Queensland Labor Party

A good policy and one needed here

Brisbane Times

Campbell Newman isn’t wasting anytime in sorting out the unions in Queensland after trouncing Labor in the state elections:

Unions could be banned from giving workers’ money to the Labor party without the express consent of members under a proposal flagged by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

Mr Newman foreshadowed the crackdown in State Parliament today, but backed away from comments in a written statement that he would “restrict unions from affiliating with political parties”.

Mr Newman seized on a report the Queensland Labor Party was planning to increase union affiliation fees to boost its coffers ahead of next year’s federal election.

He said Queensland workers had already been hit hard by Labor, arguing public sector jobs were now at risk “because of the financial mess they created in government”, and those workers should not have to “bail out a party that could not even manage its own finances”.

“We will also look at preventing unions from giving money collected from members to the Labor party, or any political party, without the express consent of members,” Mr Newman said in a written statement.

“What’s more, my government will not facilitate the collection of union fees, if a union uses membership fees to affiliate to a political party, or to fund political parties and election campaigns.

“In these tough financial times, workers need to know that their unions will represent their needs, ahead of the needs of any one single political party.”