email protected].

Matthew Beveridge
021 47 56 57

Helping Christchurch and New Zealand Rebuild #eqnz

Like most New Zealanders I have had a feeling of helplessness following the Christchurch earthquake. As much as many of us have wanted to go down there and shovel silt and help people repair their houses, it is not practical. Donations are great but it is not the same as actually doing something physical to help.

It is not just Christchurch that has taken a pounding. New Zealand?s economy has a $16 billion hole in it and this is going to hurt New Zealand for years, even as Christchurch is being rebuilt.

I read a brilliant article in the Sydney morning Herald?by Ben Groundwater entitled Friendliest people on earth need you … to visit:

Over here, calls have been going out for donations to help those affected, but we?ve had our own fair share of natural disasters lately, so it can be hard to keep doling out the dollars.

There is, however, a win-win solution: spend your holidays this year in New Zealand. Give money by injecting it into the economy, and enjoy yourself in the process.

It?s not just friendly people you?ll find in NZ ? that?s just something I picked out because it was what impressed me the most. Scenery-wise, it?s like a little slice of Europe that?s been dumped in the middle of our ocean. Culture-wise, it?s a rich mix of Maori, Islander and Western customs.

Plus, there are hobbit-infested mountains, beautiful islands,?really high things to throw yourself off of, good wine,?awesome beer, world-class coffee, half-decent rugby players, and loads and loads of sheep.

This has got me thinking about what we can all do to help in the long term, and to grow New Zealand?s economy so we can rebuild Christchurch quicker.

What I have come up with is a massive internet campaign asking people to take holidays in New Zealand. Increased tourist numbers will give a massive boost to our economy, and is the one way our friends overseas can personally help us.

So I am asking all my family overseas to come home for their holidays every holiday for the next few years to show they care. I am asking my kiwi mates overseas to do the same thing. And I am asking all my foreign mates to come here for their holidays to help us all out.

I?ll be doing this with my blog, on Facebook and on Twitter. I?ll email all my friends in the next week or so, and I will call a few people too.

Can you all consider posting something along these lines, and encourage your readers to change their facebook status to

?Help New Zealand Rebuild. Take your next holiday in New Zealand?

Help New Zealand Rebuild. Take your next holiday in New Zealand

Promote Your Page Too

If not them, then who?

The left wing has rather disgustingly politicised the Christchurch earthquake, some in a most foul way. The tenor is shrill, it is nasty and it is almost?entirely?negative. They are almost worse thant the god-botherers who blame lesbians and gays for the Christchurch quake, I say that because at least the god-botherers propose a solution for the supposed cause of the quake. All the left-wing has done is blame, point, and oppose. Not a single one of them has proposed anything remotely resembling a solution to the problems the country now faces.

The Greens Russel Norman suggests a massive tax hike, he did so on the?third?day after the third day after?the?quake. His solution is to sock the 10% of the population who already carry 75% of the tax burden. His solution also ignores basic economics and would result in a worse recession than we are already experiencing even before the economic consequences of the quake are fully know or even felt.

At least Russel Norman, even though he was completely thoughtless with his timing proposed a solution. Witness Phil Goff. In response to journalistic suggestions about how the?earthquake recovery should be funded he tells us:

Labour leader Phil Goff says cuts to students and families would slow the economy.

?The Labour Party is ready to work with the Government, in the spirit of a multi-party approach,? he says.

?But we?re not prepared to see things brought in under the guise of a tragedy and addressing the tragedy, that are ideologically driven.?

Mr Goff says it is important to keep money in the pockets of people who are able to spend it.

Well Mr Goff, if not students who are currently getting free money from the government, then who should make a sacrifice? If not the wealthiest on Working for Families, then who Mr Goff?

If the tax cuts for the “rich” should be rolled back, Mr Goff, then why not your more than $5 billion in promises in just this past two months? Are you prepared to ditch your removal of GST from fresh fruit and vegetables? Are you prepared to ditch your expensive and ill-thought out tax-free $5000 threshold?

If not those people, or those policies Mr Goff then which ones?

The Maori Party too has decided that the burden should be increased on the “wealthy”.

The Maori Party is urging the government to raise taxes on income over $70,000 to help pay for damage in the Christchurch earthquake.

The call was made by co-leaders Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples today as the Government confirms it is looking at ways to trim government spending, including Working for Families, in the wake of the earthquake.

Mrs Turia said it was time those “those who have, to help those who have not”.

“We are asking the Government to promote generosity by raising taxes for those on incomes over $70,000 to assist the Government to meet the crisis in Christchurch.

THey forget that there are plenty of people in that list who are also in receipt of Working for Families. The pinko lap-bloggers and evil scum like Malcolm Harbrow also think that Working for Families is sacrosanct and must not be touched.

Basically, there’s no way to do this which doesn’t hurt people who National doesn’t want to hurt, either by cutting their income or sticking them in a poverty trap. It can’t be done. If National wants to cut the top-end of WFF, then everyone else gets to be collateral damage to their symbolism. That’s not good policy. And in an election year, its not good politics either. There will be no shortage of people?in Christchurch willing to ask “how does cutting my income / massively increasing my marginal tax rate help me recover from the earthquake”. Its a damn good question. And if National doesn’t have a damn good answer, they deserve every bit of the electoral backlash they’re going to get.

Malcolm Harbrow has been perhaps the worst weasel in politicising this quake, with invective laden posts about who shouldn’t pay but not a single solution as to who should, or how we can pay.

Of course the anonymous, cowardly, paid lap-bloggers at The Stranded also think Working for Families is sacrosanct.

None of these luminaries of the left ahve got a single clue as to how we should or could fix Christchurch, all they have is a list of who shouldn’t pay.

Cactus Kate was right the toher say when she said that disasters like Christchurch is precisely what welfare is for, not the system we have now where it seems that welfare is for everyone, from the cradle to the grave, and it appears that no one should ever pay their way.

I ask these pinko scum who have jumped right in from the very first day in politicising the quake. If not them, then who?

If not the students, who receive free money currently, then who? If not Working for Families can’t be cut, then what can be? If Len’s train set can’t be cut, then what can? If not Labour’s GST policy, then which ones? If not Labours $5 billion in promises, then which ones?

I ask the pinko scum who have trod on the bodies of dead people to score?political?points, Are you going to be part of the solution or part of the problem?

I ask this because if they are going to be part of the problem then they should rightly be run down where tehy stand and treated with the same contempt as a judder bar in a carpark.

This country needs solutions not more problems. The burden must be shared by all. We are broke, and now we are broken. Something has to give so that the people of Christchurch can have their city fixed.

Now is the time to remember those immortal words from John F. Kennedy:

…ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

A Good Judge

Even if the criminal fraternity of Christchurch hasn’t yet got the message the good judges have. Zero tolerance of criminal behaviour in Christchurch.

“In the present state of emergency, the police have far, far more important things to do than to check up on whether you are complying with a 24-hour curfew.”

In refusing bail to 18-year-old Justin Humphreys on a relatively minor bail breach charge, Judge Tony Couch sent a stern message to Christchurch. Behave in this crisis or face the consequences.

The hardline stance was referred to several times yesterday as Judge Couch sat in the Rangiora District Court, where all Christchurch charges have been transferred during the disaster aftermath.

Good. Very good from Judge Tony Couch.

One of those was James Kevin Hogan.

The house where the 40-year-old lived in Opawa was destroyed during the quake and on March 1 he allegedly assaulted his partner, before resisting arrest when police stepped in.

Duty solicitor Andrew McCormack asked for bail, with stringent conditions, saying Hogan lost his temper while distraught after the earthquake and was unable to buy medicine to help control his depression.

Judge Couch was not moved to release him into the community.

“It involves a serious assault, of male upon female, it was then subsequent assaults on police who sought to intervene. The fact that the current emergency does exist aggravates the matter because police have many important duties to perform in the community during this time,” said Judge Couch.

“It is totally unacceptable that somebody in Mr Hogan’s position should be assaulting them doing their duty.”

As all future court dates have been adjourned until May 3, Hogan protested about the two-month stretch behind bars.

“So I’m looking at three months away?”

You know what? All of those arguments used by the Judge for the situation in Christchurch are valid no matter where in the country you are. I wonder perhaps if we could see a similar line taken everywhere. I hazard a guess that if crims were banged away for 3 months for small infractions then they might think twice about being such a drain on society.

Definitely Not Mates – Qantas #eqnz

I labeled Qantas as Not Mates the other day. They have done nothing to rectify the situation. Meanwhile Air New Zealand continues to show why they are Mates and good corporate citizens.

From: New Zealand Society of Hong Kong
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 14:33:52 +0800
To: NZSHK Mailing List 1<

Dear Members,

Air?New Zealand?advises that the compassionate fares for travel in the immediate aftermath of the?Christchurch?earthquake expire today, 2 March 2011.

A new schedule of airfares is now available for immediate family of victims needing to get back to?New Zealand?to attend funeral/memorial services and/or to repatriate deceased to their home countries.?These are available only through Air New?Zealand?s reservations team. The fares are as follows:

  • Adult: NZ$500 one-way or NZ$1,000 return plus taxes (fuel surcharges are waived)
  • Child: NZ$375 one-way or NZ$750 return plus taxes

Restrictions: One date change allowed free of charge for the return portion only; travel to be commenced by 20 March 2011 and completed by 8April 2011.

This is valid from any of Air New Zealand?s international gateways (e.g.?Beijing,?Shanghai, Hong Kong and?Tokyo). Contact Air New Zealand at: Jonathan Newman +862 6625 5091 Email:?[email protected] Address: 5111-12 The Centre,?99 Queens RoadCentral, Hong Kong

What does Qantas do?

Well they offer special rates to all sorts of disaster areas….EXCEPT New Zealand.

However we do now have a possible solution fro getting Aussie rescue workers to NZ for substantially less that Qantas’ extortion.

“Qantas also committed to provide flights and additional services to affected areas once the waters subsided; including transport for SES volunteers from interstate.”

Just send the NSW cops through Brisbane!

Qantas are Not Mates, still. make sure you vote with your wallets when it comes to air travel and stop supporting Qantas.

Not Mates – Check-in.com.au

I have been highlighting companies and countries who are Mates and also those who are Not Mates.

So far the Not Mates category has only inclided Qantas and their subsidiary Jetstar. They remain Not Mates. However we have to add another Not Mate. Check-in.com.au

via Motella Blog

We have a Christchurch Motel

Check-in.com.au have called today to biff us off their website booking page as “the cancellations that you are getting are costing us money.”

Yep, people are canceling their motel bookings in droves which will hit us huge in the coming months. We need more advertising, not less. Cancellations are part and parcel of the booking system that they should expect.

Thanks for your support NOT Check-in.com.au during our hardest times..”

This is appalling behaviour from an Aussie company. They are?definitely?Not Mates. Please make your displeasure known to Check-in.com.au by NOT using them.

In these tough times we use our mates and we card our Not Mates. Not Mates are like looters, scum.

Politician of the Week – Gerry Brownlee

“Quite frankly people have died in this last earthquake trying to save old buildings. We’re not going to do that any more. My absolutely strong position is that the old dungas, no matter what their connection, are going under the hammer.”

Good on Gerry, saying what has to be said with regard to “heritage” buildings. People have died because of “heritage” buildings. He goes on:

The local council refused consent to allow some old buildings damaged in the first quake to be destroyed, but Mr Brownlee said it would not have a say this time.

“The previous method of doing things hasn’t served us well, and we’re not going to work with that any more.

“Old stuff, if it’s got any damage at all, needs to be got down and got out, because it’s dangerous and we don’t need it.”

That’s it Gerry crack heads. If anyone objects make them attend the funerals of those killed in these buildings and explain why it was a good idea to save the building that killed loved ones.



Not Mates – #Jetstar #eqnz

via the tipline

Hi Cam

Neighbours here in Ngaio here had promo airfares that they purchased from Jetstar at $8 per person to take the whole family down to ChCh to the Antarctic Centre for the day and then back to Welly.? A couple of hundy and the whole family would have an amazing day.? The tickets were to be used this Friday but then the earthquake hit.? They thought they should offer these tickets to ChCh people stuck in Welly wanting to get home cheaply and to ChCh people wanting to get out to Welly for a break.? So they call Jetstar.

A call centre in (Waggawagga?) Australia informs them that this is impossible as the tickets are non-transferrable.

Qantas/Jetstar ? not mates!

Qantas/Jetstar continue to show us they are NOT MATES.

More Mates #eqnz

Lion Foundation are Mates.?The Lion Foundation has confirmed $5 million of additional support for the people of Christchurch.

The Lion Foundation Chairman, Mike Smith said: ?The Lion Foundation will work with the Government and the Christchurch City Council to ensure the most appropriate distribution of the funds. Our intention is for the majority of the funds to be provided to individuals, families and members of the community who remain in need. Our aim is to make a difference,?

?Along with all New Zealanders, we would also like to pay tribute to all the people within the emergency services, armed services, and volunteers who are working so very hard to save lives and improve the situation,? Mr Smith said.

It would be good if DB aligned charities would pony up a similar amount.

While we are at asking for cash, BAT and Phillip Morris could chuck some in too. Matching?the?Lion Foundation would be a good start.