Two words guaranteed to strike fear into everyone’s heart


What happened at Charlie Hebdo is etched forever in the nation’s consciousness. ?The terrorist attack at the Lindt Caf? in Australia is another attack that will never be forgotten. My newsfeed now daily not weekly contains the details of yet another terrorist attack somewhere in the Western world. There are now too many to report on. I actually wondered if the latest one would even ?be covered by our media ?because they have become so common and we have already become desensitised to them.

As is common with media coverage of these attacks the headline gives no clue that this is yet another Islam-related attack. ?Despite the headline doing its best to steer us away from the truth ?the sheer number of these lone wolf attacks ?has educated even the most ?naive of readers. ?If a man ran towards us yelling “God is the greatest” none of us would flinch but if a man ran towards us yelling, “Allahu Akbar” every single one of us would react immediately. ?This is not because we’re racist or ?Islamophobic. It is because story after story after story of attacks on individuals or groups involves a man yelling, “Allahu Akbar”. Even if we were stupid enough to believe that these are lone wolf attacks by mentally ill people that have nothing to do with Islam, all of us, conservatives and liberals alike know?that the words,”Allahu Akbar” signal that something terrible is about to happen.

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Faces of the day

1453765606795Two young Queensland men have taken out the 2016 Young Australian of the Year Award.

Best mates?Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett started a?mobile laundry service, called Orange Sky Laundry, out of the back of their van in 2014.

Since then it has expanded?to four vans in Brisbane, Melbourne, South East Victoria and the Gold Coast, and they plan to expand their services Australia wide.

More than 270 volunteers operate the vans ? which have two commercial washing machines and two dryers ? and reach homeless Australians in 36 locations.

There are so many things about being homeless that are awful. Wearing dirty unwashed clothes and smelling because of them is one of them. There is a chap in New York who gives the homeless free haircuts and by doing so gives them back their dignity. Today’s faces of the day are doing exactly the same thing.

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Australian and New Zealand defences are being tested by terrorists

Bomb scare at Victoria University PHOTO-3 News

Bomb scare at Victoria University
PHOTO-3 News

It is my firm belief that our defences and security were being tested by Islamic terrorists last week despite the MSM making no link whatsoever to terrorism. Currently the terrorists are gathering intel on how we deal with a threat. Additionally they are starting the first phase of terror by issuing threats designed to scare the population. In the future there will be no warnings just an attack.These are not the acts of a lone prankster as they were clearly co-ordinated. Last week we had Massey University ?evacuated because of a threatening message.

It was the third threat against New Zealand universities in the last two days following an online post threatening a mass shooting at Otago University in Dunedin on Monday and a bomb threat at Victoria University in Wellington on Wednesday.


Meanwhile at the same time that Kiwi police were dealing with these threats, their Aussie counterparts were equally as busy.

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The difference between integrity and expediency

The Queensland Premier?is going to expel the wife-beating MP, even though that will threaten her razor-thin majority.

A totally different approach to the “Allegations? What allegations? I can’t heeeeaarrr you lalalalala” Key strategy on Sabin.

I guess that’s the difference between integrity and expediency.

Labor will expel a Queensland MP for covering up his criminal record, threatening the state?s shaky minority government.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palasczcuk today declared MP for Cook Billy Gordon would be stripped of his ALP membership, and demanded he quit parliament.

If Mr Gordon remains in parliament as an Independent MP, the minority Labor government would rely on his vote to pass legislation.

If he quits, a by-election in the far north Queensland seat of Cook could topple the minority government, which now relies on support from three independent MPs.

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Compare and Contrast – John Key vs Annastacia Palaszczuk

The Queensland Premier,?Annastacia Palaszczuk, has?shopped one of her MPs to the cops for domestic violence.

Quite a difference from John Key’s “I know nuzzink, no one told me anyzing” approach to that of the new Queensland Premier…and she is a Labor Premier.

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has referred one of her MPs to police over domestic violence allegations.

Cook MP Billy Gordon this morning admitted to Queensland parliament he had only recently paid his ex-partner child support he owed her.

But tonight, the allegations against Mr Gordon deepened, with the revelation his ex-partner had also warned Labor ministers Mr Gordon had been allegedly physically abusive towards her.

As well as the serious nature of the allegations, the situation also has potentially significant political implications.

The Queensland parliament is hung, and Ms Palaszczuk holds minority government only with the conditional support of Independent MP Peter Wellington.

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Saturday roundup

Not sure this will play out well for the big man.

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Brings new meaning to “Always blow on the pie”

A struggling Queensland brothel has hit on a way to increase business.

No it isn’t getting better slags to work in the brothel…it is instead offering a pie and coke to go with your lunchtime root.

LADIES of the night are attempting to crack the daytime market with lunchtime meal deals offering a ?pie, coke and a poke?.

An exodus of tradies to the mines has forced legal brothels to find ways of attracting new clients.

The lunch break brothel quickie fits in with a broader trend in the sex industry, with one academic revealing it is also a peak time for accessing online porn.

The midday rendezvous is also more discreet, enabling clients to duck out and still be home for the wife and kids in the evening.

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Headline of the Week

From the Courier Mail in Queensland.



The story itself is hilarious:

FORMER foreign minister Bob Carr was last night labeled ?arrogant? and ?foolish? for risking diplomatic ties after leaked extracts of his new diaries revealed him complaining about taxpayer-funded first and business class travel and questioning whether top US leaders had plastic surgery.? Read more »

Labor to refund illegal $200,000 donation

Here is a great headline, unfortunately its Labour in Aussie.

Labor to refund illegal $200,000 donation used to fund?polling in Kevin Rudd’s seat of Griffith in 2013 federal election

LABOR will refund an illegal $200,000 donation that was used to fund polling in Kevin Rudd’s seat during last year’s federal election, according to a report.

The donation was allegedly paid to Labor’s Griffith branch bank account by Taiwan developer and former banker Kung Chin Yuan on September 3,?The Australian?reports.

Labor officials found the transaction during an audit and were advised by lawyers that it breached state electoral laws.

It is illegal in Queensland for a registered political party to receive a gift of foreign property.? Read more »

An email from a reader about Kiwis in Australia

A reader emails some clarifying points about Kiwis living in Australia:

Hi Cameron,

I agree with what you say about this issue – the change was made to stop abuse of the system and everyone who comes over here knows the rules.

And even though 600,000 Kiwis are in Aussie it’s not an election issue in NZ.

But one thing to keep in mind – it is almost impossible for Kiwis to get permanent residency and even harder to get citizenship.

So please stop saying they should just go and get permanent residency. It is nigh impossible for a Kiwi.

I have looked into this and was told point blank on three occasions “don’t even try because as Kiwis you have a special visa and don’t need residency. You have zero chance of getting it”.

And the fine print in a lot of cases – finance, loans, tax breaks etc – is now saying “Available only for citizens and permanent residents” – and they mean that in legal terms. ? Read more »